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Review #1, by lunarocks14 It Ends Tonight

10th November 2010:
Ahmazing. Absolutely AMAZING. Sweet and I love it totally. :) 10/10 and favouriting.

Author's Response: Yeah! Thanks a lot!

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Review #2, by Jen It Ends Tonight

4th November 2010:
Oh, yes, it would be totally brilliant to see what James' thought and said when Sirius told him... :)
Sorry I forgot to put this on the other one...

Author's Response: It would, maybe I'm doing that next :P
it's okay, don't worry!

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Review #3, by Jen It Ends Tonight

4th November 2010:
Hmm... I like this. It's sad, yes, but it's /Sirius/. And I like how Sirius feels about Sirius/Lily and James/Lily and how he feels about James. Inside of me I feel Sirius is just as awesome as James :) and I really like Remus, but I can't bring myself to like Peter. He's disgusting. No offense... :). I am totally James/Lily, not Sirius/Lily, but when it's like this I can like it, and I do. Anyway, brilliant story, even if you don't like what you made the characters do :)

Author's Response: Sirius is definitelly as awesome as James. I don't know who I like the better, honestly... Remus too. I believe Peter was once a good boy, but what happened wasn't just his fault alone I'm sure. After all, he was their best friend once. so... anyways...
Yeah. Personally I absolutely hate Sirius/Lily, which was why it was very difficult for me to write this, but I'm a little proud because I succeeded :P
Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by LilyFire It Ends Tonight

9th October 2010:
So sweet. I like it alot. I would love to see something on James' reaction.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review. Yeah, me too, maybe that will be my next one-shot :P

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Review #5, by Aidenk77 It Ends Tonight

17th September 2010:
Oooh. Short, and oh so bitter-sweet and beautifully written. I really enjoyed this. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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