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Review #1, by Ms Ginevra Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

8th June 2013:
Ha lol susan bones lost her bones! Im sorry i just had to do that, it was so funny.

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Review #2, by DAKSH Epilogue: The Search Begins

25th February 2013:
awesome. i loved it.litrally gr8

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Review #3, by Dramione-HATER Chapter 14: Bitter Sweet

26th August 2012:
So... yep... at last your plans become clear! Making this a Dramione fic! Haha!

I just marathon-read "Harry Potter and the Legacy of Slytherin" then moved onto this one... and now you have lost me.

I can already tell where this is going. All the hints are there. Hermione and Draco paired up on a mission, Ron being in another country flirting with some French woman..

Maybe it will just be a quick fling and then Ron and Hermione make up, but regardless, I DESPISE Dramione fic... Sorry, you've lost me, and your potential for an amazing series just crumbled in my mind.

Author's Response: Well, I can't win 'em all. But nonetheless, thank you for giving the Legacy a try (a marathon-read to boot). I appreciate it.

To tell you the truth, I am big Ron-Hermione fan but sometimes what I prefer isn't really good for the over all plot of my story and how I believe it should run. Hermione-Draco pairing will last until my third book. So May I suggest you trying book 4?

thanks again

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Review #4, by ronald weasley Epilogue: The Search Begins

4th January 2012:
how the hell did u cum up with this.you are a mad genius.i am kinda dissappointed though.come on draco and hermione.i love ron and i dont think that was good.then again maybe those i my emotions talking.otherwise im so impressed with these two stories.i love the suspense,the romance and horror.so graphic.ur writing may even rival j.k rowling herself without the harry-ginny sex scenes.perfect story even with the whole ron thing.good job cant wait to read the next one.

Author's Response: Thanks for the glowing review. I am big fan of action/suspense novels so I try to put much of it in my own stories.

And you are not the first to not like the draco-hermione thing. I am not much of a fan of the pairing myself but I just wanted to push myself beyond my comfort zone and try writing something different. And I am glad you like the outcome.

The sex scenes was included more to add a little bit romance and oh moments. It was also my way of trying to make them older than their age on the original seven books.a sort of crossroad for them as they leave their innocense behind and move their relationship to the next level.

Thank you for giving my story a chance, sorry for any grammar errors along the way. As soon as I have time I will be going back through the whole series and correct some grammar issues.

Thanks for the review and I hope you continue reading the next two book:Hufflepuff Covenant and Wrath of Gryffindor.

: )

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Review #5, by JEN Chapter 1: Dark Tidings

13th September 2011:
I think you need to learn better grammar, and if you're going to write fan fic, get the character's names right. Sorry, you called Madam Pomfrey "Pomprey", you call Frienze, "Frienzey", you keep adding "s" to words that don't need it, very annoying, for example As eternal and everlasting as the burning sun, so is the love that these two shares., it should have been "share". You've pluralized words over and over. You also use a lot of over descriptiveness.

Author's Response: OUCH. thanks a lot though. It will help me improve my craft :)

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Review #6, by thetrueauror Epilogue: The Search Begins

12th July 2011:
I love you're writing. I like reading when harry was back with the founders, especially Rowena I hope you can make a short story about that maybe. anyways I love everything you write and look forward to the next book!

Author's Response: Thanks. I am glad you liked this story as well. The third part is already up though not yet completed. I hope you like it too.

I am currently writing the fourth part, the final installment in my fanfic series that started with Legacy of Slytherin. After I finished it, i may give the founder story a try.

Thanks for a great idea. And thanks again for reading and reviewing.

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Review #7, by Mrs Sirius Black Epilogue: The Search Begins

11th March 2011:
Great ending! We are left on a cliff-hanger till the next instalment is out.

I'm looking forward to your next tale.. should just as good and maybe even better then the 1st two. Any plans on when the first chapter will be up?

MSB xx

Author's Response: Thank you. Hopefully I live up to your expectation. I already posted the first chapter of the next book. It will not be like my first two where I start of a fast, action-packed pace. For this installment, I'll be slowing things up a bit until they build up into one big cresendo :)

Hope you'll like it too.

