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Review #1, by JamesandLily4ever A Black Brunch

19th December 2017:
lol :') That was good. I can see a younger Helena Bonham Carter through the way you write Bellatrix. Great so far, though. I have no complaints xD

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Review #2, by JamesandLily4ever Friends

17th December 2017:
So, there are constraints, then? lol, I'd think so with Rodolphus getting mentioned in the beginning xD I kind of fear for her little infinity with Gabe, though. Oh, well, at least she'll get to live it (I mean, that's what I'm getting from her meeting him and liking him).

And I see how you're using Indian now xD (so he is Native American.) That's cool. Unique ^_^

That last bit where you described Bella as being drunk and still wearing her cowgirl attire, welll, that's a great visual. (I am still thinking about seeing your characters and your version of her in digital paintings??? Have you heard of tina-lynn? She's on DeviantArt, but I keep thinking about her style of portraits, but omg, it'd be so cool to doodle something up and share it xD)

Anyway, great fic so far ♥

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Review #3, by JamesandLily4ever At Angel's Crossing

17th December 2017:
Is Gabe part Native American? Also, omg, the part with them sitting together -- I can totally imagine that setting in a painting :'D

And wow on Bella's part. You really do write her ridiculously well. She's wild and impulsive, but cunning and manipulative. She's so carefree about getting Gabe's attention xD I wish I was more unreserved, but at the same time... that's her thing. Great chapter, by the way, and good imagery to boot. ♥

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Review #4, by JamesandLily4ever Gabe

17th December 2017:
Wow. I like how you opened up Gabe's perspective here, and the duality between Gabe and Bella is nice as well (they both want to get to know each other better). I wonder how Bella's going to get his attention.

(And I'm wondering if it'd be possible for me to share illustrations of these two if I ever draw them.)

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Review #5, by Vermouth Chapter 24 Beware a Talented Witch

14th January 2017:
Ha, brilliant of you to have Bellatrix check into the hospital under Andromeda's name. I almost forgot that Jo had established in "Deathly Hallows" that the two Black sisters looked very much alike. I bet the two of them were born quite close to each other -- like, "Irish Twins" close. (Learned that term from Urban Dictionary; speaking of which, by that definition wouldn't Bill, Charlie and Percy Weasley be considered "Irish Triplets"?)

Ah yes, all those hints you sprinkled in about Bella possibly having Gabe's child are so beautiful. (C.R.A.V.I.N.G.S.~~)

It's pretty funny how despite her self-destructive lifestyle, Bella is seemingly able to cut down on the booze out of pure willpower...and out of spite, it seems. }:)

During the times that I read this (but did not begin to review, s-l-a-c-k-e-r~~) I sometimes wondered if my reactions and feelings would be any different if you hadn't hinted to me (in emails, I recall?) that you were going to have Bella get pregnant but possibly end up losing the baby? But I'm still in for the ride and very excited to know what happens next.

(In any case, what you're leading to is still a better "Babies Ever After" story than Delphie in "Cursed Child", I'm telling you. xD)

Author's Response: I haven't been on this site for a while. You can probably imagine my delight and embarrassment when I found these four reviews. I love your reviews. They are so thoughtful but I was embarrassed that I hadn't responded to them. I also found out something else interesting. I hadn't submitted Chapter 25 on this site. I must've plumb forgot. I would say that Bella quit drinking out of spite. I think she can do it. She's ornery enough and would want to show people that they were wrong--drinking didn't mean that much to her. I smoked for a period of about 12 years. Then I gave it up all at once when they told me at the hospital that a broken bone would heal better and faster if I quit smoking. I didn't really miss it. My two oldest children were Irish twins. One was born on Valentine's Day and the second was born the day after Christmas in the same year. Thanks for the great review.

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Review #6, by Vermouth Chapter 23: Gabe Reprimands Bella, What?

13th January 2017:
I cannot believe that it's taken me this long for me to get back to reviewing this fic. I swear, this is gonna turn into a platonic fandom version of "One Day" if I don't shape up when you update later. :P


Oh la la, Bella and her pranks. Sometime I forget how frequently you made them happen throughout the story.

I quite appreciate how Gabe and Bella are getting confrontational with one another now. And I also like how Gabe is speaking less-than-fondly of Rain here. Of course he had a wonderful relationship with her...while it lasted...and he achieved spiritual un-burdening in the Wiping Of Tears ceremony, but it's fascinating how people in their darkest, most private moments, would admit those things that usually they wouldn't even admit to themselves and would slap the living Daylights out of people who would suggest it. (Call me a whimp but I would never have handled a girlfriend like her.)

"You can't start a race before the count of three!"

"Well I just did and I won."

That exchange back in chapter 8 (?) summed up so much about her, even though taken out of context it seemed innocent enough. She's a headstrong biatch and look where that led her.

And poor, poor Bella, way to miss the point that Gabe wasn't saying that because he was still clinging onto Rain so much as he's seeing (the darker side of) her in Bella.

Author's Response: Bella has pulled a lot of pranks hasn't she? That's what happens if someone like me tries to write. It's a serious story but I can't resist trying to get a few chuckles. I'm starting to wonder if Gabe is just attracting the wrong type. Or maybe he likes the challenge of a strong-willed woman. I think he's got enough confidence to deal with women like Rain and Bella. He does risk getting very hurt in the process. Are you still in Canada? I need to get back on Facebook. I've been neglecting that also. Almost time for me to head home. We have storm warnings. I hope I can get home before the storms hit.

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Review #7, by Vermouth Chapter 22: The Engagement Portrait

14th January 2016:
Hi Liana, sorry I took so long to come back to your story here. I was studying for an exam in December, and then in the excitement of finishing it I forgot about this again. I'm surprised that you've updated so much, but I also regret to say that I can't think of anything further to say about this chapter, and that my initial plan to review all three of those chapters before the day is out may have to be cut short because of the sad, sad news that just broke out today and made me want to turn to bed early, emotionally drained. I will get back to "Bella Rosa" as soon as I can. As for the proposition you gave me in your previous response to my comment, I would love to read the alternate ending you have in mind for this tale, and I'd love to resume email contact with you. We don't have to do it once a week if your schedule is busy or anything, just writing when we have the time and the stuff to say would be nice. I'd be thrilled to hear from you again, and we can talk about further contact on social media and other things.

