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Review #1, by Jason Garriott Chapter Seventeen - It's Not a Gamble if You Cheat

10th December 2011:
Great story! I think Pansy and Draco go together quite nicely! I think Pansy has a very good side to her! Josh was not a good person to do what he did! I also think Draco is cool also!

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Review #2, by Jason Garriott Chapter One - Opportunity

6th December 2011:
This seems to be a really great story!! Motivation was a very great story also!! It had a lot of mystery in it!! I love this story so far!! As Draco and Pansy are both so mysterious!!

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Review #3, by choufleur Chapter Seventeen - It's Not a Gamble if You Cheat

8th October 2011:
That was worthy of Hollywood.

In fact, better than a lot of recent films...

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Review #4, by toothpick Chapter Nine - Stuck

12th April 2011:
Hey, Ciara! I'm back ;D ...Well, I haven't really been away, just been real bad at reviewing ;_; But, I'm back to reviewing now at least :S

I've tried reviewing before, but I've been "stuck" on where to start. (Hee. Gedit?)

I just thought this whole chapter was so clever ;_; Cleverly written and clever narrative and clever plot and clever lines, lemme point out some of the clever stuff, that's always fun:
- Pansy's note to the dry cleaning store
- Just the whole way Draco behaved in this chapter.
- In my opinion, Draco is a pretty spoilt brat in canon, maybe he has changed I dunno xD and he's a pretty "mysterious" and proud character so I can imagine him acting that way (continuing to steer the conversation to his situation and being hurt when Pansy was only asking about what would happen to Joshua), when jealous.
- "Your mystery is thrilling, really" because Pansy is one of those enigmatic characters, to actually have a character in the story point that out is quite fun

Some of my favorite parts:
"But of course, he didn't strictly have to wonder. He could always just ask her- since they seemed to be on speaking terms again at least. And besides, he supposed he should keep her informed anyway- it was her husband involved, after all."

- It's always awkward when people have been fighting, then don't get to make up before they are separated for months or years and when they see each other again they try to act like normal, but the whole fight's still actually fresh in their memory...

"Having her here was strange anyway- like trying to retell a joke and then realizing that it wasn't funny the second time."
- I really liked this line :D

A really great chapter, and I really enjoyed it :D

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Review #5, by ssb Chapter Seventeen - It's Not a Gamble if You Cheat

20th December 2010:
Hey, great chapter. I really enjoyed this one and I was SO happy that Pansy didn't turn out to be evil. I liked this story a lot, and I'm sad to see it end but I will definitely check out your other story and hope that I enjoy it just as much as this one. Anyway it's been a pleasure reading, off to read The Garden. :)

Author's Response: Well I couldn't have Pansy turn out evil. I seriously considered it, but one I couldn't stand to do it, and two, I would have been cheating my readers after spending two novels discussing the other side of Pansy's character.

I am really glad you enjoyed the story as a whole. I hope you like The Garden, it's something I've been wanting to work on for a long time. It's different but I still think readers of M&P could enjoy it.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, love!

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Review #6, by eniroc Chapter Seventeen - It's Not a Gamble if You Cheat

20th December 2010:
Really loved the story. Can't wait to read the next one. You are a good writer. Nice plot, good flow to the story. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyone who has given this story their time, especially to review it. I am glad you enjoyed!

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Review #7, by electricfeel Chapter Sixteen - Let There Be Lies

17th December 2010:
Oh no, given the fact that the next chapter will be the last and now remembering how canon actually goes, I don't see this ending cheerfully. Such a clever plot with so many layers and unanswered questions, it keeps me hanging on to every last word for some sort of hint. I'm really looking forward to the final chapter along with your new story. Really fantastic work as always.

Author's Response: Well, canon is canon. I can't say whether or not that will affect how this story ends, obviously, since that would kind of give it away, but I will admit to taking liberties with canon sometimes. Thank you so much!!

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Review #8, by Venus_Rising Chapter Sixteen - Let There Be Lies

16th December 2010:
This fic puts me on such a roller coaster - one minute I am ecstatic that they are making their great escape and then woosh - this betrayal! I have to find out what was in those letters from Blaise.

Author's Response: Oh you will, and it's very relevant, I promise! It's a bit of a roller coaster writing it, to be honest, sometimes I have to stop and say to myself, woah, Ciara, chill out. You're getting a little excited here with the twists and the drama.
Thank you!!!

