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Review #1, by H4NA Life on Repeat

5th December 2011:
Since I've read through Moony Eyes I thought I'd check out what else you've got and I found this! I've never felt sorry for Filch untill now. You really get his character! I hope you continue to write this soon!
Good Luck,

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm not sure if I'm going back to this one, but if I ever do I hope you'll let me know what you think! :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by Prongs Life on Repeat

24th July 2011:
Hi! Familiar faces seem to crop up every now and then! I hope you don't mind that I looked into your other works but your writing style simply fascinated me in 'Moony Eyes'. How is that coming along? This was simply and utterly fantastic. For the first time since I met him, I feel genuinely sorry for Filch. The way he stood out but blended so horribly in to the backround of the wizarding world! It must have been a difficult descission for him. He could've chosen the muggle world and carried the burden of knowing what he'd left behind or stay in the wizarding world and never truely fit in. Each option as difficult as each other, but much harder to carry out. Thanks to you, I now understand the dreadful lives Squibs must lead, but hopefully things might just pick up on Christmas Eve. I'll eagerly await you returning to this story! :D

Author's Response: Oh I don't mind at all! :D In fact, when I clicked "unanswered reviews" with a hopeful glimmer in my heart, it was a very pleasant surprise when I saw that it was a review for Mirabelle Norris and not for Moony Eyes! I'm very glad you liked this, and I do hope that eventually I'll find time and inspiration to get back to it.
As for Moony Eyes, I am progressing through writing the next chappie. You know how they're written in little sections? I've finished a little section and a half. With work and all it's going slowly, but progress hasn't been prohibited entirely :) Thanks a bunch for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Bluebell Life on Repeat

27th September 2010:
I never thought I'd feel sorry for Filch!

This is beautifully written- I do hope you'll update soon as I'd like ot know when he meets this wonderful sounding women (who i suspect Filch may have named his cat after...?). A very good first chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! ^.^
I'll be putting the second chapter in for validation hopefully sometime this week, so it should be out early next week if all goes well. Stay tuned!
And as to your speculations... I can't say anything except be prepared to be suprised! ;)
Thanks for reading!

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