Happy Birthday to you, & many happy returns!

Author's Response: I am shocked at myself that I have taken so long to respond to all of your reviews. I think "the news" you were talking about was the death of Himself, Alan Rickman. Now that will always be associated with my birthday. That turned out to be a sad year. I haven't been on Facebook much since January. I used to be on it a couple of times a day. Now I have it on my phone and it looks odd. I don't like the formatting and I hope it's not like that on my laptop. I also get political comments which are cool but I'm getting tired of them and it seems almost impossible to get out of those groups. Anyway, are you still in Canada? I haven't caught up with you in a long time but thank you for thinking of me and continuing to review my chapters.

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Review #8, by Vermouth Chapter 22: The Engagement Portrait

14th January 2016:
[reposted from FF dot net]

Bless you, Liana; I had a really exhausting day and had to stay up late, just as I was about to signal defeat and go to bed with a task still hanging, my iPad mailbox Ping'd and I got this. After reading this I think I'll find some more strength in me to write yet. When did you finally find the time to respond on HPFF? I checked the site weekly and still didn't catch when that happened. You mentioned that the new chapter was just under the horizon and then I sort of forgot about it. Hence the surprise xD

So to this chapter, there are a jumble of things I find very interesting, and I'm just gonna pile them all together here and hope that it would be more coherent than I felt it to be.

If Tom Riddle had retained enough functional humanity (as in sociopathic functional) here, he'd know that Bella Black was a keeper.

The books never specified but it would be safe to guess that regardless of the unclear age difference, Bellatrix must've joined the Death Eaters earlier than Alecto Amycus. The line about the male DEs feeling annoyed or threatened that a female witch had "infiltrated their ranks" really got me thinking. Bella would have a lot to prove should she join Voldemort, to him and to herself.

Bella having to endure Thanksgiving is hilarious, and so's the further line indicating her ego. (Though there has to be a great deal of forgiveness involved for a Native person to embrace Thanksgiving. -- The slaughtering of "Indians" began in sixteen bloody twenty-two.)

The prank at the end was hilarious, although I could guess the bad repercussions to come. Again, if Tom's smart he'd spot a keeper, even if it'll require some "breaking in" unto her.

Can HPFF tolerate the f bombs, even with a Mature rating? You might want to recheck the site's ToS before submitting the chapter, or you might get banished to the back of the queue, and that's if you also fixed the thing. A long time ago one of my submitted chapters had alcohol in it and I didn't specify it in my warnings and it got rejected.

The detail of Bella lighting a "thin cigar" for some nicotine courage also had be flipping back through the pages and reevaluating my image of past events -- I keep forgetting that cigars don't all have to be Churchill-sized, so did she smoke thin cigars since the time she was first flirting with Gabe in his shop? I actually found a photo or two on tumblr where the model/actress was posing with a large-sized cigar, and they really blew my mind. I could see Bella/Helena Bonham Carter in either way. HBC smoked like a chimney in Fight Club (her character smoked "gasper" quality cigarettes), while so far I've only ever seen thin cigars movie-wise in "Lincoln" with U.S. Grant. I think I can do some mental PS to fit it over. :)

I think that's all I could think of right now. If I get anything new I'll put it in the HPFF review. Really great chapter, a shame that not many people review here. I'll see if I can email you in the near future.

Author's Response: Bella was smoking a Churchill-sized cigar when she first saw Gabe. Then later she smoked a thin cigar, I think to emphasize her femininity. She wanted to annoy the men but still look more like a lady if that makes any sense. The last time I responded to reviews, which was to two of yours a while back, I discovered that I didn't submit a chapter here and there's been another one since so now I have two chapters to submit. Then I have about three chapters to go to the end. The chapter I'm currently writing is probably the most important chapter. It is what I first thought about when I contemplated starting this story. It was supposed to be one of three short chapters and look what it's grown into. After this story is finished I'm thinking of writing an alternate ending--a happier one. You have to realize that this story version will not bring happiness to either of the main characters in the end. I'll try to get those two chapters submitted soon.

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Review #9, by Vermouth Calcata and Beyond

19th January 2015:
Moar updates:

1. I still think the French and Italian terms (plus the "Meanwhile, back in London" bit) should be italicized;

2. From a re-read of Bella's portrait pose I realized that, on the premise of Bellatrix having Helena Bonham Carter's face and body, a younger Bella really would look like Lucy in A Room with a View. Especially her hair. Now *that's* food for thought... *_*

Author's Response: Hi again. You're right that the foreign terms should be italicized. And, the Meanwhile, back in London should be too. My only excuse is that I had some trouble with that chapter on another website and all I wanted to do was get it approved and published so I might have cut some corners. I also didn't like that chapter a lot. It's kind of bad when you don't like your own chapter. Anyway, I'm asking your opinion. I'm thinking of writing the ending to Bella Rosa, probably in the next five chapters. That would be the planned ending. Then, the question--I'm thinking of writing an alternate ending after I publish the original ending. It would be totally different. What do you think? Not only do I have chapter 22 ready to go but I've started on chapter 23. Let me know what you think of my emailing you once a week just to catch you up on things. If you like that idea, pick a day so you'll know to look for it.

