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Review #1, by Raylis How It All Ends

9th June 2015:
what? no scorpious mention? aww...don't tell me, both he and rose died romeo and juliet style, hence the no mention? lol... ;)

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Review #2, by StephanieMariex How It All Ends

26th January 2013:
*squeals* aww, that's so nice! Charlie wasn't destined to be a cat lady after all! I do love a happy ending! Roxy, pregnant?! *shocked face* aha, nice twist.. :)

Can't wait to read some more of your stories!xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! I love a happy ending, too. :)

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Review #3, by StephanieMariex The Why And The Because

26th January 2013:
Well wow, I don't think a boy of mine has ever been as understanding as that. I'm glad she finally realises she loves Faldo though. I'm also guessing Alice has a little crush on Al? And that Owen likes Roxy?

Anyway, you're an amazing author! Update soon!


Author's Response: Ah, I answered to your other review first. Thanks again, anyway. :)

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Review #4, by TheBritishScott How It All Ends

28th December 2012:
Absolutely loved the story, I read through it in a night. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! :)

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Review #5, by MiSTY_VoLPe How It All Ends

21st August 2012:
i liked this ending- it was good cuz all of it wasnt the whole mushy lovey dovey life is perfect ending that you ususally get...cuz it was realistic in a way because they had broken up for a few years...
anyways good chapter- well written and really fun to read (just like the rest of the story)
good job

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought they would get a little hurt along the way. It happens. But they still couldn't stay away from each other. Now, isn't that true love? ;)

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Review #6, by MiSTY_VoLPe The Smiling Photography

17th August 2012:
great chapter! story is amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #7, by MiSTY_VoLPe You Inspire Me

17th August 2012:
oh gosh amazingly epic chapter full of epicness!!!
another cliffy... WHY?
haha Faldo= so sweet

Author's Response: Because cliffies feed my soul, muahaha. Just kidding! XD Or I am? ;)

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Review #8, by MiSTY_VoLPe The Why And The Because

17th August 2012:
ah amazing chapter!
so glad she isnt with louis anymore
felt kinda bad for him though...

Author's Response: Lol, that makes us two. :D They're just not right for each other. But, yeah, Louis is a good person. He deserves someone who will truly love him.

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Review #9, by MiSTY_VoLPe The Notebook Story

17th August 2012:
ah do not like dora/louis.
great chapter!!

Author's Response: That's not odd. :) Thanks!

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Review #10, by MiSTY_VoLPe Charlie, The Loony?

7th August 2012:
oh my gosh its faldo right?! NO! SO AWKWARD IF IT IS
great chapter !!

Author's Response: Thank you. Read on. ;)

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Review #11, by MiSTY_VoLPe Friends It Is

6th August 2012:
great plot and fantastic characters!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. (Blushing.)

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Review #12, by MiSTY_VoLPe Parties Suck

6th August 2012:
ah i love faldo! such a cool character!
it was interesting to see where their dislike for each other began!!
ummm not overly into louis/dora...
anyways good chapter

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words again. :) I adore Faldo as well.

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Review #13, by MiSTY_VoLPe Roxy's secret

6th August 2012:
oh i've been meaning to read this story for quite awhile and im so glad that i have!!
oh i simply adore faldo! he makes me laugh
and i quite like the roxy/owen pairing!!
oh and alice is funny!
great story so far!! now please excuse me while i go read the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I love Roxy and Owen as well. :)

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Review #14, by Kat1212 Start With A Bang

6th July 2012:
I really love this story and I love the new banner! However I think you need to go back and edit for spelling mistakes.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Yeah, I know about the mistakes. I got into it a few months ago, but then real life took over. As soon as I get some free time again, I will go back to it. ;)

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Review #15, by Dobbyofcourse How It All Ends

6th June 2012:
this is one of the cutest relationships i've read about in a harry potter fan fic in a long time
thankyou i loved it :)
maybe a sequal? 10 years later?

