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Review #1, by Icydevil Beauty's danger

11th February 2011:
I really felt this. It was in your own words "exquisite, fascinating, incredible, and absolutely mesmerizing, it was any adjective you want to use" =)

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Review #2, by LilyFire Beauty's danger

26th December 2010:
First, I'd like to say Merry Christmas, Puff.
I think this, while sad, is a beautiful story. Showing Hugo's pain at the loss of his sister, and having Charlie somehow help him see that just because the memories are painful it doesn't mean they're bad, and the conclusion Hugo comes to at the end are all wonderfully constructed. You honestly had me tear up a bit, and that's not easily done while reading.
My favourite line, though it is sad too, is "She had wilted like the flower that shared her name." I don't know why, but I thought you would like to know that. I think the best part was how you were able to add just a touch of humor there at the end, with the line about a Rose Weasley glare.
You've written this really well. I did get confused at one point, though. How did Rose get poisoned? I mean, from what I can tell, it was from a dragon, but I just wasn't quite sure. Wonderful job(:
Happy Christmas!

Author's Response: While crying is not always a good thing I'm so glad that my story inspired such a reaction so thank you for telling me that :)
I actually got a bit emotional writing this, especially because Rose is my favourite NextGen character and I killed her off?? Not sure where my mind was!
I really like that line too and I'm so happy you liked the bit at the end because I was worried people would think it didn't fit :)
I never really meant to imply how Rose got poisoned. I kind of just wanted to leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves. Personally I had a half-imagined idea that on her travels for a story for the paper she encountered a rare and deadly plant and thats how. But honestly I want people to form an idea themselves! :)
Thanks again! :D
- Galawen xx

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Review #3, by Illuminate Beauty's danger

17th October 2010:
Hi! This is a very nicely written oneshot. I think you could have given a few flashbacks about Hugo about why on earth he was in Romania- because most of the latter half is about poor Rose's death, it just seems to me that the only reason that he is there is so Charlie can make the transition to the flashbacks easier with some clever dragon knowledge. I do like this though, it's a clever little piece, and very well written :) Feel free to re-request with any of your other works.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Yea I totally see your point about the flashbacks, I wrote this in a burst of writing after a drought of a few months so I was reluctant to change anything about it. It wasn't until I had it up that I saw that it might seem a little fanciful of Hugo, because for me I had the whole reason in my head.
I'll probably go back at some stage and edit this with more detail but just for now I'm going to leave it.
Thanks so much again and I'm so happy you thought it was well-written :)
- Galawen xx

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Review #4, by ob sessed Beauty's danger

11th October 2010:
OMG! I very much dislike you for killing off Rose in the most tragic and tear-jerking way. Wow!! You're such an amazing writer, the descriptions of his loss were heart-wrenching and sooo realistic, I got goosebumps. I loved how you kept from us what was causing Hugo so much pain and the way you let it known to us. I loved how you put in Scorpius as well btw ;-). Wow, what is there not to love?? From the way you brought us into the story and the way you let us out with it, it was just sooo well-done, the characters so well-developed in such a short time and the emotions, as I said, sooo real. I'm in love with this and you and your writing and I'm jealous! Gr... haha. Sorry, this is such a spaaazztic review. There is nothing glaringly off about this at all except for one tidbit:
you wrote "possible danger ever once entered..." when I think you meant 'ever' to be 'never'.
That's it cause otherwise, it was perfect. Amazing again. Great job, luv! 10/10
-Preeah from the forums xxx

Author's Response: Look I'm answering!! I don't even understand myself why I killed her off, like I said she's one of my fav characters!
Thank you so much for your compliments!! Specially about the getting to know the characters because it was only after I posted it that I thought to myself that I mightn't have allowed enough time for that to happen!
Ooops darn 'n', thanks for pointing that out and just THANK YOU for everything. You've no idea how happy I was to see a review for this piece!
:D :D :D
- Galawen xx

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