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Review #10, by Vermouth Calcata and Beyond

19th January 2015:
Liana, I really, really meant to put this review on sometime before the 14th, evidently I've failed. xD

2014 had really been a blast (both positive and negative) for me. I graduated from university, had my laptop crash on me (both literally and metaphorically) hours after I'd finished my thesis. XD then came months of temping in various places and revising for a post-grad entrance exam, which I took at the end of December. I think I'll write some more in a letter; did you get the one I sent you in October? I think we really should get more in touch. I don't reckon you're on Facebook? (not that we're gonna exchange that info over here anyways) I'm on Goodreads (a book review and sharing site), I'm there as my real first name, with a panda avatar and wrote a review on "1984" that mentions Snoopy (it makes sense in context, I swear :P). I'm also on livejournal as vermouth1991.

So, back to your fic. I feel like when the next chapter comes out I'll might as well melt from excitement, the anticipation is so great. I wish that I can vist Italy one day, your descriptons are tantalizing in its simplicity. Or anywhere in Europe for that matter. Bella and Gabe are having so much fun and bonding and um, sexytimes, but the more uplifting things are here, the more tragic the disaster would be, I guess.

So the flying motorbike finally happened. I'm now reminded of that Snape/Lorelei fic where Rapunzel's guardian grandma said, "Some bloke in black leather will ride up on his motorbike and steal her away one day...if I'm lucky." It's always funny when my different reading experiences mingle and my mind makes all sorts of silly connections.

And how can I go without mentioning that WOW WE FINALLY HAVE GABE PAINTING BELLA. Nude or not, that's really hot. *fans self* Like I said before it's mainly the anticipation at work.

And now Cissy proceeds to wreck the dayyy~~~ *flails*

Once again, thank you for providing the translations to the non-English terms and phrases. I'll never wash out the bad taste of that other fic I mentioned before where the authoress used Spanish and no less than two South American Indian tribal languages, without so much as telling which is in what language never mind translations.

"Finally, another chapter. I must be the slowest updater in the history of fan fiction."

Don't be too hard on yourself. I really needed the time to drag my friend Meli (You might have read her Abigail/Severus fic "Behind the Sketches", which she's been rebooting) over here to R&R. I was thrilled to see her review pop up last August (did you see how long it's been since she commented on anything here on HPFF?), guess I'll do some more months' worth of nudging so that she may proceed onto Chapter 2. ;-)

Which reminds me: Have I sent you the translation fic, updated to Chapter 19? If so, what you you think of the plot and characters (especially the OFC) so far? Guess you'll be initiating this round of emails, after all. :-) I really missed hearing from you.

Happy belated Birthday, Liana! *flowers and cake*

Author's Response: Hi David. Thanks so much for remembering my birthday. I love flowers and cake. I was surprised and delighted to see Meli's review. She mentioned you had nudged her in the direction of Bella Rosa. The most excellent news is that I have a fresh new chapter that has been edited by the Divine Ms. K. I have to make her suggestions a reality and then I'll submit it. So be on the lookout over the next week. I'm pretty excited about this chapter. Kerichi's comments made it even better. Bella's going to run into some big trouble.

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Review #11, by Vermouth Calcata and Beyond

15th January 2015:
Liana, I really, really meant to put this review on sometime before the 14th, evidently I've failed. xD

2014 had really been a blast (both positive and negative) for me. I graduated from university, had my laptop crash on me (both literally and metaphorically) hours after I'd finished my thesis. XD then came months of temping in various places and revising for a post-grad entrance exam, which I took at the end of December. I think I'll write some more in a letter; did you get the one I sent you in October? I think we really should get more in touch. I don't reckon you're on Facebook? (not that we're gonna exchange that info over here anyways) I'm on Goodreads (a book review and sharing site), I'm there as my real first name, with a panda avatar and wrote a review on "1984" that mentions Snoopy (it makes sense in context, I swear :P). I'm also on livejournal as vermouth1991.

So, to your fic. I feel like when the next chapter comes out I'll might as well melt from excitement, the anticipation is so great. I wish that I can vist Italy one day, your descriptons are tantalizing in its simplicity. Or anywhere in Europe for that matter. Bella and Gabe are having so much fun and bonding and um, sexytimes, but the more uplifting things are here, the more tragic the disaster would be, I guess.

So the flying motorbike finally happened. I'm now reminded of that Snape/Lorelei fic where Rapunzel's guardian grandma said, "Some bloke in black leather will ride up on his motorbike and steal her away one day . . . if I'm lucky." It's always funny when my different reading experiences mingle and my mind makes all sorts of silly connections.

And how can I go without mentioning that WOW WE FINALLY HAVE GABE PAINTING BELLA. Nude or not, that's really hot. *fans self* Like I said before it's mainly the anticipation at work.

And now Cissy proceeds to wreck the day~~~ *>_

Author's Response: Hey there, David. Yes, I have received both handwritten letters you have sent. That is very sweet of you. If I handwrote a letter you probably wouldn't be able to read it. My handwriting is really sloppy. Sometimes I can't even read it. I am on facebook but I haven't done too much with my site. I had to join facebook to submit a grant I was working on. I'm pretty sure I responded to your October letter. I never know if you get my emails. Maybe I should plan to email you once a week and see if you get them. How does that sound?

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Review #12, by JamesandLily4ever Bella

25th August 2014:
Great start!!! Bella's characterization is spot on, and I LOVE love love what you did with that sexual aspect (: She's almost like... Hm. *thinks on it* A jazz painting from the Harlem Renaissance, groovy and seductive BUT elegant. c: I like it. (Oh, and Vermouth sent me :DD But I'll be reading just a bit more and commenting along the way ^__^ because it was really, really well written. The indirect characterization works out like a charm, same with the dialogue. Hope you don't mind!)

Author's Response: Wow, I love how you characterized my characterization of Bella. That describes way better than I ever could how I want my girl, Bella, to appear. I'm happy you started with Chapter 1 and have a ways to go. I've waited far too long to update. Things should start going a bit faster and we'll see how Gabe fares. You seem familiar. I feel like I've read your work before--by looking at your pen name. Thanks for reviewing and I hope you see fit to do so again.

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Review #13, by Pretense Of Perfection Calcata and Beyond

21st May 2014:
Ahhh, please update again soon! I just can't get enough of this.