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Review #9, by ssb Chapter Sixteen - Let There Be Lies

16th December 2010:
This was a sad chapter, poor Draco, even though I donít believe that Pansy will just leave him, there has to be something up your sleeve ;) Anyways i'm sad to learn that the next chapter will be the final chapter? Will the new story your posting be like another sequel to this or just another Pansy/Draco? Whatever it is im greatly looking forward to reading it, now im off to read your one-shot, you know I just can't resist your Pansy/Draco fics :)

Author's Response: I will say nothing about that until you have read the next chapter! :p
The new story I'm posting will not be related to Persuasion. However, it is a Draco/Pansy story. It's written from Draco's POV and I think that readers of Persuasion will really enjoy it. But, I will say, it is going to be quite different stylistically and plot-wise. I'm really excited to post it I've been really working on this one.

Thank you!

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Review #10, by ssb Chapter Fifteen - A Guilty Concensus

14th December 2010:
This was an interesting chapter, well written as usual, however, this chapter had many twists and turns that were unexpected. The end was good as well, so just so I get this right Pansy told Oscar what was going to happen right? Well if so im curious to see what happens in the next chapter, im hoping that Pansy is not just playing with Dracos feeling, I mean I suppose it'd be a tad ironic.. anyway great chapter, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yes she did. That's where she was in the morning. Whether or not she's playing his feelings I shall not reveal. We already know Pansy will go pretty far to make sure her lifestyle is intact... the question is, how far is too far? What can she be persuaded to sacrifice to ensure her own security?
That, and many other things, will be revealed in the next chapter. Thank you!

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Review #11, by electricfeel Chapter Fifteen - A Guilty Concensus

14th December 2010:
Ooh this has gotten really interesting. I kind of guessed that the escape plan wouldn't work but I didn't think it would be Pansy's own doing. It seems a little selfish of her, using Draco to get out of her marriage? Perhaps her Slytherin side is showing. But with your style of writing, nothing is ever as it seems haha! Looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: It is very selfish of her indeed. But of course, as the story is all about motivation, I can't just go revealing all of her's at once, can I? :P Her Slytherin side is always showing, she's a manipulative kind of person. But all will make sense it time, I promise! Thank you!

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Review #12, by :)nick:) Chapter Fifteen - A Guilty Concensus

13th December 2010:
YES! An update, this chapter left me confused though? What exactly is Pansy plotting, I mean i might be jumping the gun with my question but I'm just confused what happened towards the end, and in the middle? Are Pansy and Draco seperated for good now? Is Pansy just going to stay in her 'marriage,' with draco? All in all another great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm sorry I confused you! Essentially, this chapter occurs out of chronological order. I tried not to make it too confusing but I guess I didn't succeed :[. All of the beginning is Draco's perspective and the second half is showing the same events from Pansy's perspective. The last section is what she was really doing when Draco woke up that morning. Basically it goes forward and then jumps back.

As far as what it means, that you will discover in time :P I can clarify that Pansy did indeed plan her own interception at the train station, the question is, why?

Thank you for reading!

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Review #13, by spreaddapoo93 Chapter One - Opportunity

7th December 2010:
Oh, wow! So, Draco's not married to Pansy? I didn't even realise until the last section - I am highly impressed! Absolutely ingenious, I say.

I love it. I love the integration of both sides of the story - Pansy's and Draco's. I love the flexibility of the voices you adopted - like when the characters are being all business-like and professional; very realistic.

Rated 10/10 and favourited. Well done~!

Author's Response: Nope! A little twist. I couldn't make it that easy, could I?

Well I feel like Pansy and Draco would be good at being very professional and businesslike. They have this simultaneously amazing and cold ability to shut down their expressions. Good poker faces, one could say.

Thank you so much love!!!

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Review #14, by NervousTruth Chapter One - Opportunity

5th December 2010:
I think your summary of your story is amazing

Author's Response: Thank you so much! They can be hard to write, I'm glad you like it!

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Review #15, by ssb Chapter Fourteen - There Goes the Bride

5th December 2010:
So when I opened my authors page to look at my favorite stories, I was quite suprised (and also extremely delighted) that my favorite story had been updated :]. Out of all the chapters in this story, I have to say that this is the best one. The Draco and Pansy scenes were stunningly well-written and I enjoyed reading the flashback scene. I think that it described Draco's feelings and what was left out in the book. It was almost so believable, it left me wondering if I had missed a chapter in JK's book :) All in all great chapter, and you are a beyond amazing writer. Can't wait for the next chapter.. Just a note, however, you have marked this chapter as Chapter fifteen? I don't know if you mean't chapter fourteen?

