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Review #1, by Sara_Sj Talk

21st January 2011:
I literally imagined Regulus in my mind's eye, standing there all alone, helplessly asking for help. So broken :(
MY GOD. I REALLY can't imagine Sirius being so cruel, so...heartless. Really? Why? He couldn't have been that evil, he just couldn't. I won't have it. *shuts eyes*
That hurt. It really did. I literally felt Regulus's anguish, his pain, his fear, his feeling of being lost...
It hurt. Oh, it hurt so much :(
The way he beseeched his brother, the way he didn't even turn around. Oh God, that was painful. And then Lily, trying to get them to talk, that, even though it was small, meant a lot. I don't know why, but it did.
I also loved Narcissa's character, although we barely see much of her. And I couldn't help but remember Draco and how Regulus was around the same age as her son was and remember how scared she was for Draco? It just felt...ironic. I don't know if you did that on purpose but wow.
I hate Sirius. How could he /do/ that?
I loved his reasoning in the end, though. How he said that he would hate himself every second of it but he was making people that loved and cared about him happy. I always wondered why Regulus actually went into the Death Eater ranks. Although I hate to admit Sirius being such a /jerk/, it /was/ a plausible excuse. As much as I want to rate this low, because it made me depressed and cut at me (not to mention made me hate one of my favorite characters), I'm rating it really high /because/ of that.
It's not every day that a story makes me feel the way this did.

Author's Response: wow, what a long and really awesome review!

I always pictured Regulus as such a sweet and kind kid, so this is my explanation as to why he became a Death Eater.

Yes, I did do the Narcissa part on purpose. She was so scared for Draco in the books and she lied to Voldemort about Harry being dead, because she cared so much about her son, and I kind of picture her as a really motherly figure, even over Regulus. She doesn't want to push him into becoming a Death Eater and she wants to give him the chance to say 'no', without saying it directly, because she is scared of her family and Voldemort. Or at least, it is like that in my head ;)

Naww, don't hate Sirius! They're both just misunderstood and lonely creatures. He only acted like that because he was scared and hurt himself. He felt really guilty about it later on (or at least in my head he did ^^) .

I'm very glad you liked it. Even though it made you sad :)

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Review #2, by Warror Talk

29th September 2010:
Very good! I really liked it! Really sad, but from what JK Rowling mentions I could see it happening. I liked how you explained Regulas' collection of photos. You did a really nice job and I like the banner for the story.

Author's Response: Thank you :) Yeah, this is what I think happened, and I think Rowling might agree with my vision :)

I made the banner myself, so thanks ;)

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