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Review #8, by isaaneiva Epilogue: The Search Begins

11th March 2011:
good epilogue, too short though..I always want more!!
I see no reason why would it be either Helga or Godric the hooded person..curious already!
I wanted a H/G conversation, momment, the so expected proper honneymoon that he owes her, explanations and stuff..hope it will come in the future..
seems like you will write a 4th story too??
HP and the slytherin legacy
HP and the Ravenclaw progeny
HP and the Hufflepuff Covenant now
so the 4th would be
HP and the Gryffindor/Godric's ..something??
is the one missing!

about the vd I watched the series..I am still thinking about reading the books but for what I know they are very different from the series and a lot of people say that the serie is better..I dont wanna get disappointed I love the series and I hate when things are different from the books

yep..there are so many books to read series to watch..could make it my job and I still wouldnt have time for other things

Author's Response: That hooded figure will just have to remain a mystery for now. And you are right there will be a fourth book (that is as long as I find time hahaha)

And don't worry Harry and Ginny will have their moment...their honeymoon...it is not just in the near future. But they will have it. That's a promise.

As for the series, I got to admit, the tv series is much better than the book. I am big fan of books and I usually prefer the written one than the tv series but for Vampire diaries, I have to admit the tv series did better than its book counterpart. So much is going on that I didn't see in the book.

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Review #9, by HowlinMadHowie Epilogue: The Search Begins

11th March 2011:
No...no...no...no, please tell me that was not Godric that was speaking to Lavendar. He's the only person logically to have an empty sword scabbard.
Though it wasn't a bad ending, but alas, the next book would have to be a sure twist.

Author's Response: :) :) :) I'll just have to keep the man's identity a secret for now. and indeed the next book will be a such a twist :)

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Review #10, by Aurorofthelight Epilogue: The Search Begins

11th March 2011:
Bravo Bravo(loud cheering of crowd in the background)! Nice epilogue but I feel like I've been hit by a stunner with that cliffhanger at the end(I can just hear your evil laughter--muhahaha)! Glad to see Harry dispose of the blood red sword but something tells me we haven't seen the last of it! Glad to see Hermoine & Dorko have guilty conciouses...bet Harry and Ginny flip a cork when they find out why! Will be interested to find out what has happened to Ron(and hope he & Mione end up together where they belong) and why Lavender is with whoever the dark figure is! (Is this the real Lavender or future evil Lavender?)! Either way, it looks like in the sequel to the sequel that Harry, Ginny and company are in for more trouble than two heifers in a pasture full of bulls!! :):):) Love the title for the next story! Don't leave us hyperventilating for it too long!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you. I am glad you liked my cliffhanger and i was indeed laughing while I posted it :) :)

Ron's fate will soon be revealed.

And I can confirm that it is indeed Lavender Brown, the present one whom everybody believed died during the first skirmish with Damocles.

I won't let you wait for long. I already posted chapter 1 of the Hufflepuff Covenant :)

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Review #11, by isaaneiva Chapter 26: Last Stand

10th March 2011:
so u mean that mione/draco was just an incident?
cant wait for the next story
I knew harry didnt knew..rowena didnt explain he just think that they have a connection
thanks for giving it a shot ;) wish u good luck, you are awesome with fanfics that already have the main story and characters so creating may be different but most of the books have great stories and plot but the writers are not so good in developing, just creating and god damn it u are good developing a drug ( vicious stories)
I told u that this was goin to be bad for me remember? I was wrong..I was doing perfectly fine..this week is brazilian's carnaval it famous dont know if u heard about it, its a week of partying, my favorite holiday but this year I did nothing the for the first 2 days I was f-ing bored so what happened? I AM SO DAMN ADDICTED to vampire diaries..so instead of studying guess what I did the whole week? hahaha I am screwed!
consider now that if I fail its not ur fault anymore hahaah
(it never was, just joking)

Author's Response: :) The hermione/draco 'incident' will be tackled more in my next story and we'll see whether it was just a one time kiss of the moment or it may developed into a full blown romance.

And yes, i have heard about the carnival. I'd seen so many pictures. it look great and fun.

