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Review #1, by ginnypotter242 Purely Between Friends

10th July 2014:
Oh, this was so adorable! I love Teddy/Victoire, and the way you characterized the two was so sweet. Victoire seems so innocent in this, and I love how you've characterized her. I like how the kiss happened, with all the talk about love and feelings. Andromeda was funny in this as well, with her little quips about the two of them- there was more than a little truth in her statement!

The kiss was rather intense, and I like how you made them sort of just lose themselves in it. The first time, when Victoire was disgusted that Teddy tried to put his tongue in her mouth was sweet and adorable, and showed how innocent Victoire really is. The seocnd time was intense yet still sweet, and I like how they seemed to just forget that they were kissing each other.

The intensity of the kiss, the first time they kissed, before they started dating, was well in character. From what we have in canon (now 2 examples of them), they really couldn't keep their hands off each other, so you have written the start to their relationship well. I like how they both start to feel things in this story- you can definitely see how their relationship grows from here. This was a very sweet story, and well-written.

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

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Review #2, by Melanie Purely Between Friends

2nd July 2012:
love the story :)
keep being awesome! :)

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Review #3, by LhiZettE_05 Purely Between Friends

3rd May 2012:
I was laughing at the awkwardness!
I want more!
You are so cool!

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Review #4, by CantGetEnoughHarryGinnyLove Purely Between Friends

29th January 2012:
playful cute fic, reminds me of my first kiss experience actually, I hope to find a sequel, more chapter are a must for this! Good job

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Review #5, by Bluestreakspirit Purely Between Friends

19th January 2012:
I would love a sequel! That was great :)

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Review #6, by ms4aisa Purely Between Friends

26th October 2011:
uuhm, next chapter? next chapter, can't see you!?
awesome chapter! please continue the story, it's awesome! :) (L)

Author's Response: Ahaha, that's 'cause this is a one-shot XD There is a one-shot sequel up though, it's called "Butterflies" and you can find it on my author's page. :) Hope you check it out, and thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by jplove4evs Purely Between Friends

23rd October 2011:
can you like write a whole novel on them please? you have like the best connection between those two ever 10/10 &hearts

Author's Response: Hey, it's youu! Who's reviewed loads of my chapters on Marauding There and Back Again - thanks! :D :D And aw, thanks so much! :) Erm, there is a sequel up, it's called "Butterflies" and you can find it on my author's page. As for a novel, I've started one called "Disenchantment", again on my author's page, involving both of them, but it's not centric on their romance. :) Hope you check it out anyway, and thank you for the amazing review!

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Review #8, by Julie London Purely Between Friends

24th September 2011:
This is the second time I read this! And I love it

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much! :D And have you checked out the sequel? Hopefully you loved that just as much... :') But really glad you enjoyed it (twice!) and thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by anonymous Purely Between Friends

6th September 2011:

Author's Response: Ahaha, I think they want a sequel...
Psst, sequel is already up, it's called "Butterflies", and you can find it on my author's page :D I hope you take a look and enjoy it! Thank you!

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Review #10, by Sophie Purely Between Friends

5th September 2011:
Sequel please!!! You practically left off at the climax!!

Author's Response: Ahaha, the sequel has been done, you can find it on my author page - it's called "Butterflies" ^_^ Hope you enjoy it, and look out for the third part too! Thank you!

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Review #11, by helpwillalwaysbegiven Purely Between Friends

30th August 2011:
I like this! Please do a sequel!

Author's Response: Ah, I'm really glad you liked it! The sequel actually has already been done, if you look on my author's page you can find it - it's called "Butterflies", I hope you enjoy that too, thank you!

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Review #12, by naughtforreal Purely Between Friends

13th August 2011:
WRONG, Teddy. definitely wrong. you LIKE Victoire, remember???
Anyway, it was swet. totally swet. it was such a cute, sweet moment. :) and oh-ho-ho, a sequel??? YES PLEASE!!!
haha, definitely a ten.

Author's Response: Tch, yeah, GOD Teddy. ;) Aww, I'm really glad you enjoyed it - the sequel's already up, actually, its called "Butterflies" and you can find it on my author's page. I hope you read it, and thank you so, so much for the review! :')

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Review #13, by nightingale14 Purely Between Friends

13th August 2011:
Yes, yes, YES please do a sequel. This was a fantastic story and I really liked it. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much! :) You can find the sequel on my author's page, its called "Butterflies", I hope you read that too! Thank you! :D

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Review #14, by hpfan Purely Between Friends

12th August 2011:
a sequel will definitely be good. Good job!

Author's Response: The sequel is already up, it's called "Butterflies", if you look on my author page you'll find it. I hope you do, thank you very much! :)

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Review #15, by hp481516 Purely Between Friends

12th August 2011:
This story was so fabulous and adorable! I loved it and have added it to my favorites! It is definitely the best story I have read in a while. I thought that you portrayed Victoire and Teddy's characters/friendship/relationship very well. I would love a sequel!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it enough to add to your favourites, and thanks so much for the compliments! :') The sequel is actually up, its called "Butterflies" and set a year or two later than this one - if you look on my author page you'll find it - I hope you read, like and review that one too! Thank you!