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. Maybe someday I'll write about them again, we'll see. Never say never. ;)

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Review #16, by Amazing! How It All Ends

16th May 2012:
I loved it!I love the characters depth and the whole plot of Alice as a Seer.Keep up the good work!:)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. :)

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Review #17, by that random kid How It All Ends

10th April 2012:
I have to tell you, faldo is my favorite oc ever. The story was very good and covered a large span of time. I hope you keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
I don't have as much time as I used to, but I'm working on two new stories, actually. Hopefully they won't take long. I'd love to finish them completely and then start posting so that the readers don't have to wait as much. I hope you'll like them if you ever come back to read more from me. :)

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Review #18, by Lillylunapotter How It All Ends

30th January 2012:
my fav fan fiction ever
at first I was like ew cheesy title then after a while I was like aw heck it! And I loved it I'ved read it in 3 hours (consecutive!)

Author's Response: Wow, 3 hours? You're fast! That's great. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #19, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Charlie, The Loony?

10th December 2011:
oh, suspense...
I haven't been on in aaageees, sorry! I've had an exam overload (did somebody say 2 hrs 15 mins for an english exam? Yawn)
I can't wait to hear about this halloween party
If I was there, I would have given Lee/Charlie a cookie, Cookies cheer everyone up.

Author's Response: Oh, that must have been a hard exam. :/
Well, I know I love cookies. :)

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Review #20, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Friends It Is

6th December 2011:
One of my personal favourites too!
I'm glad they're finally friends, I could tell that they couldn't stay mad at each other forever.
I love Harry in your story, he makes me smile!
Hmm... What else?
I think your song was pretty good (I can't remember if that was this chapter or last chapter but it was still good)
That's it for now.
I'm going to be quite sad when I reach the end and can't review anymore I think :(

Author's Response: Yes! I love this chapter because they finally make peace. :) Thank you!
I know, I was a little sad, too, when I finished the story.

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Review #21, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Parties Suck

6th December 2011:
Oooh suspense!
Dora's Birthday, yay :)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Dora
Happy Birhtday to you!
*Presents with cake*
Tension with Faldo, we finally see who put that almighty stick up his arse...

Author's Response: Lol, your last words amuse me. :)

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Review #22, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Roxy's secret

6th December 2011:
She so is going crazy :)
Thanks for clearing up the houses for me, I get it now!
So.. Charlie/Lee=same person?
I think I know who dream guy is but I'm not going to say anything in case I'm wrong
And, Roxy and Owen? What? *is stunned* that was unexpected, good unexpected though!

Author's Response: Yes, Lee is Charlie's nickname. :)
The dream guy is dreamy.
And yeah, Roxy and Owen. They're quite the pair. :D

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Review #23, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Do You Want To Know The Future?

5th December 2011:
Hola again!
Does anyone smell sexual tension? I sure do...
Just to clarify what house is everyone in? I'm a bit confused here :S
Be back again tomorrow!

Author's Response: Well, Dora, Faldo, Al, Scorpius and Charlie are in Ravenclaw. But the boys are a year older. Roxy is in Gryffindor. James and Lily, too, are in Gryffindor. As well is Louis. :) Oh, and Alice is a Gryffindor, too. If you're still confused, tell me. ;)

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Review #24, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Start With A Bang

4th December 2011:
Yes! My determination payed off! I got over 1 chapter read today! woop! Ruby:1 Procrastination:0!
Anyway that's enough exclamtion marks for now.
I love this chapter, Neville as a mentor :)
And when I read the toilet bit I was like 'OMG Prophecy!"
I'm glad I got that right otherwise I would have looked leetle bit stupid.
School tomorrow so the reviews might slow down :(
(I always go back to check your replies by the way, they're nice)

Author's Response: Neville is made to be a mentor, I think. :) Poor Alice, right? There's no rush, take your time. :) Aww, thank you. I love answering.

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Review #25, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 Crushes Versus Stalkers

4th December 2011:
hmmm... Faldo what are you up to then?
I got distracted yesterday :P
I guess I didn't really put two and two together about the bottle incident
Roxy, just... 'nuf said.
Lol at McLaggen

Author's Response: Faldo is... well, you'll find out. :P
I heart Roxy. Yes, Al's a prefect. A very bad one, too, lol. I mean... He's always organizing parties. What a horrible prefect. XD

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