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Review #1, by Daniqueje Dueling With an Elemental

5th January 2007:
Please another chapter! I like your story it's so good!

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Review #2, by agent_taylor Dueling With an Elemental

21st June 2006:
Absolutely brilliant cept one thing!

You need to update regularly!


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Review #3, by hp Dueling With an Elemental

19th March 2006:
Make Ginny date Harry

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Review #4, by mary Dueling With an Elemental

5th November 2005:
cant u get a chapter eight up i cant wait any longer ive been waiting for like to years

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Review #5, by PotterChci Dueling With an Elemental

28th April 2005:
NOOO! I was looking forward to Ginny joining. Oh well. It's a great story! When will you post next?

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Review #6, by Janine Aunt Marge and the Elemental

6th April 2005:
Ok Does anyone know who this guy/ person is? It seems he has either given up (heaven forbid) or he is writing a very long chapter. WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on person come on come on that's part of a song by the way which means I'm going crazy

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Review #7, by Janine Dueling With an Elemental

4th April 2005:
WOW!!! That was incredible. How long have you been writing. You had me laughing and sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This story has really hit home. More people need to read this. I was literally bursting with excitement, I'm kinda glad nobody was with me. Wow!! This is the best the very best. a couple of spelling eras but other than that have I mentioned it was incredible. I better go before I type my fingers off more than what I have already. Please update soon I'll be on this site every day until I read more.

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Review #8, by larry Dueling With an Elemental

14th March 2005:
great story. Hope the next chapter is up soon

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Review #9, by Kristy Granger Dueling With an Elemental

22nd February 2005:
By the way, go read my story...

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Review #10, by Kristy Granger Dueling With an Elemental

22nd February 2005:
Hello?!?! Anyone there?!?! So many people have been waiting for you to update!!! Don't you care about your readers?!?! We're all dying here, in case you haven't noticed!! It's already Feburary!! Almost an entire year since you last updated!! It's a great story and it can only become better if you continue it!!! Your little hocus pocus, I'm waiting....

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Review #11, by george Dueling With an Elemental

16th January 2005:
This story is really good. I hope the next chapter is posted soon.

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Review #12, by Anthony Dueling With an Elemental

15th January 2005:
This story is great!!! I really hope the next chapter is posted soon.

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Review #13, by John Dueling With an Elemental

15th January 2005:
I really like this story.I hope the next chapter is up soon.

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Review #14, by Mike Aunt Marge and the Elemental

14th January 2005:
This story is so great. I really hope the next chapter is soon.

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Review #15, by andy Dueling With an Elemental

7th November 2004:
great story, harry being an elemental is very interesting.. ill be waitin for the next chapter

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Review #16, by Joda Dueling With an Elemental

25th July 2004:
Simon says:.... UPDATE! HA! there, now you have to update... simon said to... seriously though... you'd think all us people telling you how great a story this is, and asking for you to continue it and update would be pretty damn inspirational... I mean I would kill (not quite, but you get the idea) for 20+ reviews for onr chapter... I'm lucky to get more than 2... maybe 3.... if you want go read mine... maybe you'll get some weird inspiration there... I know sometimes if I'm short on ideas then I go read and sometimes I can form weird twisted things out of other stories... anyway again... this is a really good story, it'd be a shame for it to end up in the trash... don't feel pressured though... that doesn't help the brain, just give it time (not too much) and the ideas will flow... remember what I said. Update soon.

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Review #17, by `~MEg`` Dueling With an Elemental

10th July 2004:
Hello me again.... 00SausageMan was right everyone oves this story and we all want you to update some more.... I am going to read your next ganfic becuase its proabaly as good as this one but i still really want you to update PLEASE!!

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Review #18, by ADamJamesPoTTer Dueling With an Elemental

2nd July 2004:
Hey Heroic it is not very "Heroic" of you to not upste. You should just keep on writing the story the way you've been writing it and see what people think of it. First instinks are better than seconds.

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Review #19, by Samrod Dueling With an Elemental

7th June 2004:

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Review #20, by 00SausageMan Dueling With an Elemental

31st May 2004:
your author response to the last person that reviewed (meg i think) is incorrect you said:It's just a fanfiction, and not a good one. well your wrong it is a good one. can't you tell from all of the eager reviews?!?!?!?!? people are eagerly waiting and your just going to sit there and say o well i can't think of anything to write well ok but if you are going to stop writing this story i think you shouldat least tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this inspired you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #21, by Light Dueling With an Elemental

25th May 2004:
asome story more chapters please. I know the rating thing only goes up to ten but i'd give it a 15 tops good job

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Review #22, by 00SausageMan Dueling With an Elemental

21st May 2004:
as my bud Samrod said: ARE YOU EVER GOING TO UPDATE AGAIN????!!!!?????

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Review #23, by Kristy Granger Aunt Marge and the Elemental

18th May 2004:
Hey! What takes you so long to write!? Writer blocks don't even last so long!! Please don't tell me you've abandoned this story!! It's going along great!! HURRY UP AND UPDATE!!

Author's Response: Sorry for the wait, but I will be updating. I haven't abandoned it. I just had a lot of school work to do. Finals end this tomorrow, May 18th. I have already finished most of the next chapter but it needs to be corrected. I will update soon and I'm sorry for the long break. -Heroic

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Review #24, by renagadephoenix Dueling With an Elemental

18th May 2004:
great story some parts of it were better than JK could have done the best part was the training chapter I usually onley write reviews at the end of a story so please write more. renagadephoenix

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Review #25, by Golden Gryffin Dueling With an Elemental

16th May 2004:
Hey the story is really excellent! I love it when people write about the Elements!!! please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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