Author's Response: It's always an ego-booster to get a review asking the author to update soon. I'm just annoyed with myself that I've taken this long to update. The next couple of chapters are going to be important. Events will start happening fast. Hang on, I'll be updating soon. Thanks for your patience in following this story.

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Review #14, by Pretense Of Perfection Gabe and Bella Went Up the Hill

21st May 2014:
Ah, another chapter, yay!! Sorry, I've been gone for quite a while due to financial reasons (mainly my laptop taking its last breath), but I should be back for good, and with a shiny new laptop. Yayyy!

I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this story. It's just so different from any other Bella fic I've ever read, but you stay pretty true to her character, with the jealousy she feels toward any other woman Gabe talks to, and her attitude in general.

Any chance Gabe can be brought to life and sent my way? I'd love to have a sexy motorcycle riding Native American with so many talents in my life, lol.

Author's Response: I apologize for taking forever to respond. I must admit that I liked seeing that I had reviews to respond to but it started to get to be too long. I'm so pleased that you like my story. I've been thinking of this story for a long time. Bella has always been one of my favorite characters. I was attracted to the bad girl and I figured she wasn't born bad. She's gone through a lot and we need to appreciate how that shaped her character. Gabe is based on my oldest son so, of course, I'm making him look good but I'm trying to keep him true to life. I'm getting ready to write again. The silly thing is that I know how the rest of the story goes. I just haven't had time to write. But I know that when my fingers get itchy it's time. Things should go a lot faster now, for better or for worse. Don't give up on me. The best is yet to come.

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Review #15, by Vermouth Gabe and Bella Went Up the Hill

11th February 2014:
It's been way too long since I was notified by mail that you've updated this fic, Liana, sorry I couldn't get back here sooner. I've sent you an email back in December telling about recent things in my life. Did you get it? I recc'd you to The Petulant Poetess and The Harry Potter Network.

I've also posted a review to chapter one over at MNFF. I've reread your fics many times and had lots of new things to say about them. -- But onto this chapter. I'm really excited to read something more about the couple's Italian holiday.

He heard a ladylike cr[ ] and Bella appeared in their suite. "I'm still not used to you doing that," he said. "Don't you feel odd just suddenly appearing somewhere?"

This alone is a very interesting description. What kind of a 'cr[ ]' would sound "ladylike" to you, exactly? I've no idea myself, I thought a daintly "pop" would do just fine. ;) I like how Gabe is gradually getting warmer to the way witches do things. It would serve as a contrast, I believe, to his reactions when Bella eventually betrays him to maim or death/loses him to horrifying situations/whatever you have in store for them.

"Have I mentioned what an amazing woman you are?" Gabe wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"I dont think you've mentioned it yet today," she said. "Let's toast to my amazing self." After taking a sip, she said, "Now let me show you how witches wear tattoos."

(Did you not say it yourself before that the difference between the two lovers is that "Gabe has a big heart and Bella has a big ego."? Heh heh)

I learned a new word recently, and it's quite the lovely one: Huggle [n. (& v.)] A hug from a person who stand behind another and wraps his/her arms around the person in front; etymologically it's made of hug+snuggle but the combined effect is so much more than a mere sum of the two . . . There's a saying floating around tumblr that goes, "You know you ship it bad when you're like: Oh look at them / in the same room together / not interacting / but breathing the same air / that's so great!" Gabe's giving Bella a huggle here, it felt so erotic to me in a weird sort of way; in fact I'm amazed that it doesn't happen more often in fics. A great story can make readers swoon for the characters because they're breathing the same air, and a well written huggle can evoke more than kisses or even "xth base activity" sometimes does. I wanted to fan myself reading this part just as much as I typed out the part in Chapter Thirteen of that other story where Rebecca surprised Severus with a warm, tender, squishy *Huggle* as was leaving her apartment, begging him to stay a bit longer and better yet turn around so they might -- okay I think I'll stop now. Whew :D

And that implied strip tease... O_o

Now where was I? Oh, this wasn't the first time Gabe mentioned to Bella's face that he considered her a wild rose with thorns but lovable all the same?

They gathered their things and prepared to leave. Gabe couldn't help but notice all the glances Bella drew with her self-tailored garments. How did I get so lucky to find this woman? She basically fell into my shop come to think of it.

Oh darling, you simply have no idea.

And it's funny that Bella would also find the notion of a flying motercycle as cool. Even in your current AU I'd say that she wouldn't be too thrilled to have something so in common with Sirius.

So these two yet-unnamed wizards have picked up their scent, again. Last chapter you had them speaking in French, which is a clue I guess (though how could they consider speaking French in the heart of Italy as "going native"?) and I wonder if they're the LeStrange brothers, or at least someone close to the LS bros.

Oh, after the last time we conversed I finally watched The Lone Ranger, it was a great film, but I wouldn't be surprised if it flopped, and I'm wondering if there's any actual sequel material to work on, since the narrative frame of the elderly Tonto works as a stand-alone as well. HBC was clearly having a grand old time playing Red; it's marvelous that the same actress can play two ends of a character spectrum so well, from the English Roses like Lucy of A Room with A View (also taking place in Florence, Italy!) to the near-hopelessly self-destructive gothic lolitas like Mrs Lovett and Marla Singer (I urge you to watch Fight Club some day if you haven't already). Bellatrix's character is lucky in the way that she can have both of these "sides" in one woman. :)

I may not have time for an email tonight (it's past midnight, actually) so I think I'll ask here instead: There's a very, very deep and emotional Slytherin-centric fanfic that I have discovered and hope to translate one day, only I haven't the time for even one chapter, so I wonder if there's someone in your family who knows enough Chinese that he/she might be able to transcribe the plot of the story (whose entirety I would be sending over) to you? I'd wish I could send you a summary but even that seems to taking a hundred pages in length. Or maybe I can break it into parts and tell you about it in future reviews on the MNFF site? I still have over a dozen chapters to go through. :P

It's great to have someone like Kerichi for beta reader, that's for sure; I wish she would keep reviewing here, though.

