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Review #1, by HPizmalife Origins

15th December 2011:
Have you ever heard of the Percy Jackson series? :) Greek Mythology. End of story.

Love it, btw. :)

Author's Response: I sure have heard of the Percy Jackson series. Read them, in fact :P But this story's more the result of me nerding it up in my Classics class. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Harrypotterbookworm Origins

19th November 2011:
HA! This is a funny story. Really interesting and original concept that I don't think I've ever seen explored before. I like how you mentioned all of the gods and linked them together, it really made the story seem complete. Also, you made them all quite different as well as relate-able (well, to a wizard anyway ;P ).

I would suggest maybe describing a little more about their situation, or where Zeus is ect. as it can a little sounds like a list. As interesting as that list is. Maybe mention what a family get together would go down like. :P I would also advise you to reduce the amount of spacing between paragraphs.

I can see you put in some research behind the story, which is awesome and adds a sense of believe-ability to this. Very enjoyable and interesting!

Hugs, HPB.

P.S Guess Who?

Author's Response: Hello Nikki :P

Thanks! I like doing that - coming up with original ideas that nobody's explored before. I can't take credit for the gods and the linking of the gods together and the characterisation of them - that was all done for me by the Greeks :P

A family get together would be fun, though I don't really have any plans to revisit and rewrite this story, it is one of my oldest ones :P Which definitely accounts for the horrendous spacing.

Does it count as research if I just took what I learned in Classics and applied it here? :P

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Review #3, by CharlieDay Origins

7th November 2011:
I am reviewing every single chapter of every single story you have. Chronologically. (Though, next time I'll probably log in) And i have to say, it was a good idea. Because this little gem is AWESOME. I mean, Zeus is sooo funny, and I never would've guessed he was a wizard, but if you think about it it would kinda make sense. "Hermes can fly. Bet your son can't." ROFL. I love that line. It is a diamond of a line, the jewel in the crown that is this story.

This is SERIOUSLY cool, and I can just imagine some muggle wandering into Hades' cave and going 'Ooh! I feel cold, dark, and like my soul is being sucked out. This must be the land of all the dead!'

Why do you have to be so funny? Then again, if you weren't i wouldn't have the ability to read such an awesome story because, erm, you wouldn't be so funny. So KEEP BEING FUNNY!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's an amazing feat, reviewing all my stuff - thanks for the interest! Glad you enjoyed this piece!

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Review #4, by TheImaginator Origins

17th September 2011:
I am seriously considering being in awe of your creative writing skills. Which, for me, is rare.
Brilliant idea, hilariously witty, nice ending. I'm also impressed that you go into detail with the mythology aspect of it. A nice alternate theory to religion. Perhaps Artemis and Apollo are the forerunners of Bellatrix, or Voldy?
Best part: "He likes to have ten thousand Dementors chilling in his cave..."
Another 10/10. I don't think I'm going to find one of your stories that doesn't deserve that.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you keep going through all my work, even this old one! The mythology was easy because I take Classics and I love it, so it was great fun combining the classical and wizarding worlds :P Thank you so much for the reviews!

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Review #5, by Beene Origins

16th May 2011:
Clever, clever, clever! When it comes to the Greek gods, hey, this is as plausible as anything else for explaining them. Great line about Hephaestus: "don't know what went wrong there." Fun little one shot that requires some background.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #6, by magicmuggle01 Origins

19th February 2011:
Rather different to what you usually do, but rather pleasent to read about what could be understandable reason behind the Zeus and the other gods from ancient Greece and Italy (and maybe other countries). A great one shot. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you! I know it's a bit different, that's why I like it :P I'm a bit of a Classical Studies nut, so I just had to write it :)

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Review #7, by orderofthephoenix Origins

26th December 2010:
A very original storyline. I liked it 'cos you taught me about Greek mythology. I hate learning about history but this was fun to read :)
You gave Zeus a good voice and made the whole thing believable.

Good going :)

Author's Response: I'm glad to have taught you something! So glad, in fact, that I'll forgive you for hating history :P Thank you!

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Review #8, by Singularity Origins

26th December 2010:
Love this, RC Triple 3! It's absolutely hilarious! You've done a great job of tying in the wizarding world we know and love and Greek Mythology. I love how you go through and describe all of the different gods and goddesses and how they got their reputations. The first couple paragraphs had me laughing out loud. Zeus is quite a character.