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Review #16, by Hera Purely Between Friends

12th August 2011:
Thanks for this story - I really enjoyed it! :) I liked that you described all the smallest details of how they moved around in the bed even if it was just crossing legs, sitting up and so on... It altogether made a very bright mental image, thus also very intense emotions :) Great work!

And a sequel would be a very, very nice idea ;)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you very very much! :'D I suppose it was a very vivid scene playing out in my mind, so I just described everything I saw, if that makes sense, haha! I'm really glad you enjoyed this, thank you so much for your comments :D Also the sequel is up, it's called "Butterflies", so I hope you'll check it out! There'll be a third part soon, I hope you'll take a look for that when it comes out too. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Cleopatraa Purely Between Friends

9th August 2011:
Happy Hufflepuff Tuesday!!
This was really sweet. I liked the fact it was so awkward between them and when he put this tongue in her the first time and the way she reacted I had to chuckle because of her reaction. The both of them were so clueless it was so cute and funny actually. I liked the fact they didnít tell their feelings for each other and that Andromeda called them lovebirds
- Cleopatra ( Slytherin)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for reviewing! Happy Hufflepuff Tuesday to you, too XD I am veryvery glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

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Review #18, by xxDobbyX Purely Between Friends

29th December 2010:
great story... and yes i do want a sequel.

Author's Response: Well, glad you liked it! And you'll (probably) be happy to know that the sequel is up now, and its called "Butterflies" :D Hope you check that out too! Thank you!

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Review #19, by jane pinkerton Purely Between Friends

28th December 2010:
aw!! Prongsie!! That was SO good!!
i can honestly say i loved it! you use their ages well, like they're getting older, but still in that awkward young teen stage where they can't figure out if their feelings are purely emotional or physical.
also, dialogue was good and realistic between teddy and victoire. i don't know if teddy should've been so abrupt with his grandma, but at the same time it fit the moment, if that makes sense. lol!
i'm too excited to go read the sequel now! eek!

Author's Response: OMG. JANE! *blushes like mega loads* < this I do when anyone I know reads my stories XD
Anyway. WOOHOO, I'm glad you liked it!! Yeah, definitely awkward, but in the sequel they're olderrr and they might even have an epiphany... :P Oh, haha, well I'm very abrupt with my Grandma, but she's always very good with my temper XD Although perhaps Ted shouldn't have been so mean... ah well. Well, I'm very glad you liked it, its awesomesauce to see you on one of my stories (especially someone who writes as well as you!) and thanks for the review! :D

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Review #20, by meeki_bear Purely Between Friends

29th November 2010:
A sequel plz :)

Author's Response: Haha, guessing you enjoyed it then? ;) Thanks! The sequel is now up, as I'm sure you'll be glad to hear and its called "Butterflies" - check out my author page if you can't find it. Hope you enjoy that too! Thanks! :D

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Review #21, by krazyboutharryginny Purely Between Friends

29th November 2010:
I WANT A SEQUEL! :D I honestly loved this so much!

Author's Response: Aw thanks a bunch! :D The sequel is up now, I'm sure you'll be glad to know - it's called "Butterflies" - hope you check it out! And thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #22, by Sweets-Caandy Purely Between Friends

2nd November 2010:
Oh yes I absolutely want a sequel!
This story is really sweet!
I mean at the beginning I wondered why the story is called "purely between Freinds" but now I understand...
And the whole scene was described so nice that I felt like really standing in the same room with them. (Maybe it's just my good imagination, but I doubt it.;))
And as Andromeda said that they were lovebirs, it was just so nice and funny to see the two of them react on this statement.
But the end is a bit sad, I mean they both feel something more than just freindship and they both are not going to confess it...
So I really hope for a sequel.
Best wishes Hanna (Sweets-Caandy)

Author's Response: Well you'll be pretty pleased to hear that the sequel is almost finished! :D It should be up in about... three weeks tops? It's gonna be called "Butterflies" so keep an eye out for it! (By the way Sweets, it is actually amazing to see you review another one of my stories!) Aw thanks ;) Although I'm pretty sure your imagination is pretty good! Yes indeed, they were pretty embarrassed. Well: you'll have to see how things go in the sequel ;D Thank you so much for such a long and AWESOME review!!! Thanks!

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Review #23, by IwRiTe4mE Purely Between Friends

17th October 2010:
oh my goodness! yes! there needs to be a sequel! out of all of you song fics and one shots i can honestly say i love this one the most! lol it is so good! written very well, and i can honestly believe this happening to someone :D

Author's Response: Haha, you'll be glad to know that there definitely will be a sequel, when I can get round to writing it ^^. *cough* Any ideas for it? *cough* Haha! It's totally awesome that you enjoyed it, I'm very very glad :D Thanks so much for the review Kat!

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Review #24, by Anna Purely Between Friends

29th September 2010:
okay, i'm back. lol.

love love loved it! it's amazing, so cuteee. you HAVE to write a sequel.pretty, pretty please?

Author's Response: Ahaha, I've decided I will write one ;) So keep an eye out for it! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by Anna Purely Between Friends

29th September 2010:
i'm printing it out to read looks really good :D

Author's Response: Really? Thanks, hope you like it!

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