10/10 all the way. *tips hat*

P.S. It's my birthday today! Give me a PO address so I can sent you a slice of chocolate cake. :)

Author's Response: Once again I can't believe I waited so long to reply. I know it's very late but Happy Birthday. Did you do something fun? My oldest daughter's birthday is on Feb. 14th. I think I'm the only person in my family that fools around with languages other than English and I haven't even thought of trying Chinese. I wish I could say, "yes, I read Chinese so please send the story over" but, alas, I can't. I guess I didn't think of a "dainty pop" when I was writing that part of the story:D I suppose a "ladylike crack" could sound like a "dainty pop". I think I put the latest version of your story on my flash drive. I'm going to check--that way I can read chapter by chapter and send you reviews. I keep forgetting. I wonder how I can save it on my iPad. I'm not as good with my iPad as I should be. I'm glad you're getting the sexual overtones in the story. I'm not good about writing real graphic stuff. I like the reader to paint those pictures in their minds. Huggle is indeed a lovely word. I don't think I've seen that used before. Come to think about it there is something very erotic about breathing the same air as your love is. I do try to describe intimacy but again I just find it hard to be graphic. Yeah, maybe I blew it with the flying motorcycle but I wanted to write Gabe with a bike so I had to have Bella liking it. Keep in mind that so far it's a regular motorcycle that he's giving her a ride on. How did you like the April 1st prank on this site? I giggled my way through a few chapters:D I must run for now. See you next time.

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Review #16, by Vermouth Chapter 19: The Tattoo

25th December 2012:
First of all: Merry Christmas, Liana! Gee, time really flies past so quickly.

Reading this chapter reminded me of many things. One is too embarrassing to mention here, I'll put it up in my next email; the other one is about other chapter written by Ms K, where Tonks went to a beauty parlor and had her friend help create a special henna design onto her ankle that could actually grow along with her passionate emotions. Know what I'm referring to?

And there's also that picture with Bella, I mean H.B.C., alluringly topless unless you count that black, see-through wrap. There are no tattoos in sight, though, such a shame. Would you like me to send it to you, for inspiration's sake? ;)

You're being very graceful, providing the translations to not one but two non-English languages, (due to listening to audio clips, I've learned a few words and I could almost hear her saying "Lei parla inglese?" and "Grazie." to a local Italian) not all stories are so accommodating, back at TPP there was a well-written SS/OC story with the OFC as someone from Ecuador and of a Native American tribe to boot, and she would sometimes speak Spanish AND her native tongue as well. And the authoress provided no translations at all. I don't know how to run the sentences with GoogleTranslate if I have no idea which is what.

Actually, I think you should consider registering an account on TPP. You could make some possible adjustments to the text, and who knows, you might attract a bigger crowd there. Their ratings can go right up to NC-17 (MA), so you could express more freely if need be (something I would love to see in your stories), and you could also place different ratings and content warnings on each individual chapter to let readers know what they're dealing with, pictures could be inserted in chapters, and best of all though, the reader could reply to the author's reply, like in a chatboard!

Author's Response: And, Happy New Year to you, David. I was surprised and delighted to hear from you again. As I recall when writing this chapter, I was concerned that I was mixing French and Italian. The tattoo parlor had a French name and Bella was fluent in French but she went in not sure which language the artist spoke. I thought the phrases I used were close enough to English and first tried to validate the chapter with no translation. Then the chapter wasn't validated because I didn't have translations. That made sense but I was just being lazy:D I remember Kerichi's story about Tonks and the henna tattoo that had the capability of growing when it got the urge:D That was a very good set of stories. That picture of HBC could be inspiring if you can send it or tell me where to find it. You'll also have to send info about TPP in an e-mail. I'm not familiar with it but the chatboard feature sounds very useful and fun. Talk to you soon, my friend. Hopefully I'll be able to do a little writing tomorrow. I have an idea for a new short story that came from a dream I had this morning. I'm hoping to write that into a story.

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Review #17, by Pretense Of Perfection Chapter 19: The Tattoo

4th December 2012:
I'm so glad you updated, I've been having some serious Bella withdrawls lately. Please don't leave us in suspense for too long!

I hope we find out who the two men were that see Bella in later chapters. They obviously must be involved with Voldemort to know so much about him and what Bella might be doing.

Poor Gabe, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. I only hope Bella doesn't end up getting him killed.

Author's Response: I'm so delighted you reviewed. I finally have my desk top back so I can respond to reviews. I was working on an iPad and for some reason it wouldn't let me respond. I'm glad you let me know that you were having some Bella withdrawls. Sometimes I don't write because I figure no on cares, although I will finish the story:D It's too important to me to tell about Bella's past. She didn't have a good life and the sad thing is I don't think it was her fault how things turned out. She was manipulated just as she manipulated others. But let's focus on her during her happy times. Gabe really doesn't know what he's getting into. I hope his spirituality and strength will get him through and not in too much of a psychological mess. I hope Bella doesn't get him killed either. I don't think she'd do that on purpose but she associates with some really horrible people. I have a closeness to Gabe. He's modeled after my real life son. I think those two wizards taking pictures were in the lower ranks of Voldemort's army and we may never see them again. Thanks for reading and reviewing and look forward to at least two new chapters when the site opens up again and I can get them validated and posted.

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Review #18, by Vermouth Ch. 18: Isn't That Bellatrix Black?

17th November 2012:
Stories make it sound so easy, but I might never survive the luxury of Apparation or Portkeys. There are over a score amusement park devices I simply cannot stomach, friends and family call me chicken, but I'm afraid that's me.

I was wondering whether you'd ever even so much as drop Andromeda's name in this fic. After all you've been centering the focus on the eldest Black daughter and secondarily the youngest. I wonder if Andy (wonder if she'd mind me calling her that?) would be making an actual appearance before the show's over? I envision her watching sadly as Bella was fitted into a straitjacket and being dragged away, kicking and screaming.

