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Review #1, by elegantphoenix Completely Unlikely

23rd September 2010:
Well, first I'd like to say that I thought you did a brilliant job with the quote from GoF. The story just flowed so nicely that I honestly believed it had been all yours. I was even going to comment on how much I liked it! Aha. Well, quote or no quote I still liked this. A lot. The way you write seems so... natural, if that's even the right word.

I liked the seemingly-almost platonic relationship between Scorpius and Roxanne, the way they seemed to have the same (or nearly the same) personalities ("I didn't think either one of them dated people"), though didn't really have feelings for eachother? I think you portrayed the 'friends-with-benefits' relationship between them flawlessly, with just a hint of there being more to it than that in the end with the closing line "Call it a date". Of course, the line could've been a casual thing, but who knows really?

...Well, except for you, that is. :P

Loved the one-shot, really. 10/10



Author's Response: Hey Nadhira, thanks for the review! Sorry it took so long to respond.

This was such a fun style to try; I never write fluff, but I just got into it and decided I liked it!

Haha, I don't pretend I know everything about my characters, so you could say I don't know if it was casual either. :P I have my theories, but, well, I believe Scorpius and Roxanne are probably the only ones who'll ever know for sure.

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by jesska Completely Unlikely

9th September 2010:
This story was lovely! Short and sweet - I liked it a lot :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #3, by LindaSnape Completely Unlikely

8th September 2010:
Ha ha, oh my goodness! I adored this. This was probably one of the most hilarious 'couple' rumor conversations I've ever read.

If I had any complaints, it would be the brevity of the piece. Considering the nature of it, though, I can totally understand the reason why it was brief.

I just would have loved to see more Roxanne/Scorpius. Their interactions seemed far too short for my liking.

I loved the voices of the gossiping girls or boys or both. That amused me immensely.

I think this line was my favorite: "Didn't we establish that they can't be a couple?" I don't know, it sounds like something I would say.

I also liked that Roxanne didn't have any information to supply the girls with, and how disappointed they were. It seems quite realistic, though, I'm pretty certain that Roxy simply didn't want any more rumors spread about them.

Either that or she didn't like the girls. :P

This seems more written for the purpose of humor, but I would also say that the characterization was a bit sparse, and I would have died for some more description.

All in all, though, it was a great piece. Quite amusing!


Author's Response: This is a more brilliant review than I dared hope for on this piece! I've never attempted fluff in my life, but it was quite fun, actually, getting out of my comfort zone :P

I thought it suited the piece more to be short and simple; I actually avoided description, which was slightly weird because I usually sit there and wonder how I can add some to the piece, so I understand where you're coming from. I'm considering playing around with this a bit more. Or maybe writing some sort of loose companion.

Thanks for the awesome review, Linders! Glad you liked it!


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