Did you watch the series or read the book for vampire diaries? both are great by the way though i haven't read the final book yet as i tend to get side track by other other series. There are so many series to read, right?

It is ok to indulge now and then, just don't forget your studies : ) : )

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Review #12, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter 26: Last Stand

5th March 2011:

I just want to know if Harry will be explaining to Ginny that he is the father of Helena?

So how many chapters left till this is finished?

Author's Response: One more chapter to go and I believe Harry still has no clue about Helena's parentage :)

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Review #13, by isabelle Chapter 26: Last Stand

5th March 2011:
20/20??? oh no..don't be means
this is 100/100... why ur not in the rank of top hpff writers may I ask?
this was just...I do not know proper words to discribe, giving it a try, AMAZING, AWESOME, TERRIFIC!!
dont even know where to start, this was magnific chapter..
the battles scenes
DRACO AND HERMIONE OWNNN *.* I had to stop and read that a few times and imagine it...well done! couldnt imagine that good...ron is for sure never having hermione again!
I didnt like much ginny being forced to just watch..this is not her and I just love when all her power, magnificence ( she is THE best!) and fury and angry just frighten everyone..she is the bomb! and I love seeing her explode...
but I guess this was the best thing to do since if she could fight she would probably get injured after all and mess up with harry's plan...but was cute how the love and the siblings strength was still real in the dark weasley family
loved how everyone was paring too...susan seems that got a boyfriend?

I CANT BELIEVE THAT NO ONE WILL KNOW THAT HELENA IS HARRY'S DAUGHTER...I dunna what are my feeling for that, mix of anger, sadness, disappointment, surprise or shock..I am not sure...it may be the best, its true that would be hard to explain but just the close ones could know..would like to see how harry would explain it to ginny..and how she would take it
in the other side i would feel bad for helena that she was born only for and marked to kill her father that dint even know that made a babe and that her mum did such a thing, even with the best intention..
cant wait to see lotss, loads, heaps of harry and ginny momments, till like we nearly get tired of it (here is the hint ;)

two real good questions made for the guy bellow.. how more chapters left in here until next one begins? who drew the phoenix patronous?

one of the best chapter by far..please after the many stories you shall write for us in these fanfics..write a book, you would be a billionare..I would offer to be responsible myself for translating and selling them in Brazil...


Author's Response: Thank you thank you for such glowing review and I am glad somebody liked or appreciated Hermione/Draco incident

As for Helena, I believe even Harry is still unaware of her true parentage. Don't worry though. The time will come when it will be tackled with in the future

One more chapter for this story and as for the phoenix patronus? ; ) i'll keep that a secret for now as it will be an integral part of my succeeding stories.

And thank you for thinking that I'd be good writing books. Fanfic is just my hobby though I will really give your suggestion much consideration :)

Thank you and sorry for the late reply. It has been a hectic past few days :)

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Review #14, by HowlinMadHowie Chapter 26: Last Stand

4th March 2011:
Ah now that was an ending. Just curious was Lucious the raspy limping man? And I presume the reason the next chapter refers to search it's the Search for Ron. Might I ask after that how more chapters left in here until next one begins? While this was a great chapter I just have one last question, who drew the phoenix patronous?

Author's Response: Yes, it was Lucius saved from the fire in Grimmauld place (from my first fanfic) Epilogue is coming soon before the next story begins. as for the phoenix patrinus...hmmm...you have to wait for a while :)

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Review #15, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 26: Last Stand

4th March 2011:
20/20! I sit here stunned after I read this chapter! It is absolutely magnificent! Brilliant battle scenes as usual, Maestro, espcially between Harry, Damocles & Helena! Loved the Baron's heroics too! So Damocles was Damon all along who possessed Rowena! Guess 'ol Dorkocles learned the hard way never to be too overconfident or allow yourself to be distracted by your enemy in a fight! I wouldn't blame Harry if he keeps quiet about his parentage of Helena --- might be alittle tricky explaining how you could be the father of a centuries old young woman - espcially to Ginny! Speaking of Ginny, it's a good thing Lord Charles is as overprotective of real Ginny as real Charley is - probably earned himself a "get out of bat-bogey hex free" card! Never would have taken him to be the smartest of the brothers, tho! Have to say I was disqusted with the kiss between Hermoine and the ferret! Give the girl some credit -- she's the brightest witch of her age ---I seriously doubt she would have any romantic feelings at all for the slimeball that stood by & did nothing but watch while his aunt tortured her with the crucio! I guess sometimes plotline need trumps common sense! I just hope Ron returns in time to fix this so Hermoine ends up with the right guy - (think RON!) I toast you with a glass of champagne for such a wonderful chapter! :):):)

