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Review #1, by somebody who is sweating One.

19th February 2012:

this story scared the shit out of me ... gawd knows why... its so gripping. its AWESOME.

Author's Response: I consider that mission accomplished! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Tyler One.

29th November 2011:
Excellent, I really love the last line. Very well written, so many little structure tools used in the narration that just make it flow so beautifully.
My absolute ONLY issue was the fact that I felt it was a little quick for Lilly to accept Draco as a safe-person, if you know what I mean. In the real world most kids that meet their real parent (or a new foster parent for that matter) aren't perfectly comfortable at any given instant - it's a process that takes time, even years.
I know you gave us some of that process just by telling about Lilly's growing up and encountering Draco and the train station, and seeing her mum talking to someone, and piecing together all the little details. But I just felt like it needed a little bit more.
Still, it is so lovely in the writing style and the over-all concept, I just enjoyed it thoroughly. Excellent work!

Author's Response: thank you so very much for your kind words and constructive criticism! I had written this as an exchange on the Draco/Ginny community on LJ, so I probably would have included more of that if I had intended for it to be a huge thudding tract, but alas I was coming close to the deadline XD Thanks again!

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Review #3, by lightningshapedscar One.

10th July 2011:
I loved it!
Added to favourites :).

Author's Response: Thanks so very much!

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Review #4, by Kitkat One.

30th April 2011:
I really loved this fic. Lily's transition into her happier family was beautifully portrayed. Her slow realization of the truth made it all the more touching when she found a father who actually loved her. The whole thing was sweet, moving, and very well done!

Author's Response: ahh, thank you so very much!

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Review #5, by annaawakening One.

14th January 2011:
Oh my goodness!
I wasn't sure if I would like the idea of a Draco/Ginny, but was curious and so I stumbled across this magnificent one-shot.
The language is so beautiful.
Still not sure about how I feel on the idea of a Draco/Ginny but you are a fabulous writer :)!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so very much! Even if you don't like Draco/Ginny, I'm glad you liked this; if anything, the fact that you liked it is even more encouraging!

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Review #6, by AlexzanderaMalfoy One.

4th October 2010:
Wow that was amazing!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #7, by Siriusly i love you One.

27th September 2010:
awesome! normally i hate fics where harry and ginny break up but this is one of the few i truly adore. your writing is just beautiful and i hope you continue. in fact it be great if you went on with this story haha :D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much! I have toyed with the idea of continuing this, but I'm afraid I don't have nearly enough time or ideas to do so until I have gotten a few of my already-present ideas out of the way! :-)

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Review #8, by Erudessa94 One.

20th September 2010:
Aw that was so cute! I loved the whole I look exactly like my mom. I kinda look like my mom. I look like my father. I thought it was very creative. 8/10:]

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :-)

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Review #9, by LilyFire One.

17th September 2010:
This is good. No, actually its great. I like the way you have her gradually grow into looking for Draco, and I think you made everyone perfectly. Interesting concept…I like it(:
P.S. Just saw your responce, don't forget anytime you need some help, just ask me over at the fourms(:

Author's Response: Thanks so much lovely! You're such a lovely lovely person! You're so great you make me overuse the word Lovely. :-P

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Review #10, by spencefa One.

10th September 2010:
That was a truly excellant story. It was so differant than any of the other stories I have read. With Harry so angry at Ginny was a differant side of him I have never seen, but it was so well written it was very believable. Overall great story, you should definately write more. I have so many great thoughts about your story, but I am not very good at writing them down. Just keep writing. Oh, FABULOUS ending.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I got a really rude review yesterday, so this has really lifted my spirits!

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Review #11, by Moonnyy One.

10th September 2010:
eehh ur writing is really good. i love it. i hated your plot. these stories are supposed to be how us fans wanted it to happen, but you broke rules. You lied and said Harry didnt love her which was disproven in book 7. shame.

Author's Response: ...that's why it's in the genre of "alternate universe". I'm not lying, I'm saying that Harry and Ginny loved each other as teenagers, and, as most young loves go, their love eventually faded.

And sure, Harry would pretend to be affectionate toward Lily in public, but only because he didn't want the world to suspect what happened between his wife and his childhood enemy. Or if the public did know about the affair they probably thought that the couple had Lily to repair the marriage, rather than it being the reason their marriage was torn apart.

I have done nothing wrong. I have not lied. And hey, maybe this is how /I/ wanted it to happen, eh? Have you ever taken a second to consider that? Fan fiction is about what the /writer/ wished could have happened. And I, in this particular situation, am the writer. If you want to write something where Harry loves Ginny and Lily, then feel free. You don't have to read my stories and I certainly do not have to read yours.

I feel no shame for what I have written, but you should feel ashamed for being so blatantly rude to me.

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Review #12, by pompy One.

10th September 2010:
great!!! great! great!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much pompy. :)

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