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Review #1, by sevenpartsofawhole Mastering the Minotaur

13th November 2011:
that was simply beautiful.

Author's Response: aww, thank you! My one-shots don't get very much love.

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Review #2, by Livelaughlove25 Mastering the Minotaur

26th August 2011:
Ohmygod that's so sweet! I like how it's an entire story in a oneshot and it doesn't seem like a chapter of a story like many oneshots do.

Author's Response: Thank you!! It was written for a competition! I'm so glad that you liked it. It doesn't get very much love, so I'm glad you read it!

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Review #3, by .... Mastering the Minotaur

12th August 2011:
this is really good! i love ALL your stories! write more!

Author's Response: Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you so much! I'm going to be writing a lot more when things slow down a little bit.

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Review #4, by HartOfARebel Mastering the Minotaur

27th July 2011:
A bit short, which i was disappointed with 'cause I was enjoying the read. Love how it ended though.
"Remembering what?"
"The moment I took your hand and realised I never wanted to let go."
How sweet is that! =D

Author's Response: Yeah, it was only a one-shot for a contest. But I'm glad that you were enjoying it!

And yes, Lily/James is one of my favorite ships! So I wanted it to be really sweet.

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Review #5, by No1HarryPotterFan Mastering the Minotaur

1st December 2010:
I love James and Lily! Even though I meant what I said about Remus and Lily, they are just perfect for each other!!! I hate Dustin, he's just a little creep!

Author's Response: Yes, no one can deny that James and Lily are the best couple ever. And Dustin was supposed to be hated. Glad i did my job as a writer!

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Review #6, by Cleopatraa Mastering the Minotaur

11th October 2010:
Well here I am with the review for my greek mythology challenge. I hope you enjoyed writing this piece and also I hope you will forgive me for taking so long for reviewing but I was ill. I'malso writing this on my Iphone so excuse the mistakes here in. I loved the fact that Lily Evan's friend did get pissed on her because she choose that guy above them but still tried to cheer her up when she was upset. That Guy really was a bastard he did everything for a great mark. Typically Ravenclaw though I've never seen another writer attribut that character trait to someone. I thought that prince and princess part was a bit to much I mean you can be populair but I'm sure people wouldn't view you as that. That was my critic for you actually. I loved the end especiallythe fact she was looking back. -xoxox- Cleopatraa

Author's Response: I agree the the prince and princess part was a bit overboard, but in the myth they were royal and I wanted to make a bit of a play on that. Thank you so much for this challenge! I enjoyed writing the piece an astronomical amount!

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