{Some person did her research on the family tree and realized that Cygnus Black was only thirteen when Bellatrix was born! I understand he could've been betrothed at birth on something, but talk about a family being dysfunctional. Wonder if that in any measure contributed to Bella's unhingedness}

Ah yes, the Bottomless Bag, that is one plot device I am so going to include if my own fic[s] ever come to fruitage. It never left my mind ever since I first watched Mary Poppins as a kid.

One of my own perks of reading FF is staying in touch with western culture, most prominently, pop songs. I underwent the sensations of a thorough education reading Ms K's fics, starting with the ones featuring Lorelei. I rediscovered "Tubthumping" (as in being familiar with the lyrics and melody but not with the title), to make an example. Too bad the "soundtracks" couldn't be actually embedded into fanfics themselves.

You know, sometimes I have dreams about visiting certain places, and when I was enjoying myself in the crowd, I suddenly see someone whom I honestly don't want to be recognized by, so I avoid them with drastic measures like jumping out of windows -- or rather, off my bed. I envy her blissful ignorance. Are they the Lestrange brothers, like you revealed in the next chapter?

Author's Response: Finally I get to respond to my reviews. Hopefully I can respond to e-mails soon also. I know what you mean. I often wish I could Apparate here and there but honestly I think it would make me sick. I have never been good on amusement park rides. I rode a few when I was younger and it really sucked. I don't think Andy is going to make much of an appearance in this story. I know how the basic storyline goes but there may or may not be a couple of detours. I haven't decided yet. I'm not sure if Gabe ever meets Andy or mistakes her for Bella or if Andy ever has to get involved in Bella's capers. I agree--I love music and wish we could embed it into our stories. Maybe technology will let us do that at some point. Sometime in the next five chapters, there is a Muse song that has reminded me of Gabe and Bella--since before I even started writing this story. I think it's called The Resistance. The two wizards taking pictures are from the lower ranks of Voldemort's army and think that by taking pictures of Bella they might be able to get in better with Voldemort. We may never see them again. I don't know yet. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I love to hear what you think.

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Review #19, by Vermouth Ch. 17: Bella's Secrets

14th October 2012:
Sorry it took so long for me to return here. I was attempting to freshen up some of my translation chapters, among other things. Chapter XVI is just about finished, though I'd advice you to start from the beginning when you receive them, and see for yourself if I'd made a difference or not.

Well, I suppose this is as close as Bella could get to telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. True about romantic feelings . . . heh. Did Gabe ever tell her how much Autumn Rain still meant to him? Even an un-Dark witch could get insanely jealous over that, wouldn't you think? Like Rebecca over Lily, if I actually did it right and conveyed the feelings.

Have you brushed up on your OotP lately? The room in the DoM that was kept locked at all times (never mind that the Unspeakables were supposed to be *researching* it in the first place), containing, and I quote, "a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human nature, than forces of neture". We now all know, of course, that it refers to Love. This makes a lot of sense, since if they ever managed to get hold of a bit (or maybe more) of pure hypostatic Love (the kind that practically pervades so many fics which I don't particularly care for but you seem to review so eagarly even though the author doesn't reply so often) and contained it, then it would be equally probable that once you opened the door, all that Love might just burst from the bottle and wisk away to seek those who are desperately in need of it. I shared this theory with my brother, and we both were quite satisfied with it. That is, until I found out that Jo revealed what really was in that room: a large fountain filled with Amortentia, a.k.a. the worst Date Rape drug in the entire HP-verse. I mean, wtf? Which brings us back to this chapter: I think you're actually being harsh on Bella, because if this is the best they can do, then by their holy standards Bella really does love Gabe. In her own special, tender, creepy little way. ;D

I liked the way that you seemingly casually referanced certain events from past chapters, events which I actually had to go back and re-read since it had been such a long time.

Speaking of instant-stripping, how familiar are you with Tim Burton, besides the recent Dark Shadows? The demonically hilarious Beetlejuice once mimicked "Bam, you're dead!" with his fingers, and a chubby guy's outfit literallt peeled off . . . to transform into a black-and-white striped suit just like his. I daresay that would entice more shock than stripping starkers!

Italy sounds like a wonderful place to go. I hope they have fun there. Have I mentioned before that when my mother was younger, she used to go on business trips to many European countries, including Italy? I actually went there with her, but I don't rememer much. It was sometime during the second trimester, you see. *lips splitting into a slasher grin and shaking with mirth*

Author's Response: Sorry I'm so slow to return here. I had too many balls falling out of the sky for me to juggle. But now I have the whole thing rotating smoothly--for today at least. I'm a huge fan of the love story. I think that's part of my problem in life. I hold love to a high standard and I don't think I'll ever achieve it:D Bella is learning to love Gabe in her own sad way. I think she needs Gabe right now and I hope she's learning some things from him. He can teach her things she has no idea about. Can you imagine her cavorting with Muggles if she hadn't met Gabe? At least this 2-3 year interlude in her life can be happy and she won't wreak havoc on anyone or get too close to Voldemort. In the end we'll probably grieve for the poor crazy bitch but we need to live in the present, for now. I'm hoping to get a couple more chapters ready to post when vacation's over. It sounds like you enjoyed your "limited" visit to Italy:D Hey that slasher grin becomes you:D See you next time and in e-mails.

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Review #20, by Jessie Ch. 17: Bella's Secrets

5th August 2012:
Keep writing! I want to read more of this story, was really good well done :)

Author's Response: I plan to continue this story to the very end. I like the story, I'm committed to it, and I know how it ends. Real life does get in the way though:D I should have another chapter up in a couple of weeks, so please hang in there. I'm so glad you took the time to tell me you enjoyed the story. See you next time.

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Review #21, by Vermouth Chapter 16: Just Like the Wizard of Oz?

