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Review #1, by theblacksisters A nice chat

15th October 2013:
You know, this would definitely be one of my favorites if it was edited. Please? I want to be able to enjoy it more.

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Review #2, by theblacksisters The day ends

15th October 2013:
I resent the use of the words 'Catholic-looking'. First of all, Catholic is capatolized. Secondly, old fashioned is not 'Catholic-looking'. I should know: I am one, and I go to a Catholic school. The uniforms are dumb, but that's beside the point. Our standard is what we wear has to be modest.
Also, Arithmetic could be Arithmancy.

Author's Response: I am sorry that I offended you. I just googled the uniform and its how it was put. If I have time I will try to go back and correct any errors I have made.

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Review #3, by theblacksisters Being his puppet

15th October 2013:
Okay, you really need to edit this or get a beta. It has the makings of a great story/plot, but it needs to be revised.

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Review #4, by CryingRain Standing up

6th July 2013:
I really love your story. Please keep writing. Its really nice.

Author's Response: Thanks! What do you think of my last chapter?

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Review #5, by SlytherinSmile Standing up

17th April 2013:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!! I know you just did, but please update soon! It's so great, I hope you continue writing!

Author's Response: I am sorry that it took so long!

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Review #6, by BrittJuneRR Returning Home to Hogwarts

27th March 2013:
Please hurry up and update to another chapter I love this story really good

Author's Response: I am waiting for my chapter to get approved. I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #7, by Lovely Jane Returning Home to Hogwarts

14th February 2013:
This is bloody brilliant! Please update soon.(:

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Review #8, by charmedjedi Returning Home to Hogwarts

7th February 2013:
I thought the update was really good. I think Ron should apologize first. Because I don't think Ginny deserves to be forgiven so fast. What she said was bad enough and then to lie to Albus about it. I can't wait to see what happens when Hermione finds out who she is and what will happen with Harry. Update soon please.

Author's Response: I agree. I am not sure if Ginny will ever really be forgiven, but I haven't decided who will hold the grudge against her the longest...

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Review #9, by Meg Returning Home to Hogwarts

4th January 2013:
I'm so glad you are back to writing this story! I hope it isn't too long until the next update! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I don't think the next update will be to long. lol at least not as long as this one took.

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Review #10, by CryingRain The next Day

2nd September 2012:
Please write more. I can hardly wait to see where you take this story to. I really like it.

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Review #11, by steph The next Day

28th July 2012:
Omg please continue this story... I love the way It's going, I love snape and bring Hermonie AKA Sarah's dad... Ahhh It's perfect.

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Review #12, by Gabby0515 The next Day

25th March 2012:
I love your story! Please update again soon!!

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Review #13, by KxxDxx The next Day

14th January 2012:
Very interested to see what happens when they are back at school, post again soon x

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Review #14, by KxxDxx Returning to the Manor

13th October 2011:
I think this story is one of the best structured story I have read that wasn't a published book. Amazing, please post another chapter soon :D x

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Review #15, by Kat Ending the Day

3rd September 2011:
Please keep writing. I like this plot, it is very interesting an I would love to see where you take it.

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Review #16, by TheYoungestMalfoy The Last time to see them. The Last timt to here from them.

10th July 2011:

Author's Response: Sorry am trying, but we don't have internet right now so I am working as fast as I can. Lol

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Review #17, by somebody somewhere The Last time to see them. The Last timt to here from them.

9th July 2011:
keep going its getting good

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Review #18, by asdf The Hit

9th July 2011:
No..Hermione. I liked her!

Author's Response: You can still like her. She isn't going to change really, I am going to keep her very loyal, but where she puts her trust is going to have to change...

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Review #19, by Lee Cassidy The Hit

9th July 2011:
Interesting start, seems like it's going somewhere good!

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Review #20, by Dragoness101 The day ends

8th February 2011:
Interesting... cant waight to see what happens and when she finds out who she is... in the letter im assuming?

Author's Response: That is the plan but only part of who she is will be known to her then.

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Review #21, by Dragoness101 The Decision

31st October 2010:
Nice story line keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you I plan on it. The next chapter should be in tonight but I don't know how long till it is validated.

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Review #22, by rainbowsocks The Hit

22nd September 2010:
To be honest, I was sick and tired of all these Hermione-turned-pureblood-and-automatically-falls-in-love-with-draco-malfoy-and-the-only-conflict-in-the-story-is-pansy-wanting-draco-and-harry-and-ron-being-pissed-at-hermione stories.
But your summary, was absolutely marvelous. So I read it :)
So far, so good !
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Thanks. This is my first attempt so keep me posted. I just put up the second chapter and it should be up in about six days. let me know what you think.

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