Author's Response: I am so glad I could surprise you :] I really loved writing this chapter, which is why I said it was a bit of an indulgence. I don't often get an opportunity to write pure, Pansy-and-Draco alone and open with one another scenes. And the flashback was actually totally unplanned, but once I thought about it I couldn't believe I hadn't written that before. Can you imagine what that must be like, to have no idea where your best friend is, but know he's in trouble? Agh.

I am so glad you liked it! I hope you'll enjoy the next!

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Review #16, by :)nick:) Chapter Twelve - Fantasy and Fortune

2nd December 2010:
Reading this chapter made me ecstatic, finally Draco's gotten up his courage and asked Pansy to come with him! Hopefully she makes the right decision... I do love my Draco/Pansy.

Author's Response: Who doesn't? Just wait for Chapter Fourteen, if you really love your Draco/Pansy. It's a bit of an epic indulgence on my part!
Thank you!

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Review #17, by :)nick:) Chapter Thirteen - The Lucky Ones

2nd December 2010:
YAY! I think three is just my lucky number. Every time I come back you have three more chapters written ;) I gotta go away often. Good couple of chapters I like the plot is thickening, I hope that Pansy leaves with Draco and Blaise and his daugher, interesting I would've never seen that coming.

Author's Response: Blaise just had to have some responsibility in his life. He's already unusually caring for a Slytherin, so I decided he would make a good Daddy. Besides, I couldn't have Pansy and Draco be the only two who are a bit out of their depth.
Thank you!!!

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Review #18, by ssb Chapter Thirteen - The Lucky Ones

2nd December 2010:
Once again great chapter, I never have anything bad to say about this story :) I'm very excited for the bit of indulgence in the next chapter, I can only say that I'm quite curious and (happy) :)

Author's Response: Yeah I got a little selfish in my next chapter and it went on a bit long.. it was right after I sort of got my inspiration back, and it ended up... ah, well, you'll see! THank you!!!

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Review #19, by Venus_Rising Chapter Thirteen - The Lucky Ones

1st December 2010:
god bless blaise! he gave the wake up call to Pansy that I always wanted to - how fitting his line about messing with the characters in a beloved book!

I want them to run away together and live the good life!

Author's Response: Well as Blaise often times says what I wish I could say to these ridiculous characters who live in my head, I thought it was appropriate. For a Slytherin, he really is a well-meaning, caring person. And he's learning to show it a little better now that he had Sophia.

Well you'll just have to wait and see... muaaha. Thank you!!!

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Review #20, by ssb Chapter Twelve - Fantasy and Fortune

25th November 2010:
Loved. Loved. This chapter :) The action is coming back, what I have been so eagerly waiting for! I'm excited to see if Pansy goes with Draco, I hope she does. And the bit about Blaise having a child was brilliant.

Author's Response: Yay! I am so glad you liked it! Blaise needed a bit of responsibility in his life, and I liked the idea of him being a daddy. I can see him really trying to be a good father, as he never really knew his.

I hope you like the next one as well! Thank you!

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Review #21, by ssb Chapter Eleven - Drop a Name, Break a Heart

20th November 2010:
Great chapter :) I loved the beginning, it was written beautifully and I feel so bad for poor Pansy. The only thing I didn't get was what Joshua did to Pansy? Was he preparing to torture her?

Author's Response: Pansy doesn't really understand Joshua's response either, which is why it frightens her. But I can tell you as I wrote it :p Essentially, Joshua is biding his time. He's well aware that Pansy knows that he knows what she's done, and he's well aware of the discomfort he's causing her now. But Joshua is a dangerous man, much more so than anyone really gives him credit for. He's letting Pansy suffer it out, knowing that she's on edge, waiting for him to explode.
He also wants to to see what Pansy will do.

And soon enough, you'll find out too :p
Thank you!

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Review #22, by toothpick Chapter Eight - Silly Draco, Tricks Are...

20th November 2010:
"But it was not a romantic notion; rather, it seemed to him at times that she lived in a sphere of light which he could understand- a place devoid of shadows where he could never walk."

Does not sound promising to their marriage. I liked the sharp contrast between the two scenes, of him walking with Astoria and Pansy and him fighting.

Walking in a park sounds romantic the way they do it. But it seems to me like Draco finds it kinda boring, and that's why Astoria's question was so appropriate.

- who exchanged a yearly flutter of cards- Christmas, Thanksgiving, and of course, the Congratulations on Your New Baby!"
I liked this ^, the way it was worded, but another quotation mark? Hehe, nitpicking xD

Wow, a really nice twist to the story that Draco's just been framed? And so the plot thickens... Onto the next chapter.. :D

Author's Response: No, it doesn't sound promising, does it? Astoria is good for Draco in a lot of ways, but of course, what's good for us is not always what we want or need. The scene between he and Pansy is sad, he's furious, they're terribly angry with each other and it doesn't seem as though they're particularly happy- but look how invested he is, how open and passionate, compared to a sweet, happy walk in the sun.