This story is really unique and fun. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Zeus is quite a character indeed :P Glad you found it amusing :)

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Review #9, by JohannaMarie Origins

16th December 2010:
thumbs up for imagination

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #10, by mugglemania Origins

4th December 2010:
Haha that's pretty good. That the greek gods were witches and wizards is not an idea I've ever heard of, but it's brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you! :P I must admit to being a bit proud of this idea myself :P I'm glad it works! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #11, by angeless7fallenstarsong Origins

3rd December 2010:
Again, I'm going to be evil and neurotic and comment on the spacing. The simple editor works wonders!

This is another very original idea. :) Your descriptions are marvelous - I love the way you explain mythology with the Wizarding World.

I'd suggest some action - adding some narrative and dialogue, I mean. Other than that, you've got a pretty solid piece here! Congrats and taa!

Author's Response: I'll forgive the evil and neurotic comment on the spacing :P I do agree it's shocking and it needs to be fixed, but I'm just kinda churning out chapters at the moment rather than taking queue time to fix.

I'm glad you like the idea! I'm actually quite proud of this one, though that might just be because it combines my obsessions of HP and classical studies :P

I'll definitely look into including a bit of dialogue and interaction with the characters, once again when I have some time to edit :)

Thanks so much for the reviews! :)

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Review #12, by MajiKat Origins

25th October 2010:
here to review and I am SO sorry I took so long!
Ha! I loved this! My favourite line: Hermes can fly. Bet your son can’t. hahahahaaa

this was great. light-hearted and fun and I really enjoyed it. the best thing about it is you have done your research. I adore the Greek myths and I love how you wove everything necessary into it, sometimes in just a few words. I also commend you for matching the powers of the Gods to the magic of JK so well. Excellent work!

this would make a wonderful little cartoon ^_^

i don't have much else to say - I'm not very good at critiquing humourous pieces but just know that I did really enjoy it.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! Glad you liked it and that I matched the gods and magic well, that's what I was aiming for. I love the Greek myths too, so I just had to have some fun with them :D Thanks again for the review!

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Review #13, by xtinjsc Origins

22nd October 2010:
Hello, Ravenclaw333!

Thank you for dropping by my review thread, dear! I hope you are well. ^_^

Okay, so I think you tricked me a little bit. Haha. This story can be a Crossover! And on my thread I said that I won't accept Crossover stories. But you know what? I forgive you because I adore Mythology! And I must say, you've written this very well. I didn't notice any glaring grammatical errors, your tense was consistent, punctuations well-placed, so over all, a very good job indeed! And your idea about having the Greek gods and goddesses to actually be powerful witches and wizards was very clever.

One problem I had with this story, though, was the formatting. Notice how the paragraphs were separated by huge chunks of spaces in between? Personally, it's not very easy on the eyes for me and it was one of the reasons why was a little distracted while reading. And I want you to watch out for those Potter terms as well. Words like Engorgement Charms and Avada Kedavra should always, always be capitalized, just as JKR wrote them. It's just something I feel very particular about.

As someone who loves those stories about Greek immortals, I truly appreciated you for the details you've put into this. I mean, you've incorporated the classic myths and added some twist, which I really enjoyed. Let's do this by character, shall we?

Zeus. The voice you gave him made me think that he was a pureblood for some reason. He definitely had that arrogance and smugness in him whenever he ranted about the Muggles. But he didn't irritate me at all because he was funny! Haha. I loved his dry humour actually, which made me think that despite those condescending words he had for the nonmagical people, deep inside he was very fond of them all for feeding his gargantuan ego. :P

Demeter. Good call on making her the Herbology genius in the family! It really fits, no? Demeter, the goddess of harvest, actually portrayed as one sourly mother... cool! The story of Persephone and the pomegranates is still one of my favourites in Mythology, so you get extra point for that! Heehee.

Hestia. Now, now, easy on Hestia! Haha. She's a a sweet and gentle character and I didn't like it very much that Zeus was a little mean to her. :P But the way you connected her being the goddess normally associated with the protection household and families to the Fidelius Charm was very nifty! This line: ... some of us suggested to maybe concentrate on protective charms for people, she went off in a huff and stoked the fireplace. made me laugh! Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, stoking fires? Epic.

Hades. Now that's an interesting idea. Dementors? Really? Hmmm... You know that dementors grows on the darkest, dankest places, right? So another good call on that cave. But I dunno, considering that dementors feed on a person's happy emotions, Hades must be the most blissful member of the family, yeah? Haha.

Ares and Hephaestus. (No, I'm not being lazy about this. :P) I think you've captured them well. I mean, the god of war dueling with everyone was kind of predictable, but really, I can't see you portraying Ares in any other way as such. He wouldn't be associated with arguments when he'd be all nice and fluffy, right? And Hephaestus, poor guy. Even in your story he was considered lame. And him being a Squib fitted really well, too! Magic doesn't go well with technology and craftsmanship, does it? Well, in that sense, thank you for cutting old Hephaestus some slack. :P

Aphrodite. Amortentia=genius. Nuff said.