Author's Response: Thank you. I do believe the Baron is one of the most unutilized character in the world of Harry Potter and I hope I managed to give him his fifteen minutes of fame.

And sometimes, brain doesn't equate to good choices of the heart :)

As for Harry, I believe, he is still as clueless as child when it comes to Helena parentage...though not for long...

Believe me, Ron will return soon and with some few surprises!

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Review #16, by Rage against the Machine Chapter 26: Last Stand

4th March 2011:
Well theres no way Ron ever touches Hermione again after that.

Author's Response: aigh. A lot of people will probably not like this paring but it was an integral part of this story and will be pivotal in my next story. How she and Ron will meet again and how they will handle this 'complication' will be dealt with...i hope. :)

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Review #17, by isabelle Chapter 25: Flame of the Phoenix

2nd March 2011:
I'm doing quite well...but still so addicted to series and stuff..not good

Author's Response: : ) :) it is all right as long as the series and stuffs don't intervere too much with your study

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Review #18, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter 25: Flame of the Phoenix

1st March 2011:
Ahh a Cliffhanger.. fantastic chapter :) The next chapter is called last stand.. so does this mean that were coming to the end of this tale?

As to what happened to Ron, when do we find out?

Looking forward to the next chapter,

MSB xx

Author's Response: Indeed, the end of this tale is coming closer and closer. And a lot of sub plots are still hanging but don't worry. What happen to Ron will be touched a little bit in the epilogue and will be dealt with in details in my next story :)

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Review #19, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 25: Flame of the Phoenix

1st March 2011:
Bravo for another terrific chapter! You are truly the Beethoven of the battle scene - love them!! I really have to feel sorry for those werewolves drawing the assignment to take on Ginny, Hermoine and the gals! Those hairballs would have stood a better chance trying to feed breath mints to dragons! I hope Dorkocles keeps being so smug and overconfident! She has a big surprise coming when Helena shows up! (Note from last review: yes, I did remember the scene where Harry woke up in the buff -- I figured it had to be significant or you wouldn't have written it in)! At least Harry can truthly claim to Ginny he was unconcious while randy Rowena "DESCRIPTION OMITTED" so he won't be on the receiving end of a bat bogey hex from hell)! Nice little cliffy there at the end, too(cue in evil cackling soundtrack)! Can't wait to see what the red sparks are about -- I think we can safely rule out fireworks from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! Don't keep us sweating for long!!! Keep those chapters coming! :) :) AOTL

Author's Response: :) :)

I do enjoy a great battle scenes.Probably one of the reasons why I kept adding fight scenes in my story. As for those werewolves, I do pity them for getting such an impossible task :)

And I truly hope that Ginny will understand what happened with Rowena and don't just bat bogey hexed Harry before he could explain :)

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Review #20, by isabelle Chapter 25: Flame of the Phoenix

1st March 2011:
many things happened..I love your fight scenes
again harry and ginny connection, ron..
how will this end up?
waiting for helena...

but the cutest thing..I never thought that I would say it but mione and draco are quite cute together..I hate other stories about them but this one I mean is not all about them and it is something that its just happening due to the circumstances..and draco is so different from ron..I think they match he changed so much he is a good person, actually he always was he was just in the wrong side...

Author's Response: Thank you for giving Hermione and Draco a chance. Initially, i didn't to go that path too as I am big fan of Hermione/Ron pairing but I finally decided that for the characters to grow and for them to survive the circumstances, Hermione and Draco must find ways to bridge the gap between them and give it a try.