No, please nitpick, it's the only way I ever catch these things, I swear!

Poor Draco. Even when he's not written totally evil, he becomes a very unwilling participant. Oh well, he can just deal :P
Thank you!!!

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Review #23, by toothpick Chapter Seven - These Foolish Things

19th November 2010:
"She was slow to process the face that he had slapped her."
- The fact that he had slapped her? XD

Wow, I guess Joshua does have the characteristics of an abusive husband. Extremely jealous, controlling (obviously since he gives her chores and orders for her o_O), etc.

Even strong women can fall victim to their spouses. It's just difficult to get out of a marriage, with so many emotions involved. But I don't think Pansy genuinely loves him, does she? Dunno if I've mentioned this earlier, but I wish we could see scenes from when Joshua was courting her ^^

"The lie did not come out as smoothly as she intended and he latched onto it with manic speed."
- I really liked this sentence.

I really like reading about Joshua, more than I like reading about Astoria, because he's somewhat interesting, and darker... Sorry, Astoria I have a sick and twisted mind xD xD

Author's Response: I really have to like go back in, have your reviews open in another tab, and fix all of my typos which make my story nonsensical :P

Pansy does not genuinely love him, no. I think to a certain extent she appreciates him, she has grown fond of his presence, but that was more of an adaptation than a natural thing. Now, however, he's starting to show his true colors. And Pansy, of course, who sees herself as so strong, has this completely wrong idea, probably from growing up in a very traditional society, that she is being stronger by staying with him anyway than by leaving.

Don't worry, I purposefully made Joshua the more interesting character. I didn't want to make it into the story of how Pansy and Draco are both so miserable without each other and how easy to is to go back. Draco actually has a fine life without her, he's relatively happy, his fiance is a good woman. For Pansy, nothing is easy and so going back to Draco is just another complication. But Draco has to consciously make the choice to turn his back on what is easy.

I'm posting the new chapter today! I hope you like it! Thank you!

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Review #24, by toothpick Chapter Six - Clean

18th November 2010:
I had the entire review typed out, but then my internet failed ;_;

"She couldn't imagine how Joshua could have lost it- she would give it to him later. it must be a part of his inheritance."
- "she would give it to him later, it must be bart of his inheritance"?

"He paused in the doorway, waiting to see if anyone had been attracted by the noise, "
- I must be nitpicking here, but "attracted" sounds a bit weird to me here xD

I really liked the beginning of this chapter. The entire first part. Loved the metaphor with the doorway, loved all the parts with Pansy in it, in fact. m(^_^)m Hehe, Draco's part was not as exciting. Just kidding, his part is more foreshadowing x))

I was really excited at the mention of Blaise in this chapter. He must be one of those people who jokes around, but actually means what they say? Like he used to joke that he liked Pansy as more than a friend, and actually did?... I wonder how much he knows of Pansy and Joshua's marriage? And of Pansy's motivations, etc.

I hope this story disregards the epilogue ;_; Well, since the epiloge doesn't actually name Draco's wife, I hope the story disregards the most dreaded interview ;_; ...Too much spoilers? XD

Hehe, erm.. I speak Tagalog (Filipino), English (Even though I get brain damaged and forget to finish my sentences when typing. Also, once I was going to type "abuse" and ended up with "elbows". My brain is so PG-13...x))) And I speak Norwegian :))

Okay, on to the neeext chapter.

Author's Response: Maybe "alerted"? Or summoned? Would those work better?

Draco's part will get more interesting soon, he's in a bit of a position.

Blaise definitely is like that. He makes jokes but behind them is a very serious point. Actually he'll be appearing soon to throw around some more of his wisdom to Pansy an Draco- always in a snarky, handsome way, of course. I would say that even if he doesn't know much about their marriage, he's very intuitive, and he knows Pansy very well, so he's able to make some pretty accurate judgements.

Tagalog! That is such a cool name for a language! Well, I only speak English, and you've seen I still type gibberish half the time, so don't get down about it.

Thank you!

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Review #25, by :)nick:) Chapter Ten - A Pansy By Any Other Name

14th November 2010:
I think that by the end of this chapter my mind was singing with JOY! Yay :) The long awaited moment! Draco and Pansy, I'm now curious to see whats going to happen in the next chapter..

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! The next chapter will be coming out today, and I hope it lives up to your expectations! Thank you!

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