Athene. Ahh, my favourite goddess! Again, the way you incorporated the Greek myths to your characters' profiles really impressed me. Athene did compete with Poseidon to be the patron of Athens. *pats back* Good one! I just wished you included Medusa somewhere in there, though. But that's just me. I just love me some Mythology, really. That's probably why I'm gushing so much in this review right now. Sorry. :P

The Twins. I have no idea why they portrayed them as serial killers. Well, Apollo could indeed be associated with plagues and such but Artemis? If I remember correctly, she's also associated with childbirth as well, so I dunno. *shrugs*

Dionysius. Heehee. Turning water into wine. Another good call! Really now, if you can get people to lose their inhibitions during gatherings, then it was no surprise that our friend Dionysius would be the social butterfly of the family. Haha.

Hermes. Hey! There's a lot of things that Hermes could do aside from flying. He's my favourite among the gods, so forgive me if I'm being defensive. :P Being someone who works in the medical field, I see Hermes' symbol everyday, that's why. And I'm a Hufflepuff and as far as I'm concerned, Helga and Hermes have the same principle that everyone deserves some acknowledgment - even the minority and the marginalized like thieves and shepherds and weary travelers.

I'm sorry if I didn't really offer that much CC. I was about to say, actually, that your setting appeared to be a couple of years after the battle with the Titans, so it must mean that civilization was just starting then; therefore, your use of words was a little too modern for that era - but one reviewer already pointed that out and you said that this is only a tongue in cheek story, right? That's alright then. But they raised a very good point. Just saying. ^_^

There you have it! Over all, as you already know, I truly enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work! I'll see you around and keep writing! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such an awesome review! I have two non-HP obsessions: history and classical studies, so I had a great time incorporating all the Greek mythology knowledge I gathered in my Classics class this year into some HP lore. And I think it's absolutely, completely, totally 10% awesome that you understood all my references to the Greek gods. This review made my day as much, if not more than, NaNoWriMo excitement. With regard to Apollo and Artemis, according to my classics textbook they were held responsible for any forms of mass death; Apollo apparently killed the boys and Artemis the girls. I wasn't entirely sure how to incorporate such things as being the god of the sun/music/propechy or goddess of the moon/hunting/childbirth, so I just took that aspect and rolled with it.
I admit I was a bit brief with Hermes and I apologise, because I am quite a Hermes fan myself, I think he's awesome.
Zeus has always, always come across to me as rather arrogant, so I naturally had to make him like that in my story.
Athene's my favourite goddess too :D And once again, it made my day that you picked up on the mythological references.
And yes, Hestia is sweet and gentle, but I don't think those are qualities particularly valued by Zeus :P
Regarding your criticisms, I'm aware of the spacing issue and the moment I get me a slot in the validation queue I'll have it fixed. And yes, the language is modern, but I don't think I could have pulled off quite the same humour effect without it. I think there's a comical aspect in itself with an ancient Greek "god" talking about serial killers.
Once again, though, you are awesome, I loved this review, and it made me do smiling. Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

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Review #14, by Kerichi Origins

21st October 2010:
I do feel sorry for the Muggles sometimes. Not only for not having magic, but for expecting that we’ll help them with all their troubles—for eternity

I really felt the wry humor in the added "for eternity" and enjoyed the "dysfunctional wizarding family" take on the gods. If you fixed the paragraph spacing (it's so huge it breaks continuity) it would make reading easier.

It's funny, in movies gods often have British accents, and in this story I'm reminded of a character in A Knight's Tale saying, "Well, the Pope may be French, but Jesus is English!"

Your Zeus sounds English. And modern. It's the word choices like "serial killers", "ego," and "stuff" and phrases like "a bit" and "some rubbish."

I'm not saying it's bad. I liked the story. Zeus just doesn't sound like someone from the past, and it's something to consider in future writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I am aware of the spacing issue, I've honestly torn my hair out over it but I think I've now gotten it figured out and I will fix it up as soon as I can. Because the story's a bit tongue-in-cheek, I didn't go to huge efforts to make Zeus seem ancient Greek, and I am the first to admit he employs some modern colloquialisms. However, it was written as a bit of fun and not a serious analysis of Ancient Greek life (as you may be able to tell :P) Thanks for the review, I appreciate it, and am glad you enjoyed it, despite its flaws :D

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