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Review #1, by HPfan4life! Diagon Alley

5th November 2011:
Awsome story! This sounds like it could develop great. I am already anticipating more.

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Review #2, by naflower05 Diagon Alley

15th December 2010:
cool idea for a story. i cant wait to see where it goes. update again soon! =]

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Review #3, by MoonlightDrive Prologue

15th December 2010:
what's a tang top? and did they have them in 1840?

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Review #4, by anonymous Diagon Alley

22nd November 2010:
hmm...i wonder how anna will actually do in hogwarts in classes that require magic... how is she gonna pull that off?
and is george gonna make a reappearance soon?

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Review #5, by sweet Prologue

29th September 2010:
nice. it kind of reminded me of the series the vampire diaries (which, after reading this, i have no doubt you are familiar with), including anna and her picture on the banner (another reason it was so easy for me to get into the story. ^^
i'm a sworen fan of jamesoc and i find the idea of wizards-vampires mixing interesting, so i guess i'll just wait for you to continue with chapter number one :D
good luck!

Author's Response: yes, i am familiar with the show. I love it actually. hhaa.
and i'm so glad you liked it so far! I'll get the next chapter out as soon as possible!
and I find it interesting also. You'll be surprised by what will happen next ;)

and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to review this! :D

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