3rd July 2012:
No, of course not like TWoO, Bella's not like that total hypocrite (and I meant the so-called "good witch of the south") who sends Dorothy off into all those dangers and Dissolve another witch so that she could 'go home', when all the time she could've utilized those bloody shoes! Even Dumbledore wouldn't stoop so low: at least his "Harry must eventually be killed or else Voldemort would always have an extra Horcrux" theory is valid.

I remember watching that film back in Canada, and the only things that actually stayed in my mind are the witch melting and her weird, reddish-pink hourglass.
So here comes the moment of truth. I wonder if Gabe's pissed off at the standard "why did you hide this from me for so long" thing, or is it because he's wondering if Bella's been enchanting him to love her?

BTW, seeing that you spend a lot of your time on RL and preparing for the next chapter, I think it would be a good idea if you edited the chapters' titles: either let them all bear the 'Chapter ()' captions, or remove them all and just leave the titles themselves. It's for regularity's sake, you know.

When I read you description to Bella's party attire, I wanted to cover my eyes and groan, "Arrgh, too much information!" -- while struggling not to grin. lol H.B.C. could look good in anything, let alone those elaborate dresses. Have you seen her in that $1 bridesmaid dress in Fight Club yet? The only other actress in the HP cast that could compete in this "only she could pull this off successfully and then some" business is Evanna Lynch who played Luna. In the male category, though, no one comes close to Alan Rickman.

I wonder if you had time to read more of the stuff I sent you. If you did some comparing you'd notice that I've made some pretty big editions. Did you like the parts concerning Rebecca in Chapter VIII, for instance?

P.S. There's more I wanted to tell you, but I've included them in an email in respect of the site regulations regarding non-chitchat in reviews.

Author's Response: So good to hear from you. I thought I'd respond to this finally:D Remember that Gabe is familiar with shamans and medicine men but not with witches. His only reference was the Wizard of Oz. I guess I never thought how the Good Witch could've given Dorothy the ruby slippers right off the bat, but you're right. That movie always terrified me so I didn't choose to watch it and always covered my face and ears when the Wicked Witch came on. Did you get your question answered as to whether Gabe was worried about Bella bewitching him? I agree--Helena Bonham Carter can wear anything. I wholeheartedly agree the same of Alan Rickman. I was going to say that I wonder if he's aware of what a sex symbol he is, but I'm sure he's totally aware. I wonder what his partner thinks about that:D Thanks David, so much for following my story so faithfully. It means a lot to me. If you haven't noticed there's a new chapter up and I've got another chapter with Kerichi for betaing. I'll see you soon, my friend.

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Review #22, by Vermouth The Dark Mark

3rd July 2012:
*Rubs hands* Where do we begin? Ah yes. First, a little laugh at my expense: we both are aware that your stories are not exactly the most sought-after on either of the three sites you posted on, despite their sterling quality, maybe it's your unusual and unconventional pairing . . . anyway, I've been checking on your profile for more times than I'd care to admit, since this lovely site sees fit to not include update-alerts to registered users. When your Chapter XVI came out on the other site, I've been mentally ticking the days off the calender till I could see an update here as well, which unfortunately has yet to happen. And after what seemed like the fifth time disappointed, I realized that there was a big fat ugly 0 on Chapter XV as well. Imagine my mortification: I could've sworn that I've reviewed this one, but reality begs to differ.
Obsessions can turn very ugly, I shall not belabor on how horrifying it would be if those sketches should fall into the wrong hands, but aesthetically speaking the Dark Mark does have its unique appeal. Have you ever read Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal? Apparently the Slytherins would luuurve the poems. I've once started a topic on a HPNetwork forum (the site had somehow crashed now, F...) asking them what books they believed would find their way onto Severus Snape's floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. I picked C. Bauldelaire and said that he'd fit nicely right next to Franz Kafka and perhaps James Joyce. I wonder if any HP fan has ever written an ode to the Dark Mark, if only to be sarcastic. I believe you'd find poems in that book chillingly wonderful, be it in English or original French. As for me? I'm in possession of a Chinese version, complete with a score of pages of artwork inspired by Baudelaire's writings, and to date I haven't made it past the introduction and Dedication. ;-)

Apparently they have this kind of stick-on tattoo that resembles the Dark Mark, both ScholasticBook and PotterFilm versions. Have you ever seen any of those for sale? Sticking them on to show others would be a laugh.

If Bella had did a little more research she would have told Gabe that she read 'somewhere' that the symbol belonged to a secret ultra-Right neo-Nazi organization who finds it more appealing than the more 'traditional' Hakenkreuz; which is in fact not very far from the truth and would guarantee his disgust towards it.

One thing I found curious is the way JKR sampled out her usages of characters' names: the people she refers to by first names only include the trio, the rest of the Weasley children, Neville, Sirius, and surprisingly --- Bellatrix. Isn't that fascinating? It's not like the case of, say, Sherlock Homes, where just about everyone including the two heroes are referred to by their last names (which I believe is simply the way things were back in Victorian times; it's an issue of respect, formality and affections, much like the way Chinese people would not, unlike Americans, address their parents --- and that includes stepparents --- directly by their names unless they want their bottoms reared); nowadays first-name-only implies endearment or value or both or even more. So what should we make of Bellatrix then? Why does Jo bestow on her a literary significance/honor she did not give to Dumbledore, Hagrid . . . let alone Severus Snape? *frustrated sigh*

So if anyone wonders why you get so "cozy" with Bella, you could reply that apart from the fact that Bella is the protagonist of your fic, Jo herself has also displayed an almost weird . . . partiality towards what is inarguably the most horrifying female character of her books. Umbridge comes close, though if I'm not mistaken Jo had let her live and keep her old job in the MoM. I mean, OK, so she's somehow guilty of nothing . . . but why didn't the Dementors get her when Harry stunned her when they were stealing the Locket? Does the fact that the Dementors are loyal only to the highest bidder (i.e. those who provides the most souls to feed on) count for nothing?