Things are coming to a head. stay tune :)

And I hope you're doing well with your classes

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Review #21, by isabelle Chapter 24: French Revolution

23rd February 2011:
as always a great chapter, you are a amazing writer..I know J.K.H is a great writer too but I doubt if she could write 2 more books as great as yours..she would have done if she could, everyone would love to buy read, and the movie?? would sell so easily..and would be good especially because the characters are grown ups know as they are for real...
dieing to know what happened to ron...to see ginny's reaction when she finds out that harry is helena's father..to rowena finally take over the control of her body as she is trying to do..and the best thing I am waiting for
Damocle's reaction when helena shows up, he doesnt know about her existence...
cant wait for the next chapter
I know it must be annoying to hear, it is to say, but put the new chapters up faster!!! waiting kills me! ah!! just a question if its ok for you to answer but where are you from?

Author's Response: Thank you. I am humbled by your review. And JK Rowling is still the best and I agree. She could probably have written a much better stories post deathly hallow if she so choose and it would be really cool.

Ron's fate will soon be revealed...a fate that would cause tension and problems for all concerned ;)

And don't worry. I have already uploaded the next chapter for validation. Hopefully it will be approved soon.

I'm from the Philippines. :)

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Review #22, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 24: French Revolution

23rd February 2011:
As usual, another stupendous chapter! You always have great battle scenes! That escape from the stronghold was so slick it would've made Houndini jealous! I also like the strategy to take out the deathknibblers & the other underlings first -- I think Dorkocles may be alittle annoyed for once! I noticed other reviewers expressed surprise that Harry could be Helena's father! I think it makes perfect sense--if Rowena forsaw this mess with Dorkocles then she would most certainly forsee that Harry would be the most powerful wizard of his time and therefore would obviously be her " chosen one" for sperm donor to create the progeny that would destroy Dorkocles (Sorry, I couldn't resist the reference)! ;) Since he isn't aware of his link to Helena, I assume that Rowena used some type of magical invitro to accomplish the deed! It's probably just as well for Rowena that she is already dead because when a certain redhead finds out she'd probably have killed her(I wonder if it's possible to bat-bogey a ghost into oblivion?)! I also like the subtle little cliffhanger you've been allowing to run thru these chapters --- what happened to Ron and the vamp! At least Mione now knows he isn't in the veil - so alittle less stress for her but he'll still get an earful from her when he finally turns up! You really have a superb writing talent & I am glad I get to partake of it thru your stories. :):):) Keep it coming! Bless you until the next installment, AOTL

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lengthy review and I am glad you have stuck with my story from the very beginning.

If you'd go back to previous chapters when Harry was remembering his time with the founders, you'll notice that there was a moment when Harry woke up naked after a training session with Rowena. Guess what she did? ;) And she better hope's Ginny doesn't find out or ghost or no ghost, Ginny will find away to get to her.

As for Ron...hmmm...who said the girl with her was vamp? ;) The time is nearing when this particular cliffhanger is brought to an end and Ron's fate will be revealed.

Thank you again and I hope to hear from you again on succeeding chapters.

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Review #23, by HowlinMadHowie Chapter 24: French Revolution

23rd February 2011:
Ah, he really does know how to make an entrance. While the next chapter isn't eve up yt but I commend your choice for title. Phoenix fire is not ordinary fire to put out. And if you get burned by it, you won't heal easily. Though I do hope Harry has a way to bring in Helena easily from Hogwarts. But I sense when he does do that, he'll throw Damocles off balance.

Author's Response: :) It is my hope that the Flame of the Phoenix could truly keep burning despite's Damocles attempt to extinguish it. As for Helena...the decision is hers to come to France or not

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Review #24, by Manwe Valarian Chapter 24: French Revolution

23rd February 2011:
Werewolves, Vampires, and Dementors! Oh my!!
After this is over you are going to need to send Harry away on a long vacation.
I am curious. Is the raspy person the resurrected Ron?

Author's Response: : ) Harry definitely needs a break. As for the raspy person...hmmm...nice guess but nope. He is not Ron. The raspy death eater appeared as early as the prologue, remember?

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Review #25, by isabelle Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

19th February 2011:
omg, helena is harry's dautgher...but how come rowena was pregnant when she came back?

Author's Response: Was she? :) :) she was pregnant in the past, not in the present ; )

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