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Review #1, by jynx (not logged in) Loony Dust

8th November 2010:
so dumbledore tansports lily back to her seventh year (to fall in love with james?) but she doesnt really remember, just feelings? am i right? I HATE being out of the loop (mystery storys just KILL me!)

Author's Response: haha! {Anyone reading this that is worried about any spoiler of any kind, STOP READING THIS} SO, pretty much, When Lily was in her seventh year at Hogwarts, death eaters came and destroyed a BUNCH of students and teachers... Killing James, so Lily married Severus. Since James died, he and Lily never married and never gave birth to Harry, so the prophecy could not be completed, so there was no chosen one, so Voldemort has no stopper. SO, Dumbledore, in his mystical ways of somehow writing whilst dead, writes to Lily and sends her back in time to (basically) fall in love with James, but ALSO to stop the Death Eater attack therefore letting the normal cycle of how Harry Potter is supposed to go continue. The only problem? Lily has no idea that she was sent back in time (except for the odd feelings, yes), therefore not knowing her mission. So, how will she save the people she loves if she doesn't realize she is supposed to? I know that this story is probably REALLY confusing, so I apologize!
Thanks for the review though!
Thanks, and Happy Writing:
Xxx Hayleekins

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Review #2, by marshmallow flufff Loony Dust

5th November 2010:
just kidding you're AMAZING! write more stories lovelie!
can i rate this a million out of ten?

Author's Response: You better be kidding xD
I'll be sure to update soonsoonsoon!
Sure, if yah really wanna :)
C yah Chelly
AND thanks for the review!!!
hugs and butterfly kisses!!!

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Review #3, by Annette Loony Dust

30th October 2010:
Please, write some more... This idea is unike and I would like to read the next chapter!
Best wishes! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks much!!! I'll try to upload AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, but I warn you, I'm a little slow :( Plus, I have a few other stories waiting to be updated, but I swear to you, an unbreakable vow even, that I will TRY and upload this ASAP!! Thanks so much for the review, I *Really* appreciate it more than you know!!

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Review #4, by RUMBLERORE Dreamland, or Nightmare-ville?

27th September 2010:
yayayayayayayayyayayayay! im sorry it took me rather long to review! i actually thought i already had, and then i just realized now that i hadn't. :PP so anyways, this was a very intense chapter, you were right! hehehe. duhh. um, im really excited for the next chapter now! :) good job on this one though! :D

Author's Response: thats alright!! thanks!! I liked this chapter, like I told yah last time ;) I'm meeegga sorry it's taking me forever to update, it's just I have a few other stories up, and I've been busy trying to get banners for my other stories, so my writing time has been stretched.. PLUS school is on, and, it being my first year of highschool, the homework load is large :( SO, I'm hoping to update this as soon as possible!! Also, I've had some other story ideas pop into my head and they won't get out! But, I don't want to start anything super new yet, so I'm trying not to itch the scratch, and finish these first!
Okay, I'm done now :) Thanks for the review!!

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Review #5, by Sev Dreamland, or Nightmare-ville?

25th September 2010:
WOW! Awsome! Dumbledore from the past/future, eh? LOVE IT! Now, where's that twinkle eyed proffessor, i wanna hear his humorusly confusing conversations.
I cant think of any other way to say this;

Author's Response: ha ha, oh I'm sure we will be seeing lots of Professor Dumbledore, but you will just have to wait and see! mwahahaa
and thanks :)

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Review #6, by RUMBLERORE The Letter

21st September 2010:
yay! i really liked this story too! :D it seems really really good! I am seriously excited to read what happens next! :) and she's going to do it! yesss! ahahaha. that was a pretty intense flashback if you ask me. :) but yeah, anyways, i cannot wait to read the next chappie! great job. :D

Author's Response: Thanks!! The second chapter is in validation right noow, so I'm hoping it will be out soon!! If you think that was intense, wait until you read the dream in the next chapter! mwahaha!!!
Thanks again!!

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Review #7, by Sev The Letter

18th September 2010:
AWSOME! but there isnt another chapter yet! AD, please?

Author's Response: THANK YOU! :) Its in validation as we write!! I'm VERY glad that you liked it, and I hope my next chapter will 'wow' you even more! The next chapter is one of the favorite ones I've written. Speaking of which, if you'd like to read more from me, I have other stories too! Thanks again for the review Sev!

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Review #8, by katebabelovesharrypotter The Letter

14th September 2010:
ok. wow! i don't know what to say. i really liked it

Author's Response: That was all you needed to say! And, lucky you, you're the first to comment! Hooray for you! :) I'm glad you liked it, and I promise to add a little more length onto some upcomming chapters!

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