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Review #1, by weird sister inc Lost WIthout You

3rd December 2009:
very good story.
I read another with the same name and was sent to yours.
Both were good.
I would like to read more about the why's, who's and where's
of the story but understand its done.

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Review #2, by raveneye Lost WIthout You

11th March 2009:
I Think I've reviewed before, but i'm reviewing again, because this is such an amazing story :-) Much better than my songfic of this song. It's so sad and emotional. Very linked to the song too, well done :-) 10/10

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Review #3, by HarryandGinny Fan Lost WIthout You

2nd October 2006:
it was beautiful! and sad.... 10/10!

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Review #4, by prongsie_potter_rulez Lost WIthout You

16th March 2006:
o...m...GGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! THAT WAS BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks ^.^

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Review #5, by Cedrics_gurl Lost WIthout You

8th March 2006:
*tears* aww Ginny and Harry are the best couple ever! It was sad, did he really have to die? I used to hate songfics but you inspired me to write one!

Author's Response: Glad to be of service!

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Review #6, by Dora Lost WIthout You

10th December 2005:
OMG! Fantastic! But so sad, I am actually crying!

Author's Response: Haha...I'm touched

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Review #7, by Peaches and Pie Lost WIthout You

8th April 2005:
Aw how sad

Author's Response: *sniffsniff* It is, isn't it?? Poor Harry

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Review #8, by Why me? Lost WIthout You

22nd May 2004:
oooooh. . . it's so sad! i know, i know Harry will probably die in the end, but it jus' makes me wanna cry!

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Review #9, by fuzzlebub85 Lost WIthout You

31st March 2004:
Oh no...who was the other girl? Hermione? Cho? Luna? Oh why did Harry have to DIE? Good songfic though. A 9 1/2. fuzzlebub85

Author's Response: It was Hermione.....I think I said that. Thanks for your review, anyway. I kill people when I don't know how to end stories. V. bad habit of

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Review #10, by Olivers_gurl Lost WIthout You

30th March 2004:
Tugs my heart strings:)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!!!

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Review #11, by SarahLupin Lost WIthout You

22nd March 2004:
Very emotional. Nice ending, I like how you brought it all back together for it being so short. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm no good at particularly long stories....I tend to ramble on.

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Review #12, by Peaches and Pie Lost WIthout You

22nd March 2004:
Oh how sad

Author's Response: You think so??

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