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Reading Reviews for Tabula Rasa
2 Reviews Found

Review #1, by ShannSlytherin The Nightmare

17th October 2010:
Just wanted to let you know that I think that your a fantastic author, I read your stories before I got an account, and thought it was about time I reviewed :)

I was just wondering if you could give me the names of the blonde haired guy that played Scorpius in 'Stolen Kisses' is, and who Albus is in this story please :)
I just see them around on banners a lot and was curious.
Thank-you, and please keep writing!

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you; I'm flattered!

The person I use for Scorpius is Alex Pettyfer, and the person I use for Albus in this story is Gaspard ulliel. I hope that helps!

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Review #2, by harrylilyjames The Tablet

7th October 2010:
I felt really bad when I saw this story had no reviews, because it sounds like a really cool story.

Just a few things I want to talk about...

Why did you call Scorp as "The Malfoy" and Al as "The Potter"-I don't get it, I might accept it if they had 'kid' behind them. Also, when Al starts complaining to him for taking out the books, I think it would flow better if you broke his speech up, so he says one half of it, and then where he "You know," would be the start of the next half, after he's had a little thought about it.

Albus' thoughts about Scorpius are a bit...sudden. Like one minute they are just two normal friends and then he gives out to himself for thinking of Scorpius' smile.

I'm sure that the different houses aren't allowed in the different common rooms. I know it's the future and the relationship with the houses probably have changed, but I doubt that rule, that has been there since Hogwarts began would be lifted. But this could be just me.

When you introduce the characters in the Common Room, you could add in a bit of detail on what they look like or wearing. Just so we can have a good mental picture of them while reading.

Ooohh...The ending is all mysterious, I wonder what it is!!
I know I said a lot in this review, but I do think you have a nice first chapter here, just needs a bit of editing. :)

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