Author's Response: You'll be pleased to know I have another chapter almost ready to go. I haven't read any of Baudelaire's books. If I'm looking for something to read in French I'll check that out. You've made them sound very enticing. I haven't seen the stick on tattoos either. I always say go real if you're talking about tattoos. I have a wreath of red roses and thorns around my left ankle. I have three roses for each of my children. Your comments about the Dark Mark were very informing. But, did this neo-Nazi group come into existence back in the 70s or later? And, remember how Bella first saw the Dark Mark? She saw it on some drawings in the possession of the Dark Lord. She knew it was something sinister but do you think she would really have done any research on it? Her comments to Gabe were given for a different reason. But that was interesting information all the same. I always wondered why JKR didn't kill Umbridge when she was hauled off in the forest. I've always been "cozy" with Bellatrix. She's always fascinated me. I think she's beautiful. She's powerful and knows how to get what she wants. She's so mentally ill, yet so independent. She's a product of her environment. She's grown that way but I thihk she started out way more innocent. As always thanks for writing a review. If it weren't for you I'd probably have no reviews:D

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Review #23, by Vermouth A Black Dinner with the Dark Lord

29th September 2011:
. . . And I apologize for reviewing this so late, after reading it for no less than five times on my cell phone in txt format. ;)

It's such fun, isn't it, keeping certain characters such as Gabe in the dark, while you the author, your beta and all of your readers know exactly what's going on? Fireworks indeed . . .

This kind of show, I mean Bella's Juggling Act, can't last for long, it just can't. I wouldn't put it past you to kill Gabe off, but I do hope that you don't let him (or anyone else for that matter) to die not knowing what got them.

See you next chapter! It looks kinda lonely around here, but at least you've got me *smug grin*

Author's Response: I was giving up hope that anyone would review this chapter:D I guess I should've known I could rely on you. And you read it five times. I'm very impressed! I think you're kind of hinting for me to let you know what's going to happen, but I'm not:D I will say that Gabe is not going to die. He might come close but, well, you'll see. I know it's hard for Bella to juggle things. Maybe I'll give her a break soon:D I wish I had more time to write. I've been so busy at work. I should be close to having a chapter to add to Sybil's story. We've had crazy weather too--it's been hot so my sense of timing and the seasons has been thrown off. I'm still wearing summer clothes and using the air conditioning and it's October. Tell me, do you have Halloween in China? Dumb question, I know. Thanks for reviewing. Your reviews are always thoughtful and mean a lot to me. I'll see you next time.

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Review #24, by Vermouth Chapter 13: Prelude to Dinner

24th July 2011:
So this is where Bella starts to juggle Gabe AND the Dark Lord, and apparently, she isn't having so much fun doing that. Dinner sounds creepy enough. So Cissy accepts Lucius' proposal? And the Minister's in the same room as Voldemort?

Nice chapter, I could write some more, but first of all, one of our mutual friend's entering a contest on FIGMENT dot com, using her Snowflakes and Memories story. Go to her profile on FF dot net for more information on that. I'm sure that she'd appreciate your support.

Author's Response: I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I've been busy at work with a big project and I just moved my office to another building. Can we still read in the contest on figment? I thought that closed on July 22. I meant to do something with that but I lost track of time. I thought my summer was going to be more relaxed but it sure isn't. Are you out of school for the summer or do you take summer classes? Do you see DH2 this coming weekend? I won't say anything about it except that I went for the fifth time yesterday. That will probably be my last time unless it comes to the old drive-in theatre in a town about 23 miles from here. That would be fun to see on a huge screen. I never saw it in 3D. Well, I didn't mean to turn this into an e-mail:D Yes, this is the inevitable time when Bella starts to juggle Gabe and the Dark Lord. She'll have fun for a little while but she'll start to feel conflicted over her two different lives. Yes, the Minister is in the same room as Voldemort. Remember, this is the late seventies and they don't know how evil the Dark Lord's going to become. Gabe isn't a canon character but the story does follow the timeline and events in the books--so Cissy has to accept Lucius' proposal. Gosh, where do you think Draco came from?:D See you next time.

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Review #25, by Vermouth Chapter 12: The Invitations

28th June 2011:
Oh wow, so they finally . . .? How dumb of me not to take that hint from last chapter's ending. +_+ And after I realized that my head was filled up with . . . well images. [shaky laugh]

Just wait 'till I send you the translation of Chapter 15 . . . btw did you get my email?

"Bloody hell! I almost hexed you. You're the last person I want in my bed. Not my type at all," -- Ouch. Could Bella get any more blunter in her wording? I didn't realize what she was (sarcastically) implying until a full minute had passed! That was definitely a LOL moment.

Looking forward to the Dinner Party. Mayhem will ensue, I guess? The sisters-working-together-to-mess-with-mommy's-mind scene was hilarious already!

Author's Response: I responded to this yesterday and my computer ate it. I’m trying it again. This time I’ll put it in another document and copy it over. I’m glad I left the sex scene to the reader’s imagination. I’m sure your creative imagination gave you a very clear picture of what happened:D I wasn’t going to let that happen for another couple of chapters but my beta thought it was time. I had to agree since it saved me from writing an uncomfortable scene and maybe not quite doing it justice. That’s one thing about Bella—she’s very blunt. She thinks it makes her meaning more clear. Cissy really isn’t her type in more ways than one. Bella likes men and she likes them looking like Gabe—not pale like Cissy. I almost had Bella Imperious their mother but Confundo seemed to do the trick as well, and as Kerichi pointed out, wouldn’t land Bella in Azkaban. The next chapter is with Kerichi now and is titled, “Prelude to Dinner.” Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it submitted before too long. Yes, I received your e-mail and hope to respond in the next week. I’ve been busy at work and with doctors’ appointments but I think things might slow down soon. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful reviews. I always enjoy hearing from you. I learn a lot about different things from you and I love your insightful comments. So, until next time . . . .

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