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Review #1, by ollieb The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

21st February 2011:
Really well written and i loved the all the little dialogues doing on...
but i wish there hadn't been so many gaps between the lines (i had to keep scrolling and my finger got tired)!

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Review #2, by lizmusic45 The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

26th December 2010:
LOL i laughed so hard great job this is so going into my favorittes.

Author's Response: hahahahah thanks!!! i loved writing this story :D

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Review #3, by kittiesnpotter The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

8th December 2010:
i have a new favorite couple
i loved that
it was so cute

Author's Response: hahha thanks! i love them so much, i think thier completely adorable :)

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

27th October 2010:
Great story! I loved the different perspective you gave! I love the way you wrote it, with all of Collin's thoughts.
Personally I thought you could have tried to make it more "canon", so keeping Ginny more into character, but I loved Collin.
The one distracting thing was the massive gap between the lines, maybe it was for an effect, but it was actually really distracting. Even if you did want to leave gaps, maybe just one or two lines would be better than the large gap you have.
I still enjoyed it though! It was a good read :)

Author's Response: thanks!! sorry i was going a little off canon, i tried to keep it as canon as possibly but sometimes you have to have a bit of fun :D

i know the formating is all messed up, i'm going too try to change it back to normal, my computer is just out of wack.

thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Aidenk77 The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

30th September 2010:
This was funny, and quite sweet too. Norman was hilarious :D Though the formatting took a little getting used to.

I still enjoyed it. :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!!! I love Norman too :)

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Review #6, by katebabelovesharrypotter The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

23rd September 2010:
omg! too cute! i've learned not to drink when i read something funny you write because my laptop got showered in gatordae XD

Author's Response: hahaha, oh kate you just made my day :)
thank you so much for reviewing!

I have this new story coming up that is going to be similar to this, I just put it in for validation so look out!!


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Review #7, by Hyenni The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

16th September 2010:
Heck yeah! This was HILARIOUS! I loved it :P

Colin's just so funny xD And I love Hermione and Ginny in this too xD

But my favourite character? Yeah, without a doubt...NORMAN! YEAH! I wish I had a brain like him xD

Thanks for such an awesome little story! ^^ 10/10 favourited xD

Author's Response: Ah Norman, he is my favorite character too :) I have a brain just like Norman, her name is Jane. She is very, VERY, annoying but I love her anyways.

I'm so happy you liked it!!! Thank you so much for reviewing, you made my day :)

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Review #8, by CatherineLoved The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey

16th September 2010:
Col but do you mind writing in proper paragraphs?

Author's Response: The akward paragraphs are to show his train of thought, thanks for reviewing :)

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