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Review #1, by sophie_elle_malfoy The Kiss That Changed Everything

3rd December 2011:
Aw, poor Draco.
This story is so sad yet so deeply touching.
I was crying like a water from a tap.

I know exactly how Draco felt. Once, I was in his position - well, sort of. I was in a tough situation and this boy, who was the kind of kid that I always told to avoid, came, comforting me like we've been friends since forever. But I was in a relationship and he also was. So, when he was away for months to take care things in his family (his parents were about to divorce), I moved from that school, following where my boyfriend went.

It's a great story and I really love it :')

Author's Response: this story is very sad, i almost cried too when i was writing it. i'm glad you can relate to this in a way and i hope you get your happy ending unlike draco and hermione here. thanks for the review and for takign the time to read it :)

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Review #2, by Jakumo1 The Kiss That Changed Everything

2nd December 2011:
They don't stay together?! NOOO!!! X@

Author's Response: no they dont. even though they may have worked well together, they realise that its just not practical and part ways ... :(

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Review #3, by deathlyhallowsmaster24 The Kiss That Changed Everything

19th October 2011:
good this a one shot?

Author's Response: yes it is. thanks for reading this

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Review #4, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The Kiss That Changed Everything

10th September 2011:
It was lovely but I can't seem to figure if it was a happy ending or a sad? Did Draco love Hermione? Or did he leave her to go back to Pansy?

Anyway please do inform me but overall it was a lovely story which really made me smile. An amazing plot by the way:)

Author's Response: well he certainly liked her a lot, so much so that he felt she betrayed him. then he left her for pansy because he thought that was the best thing to do. so really it was a sad ending unfortunately :(

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Review #5, by Herm_own_ninny The Kiss That Changed Everything

12th July 2011:
I don't know how I feel about this.

Author's Response: okay, i'll take it as you like it. although i understand that it's a funny one. i try to make my stories different and thought-provoking.
thank you anyway for reading

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Review #6, by Roots in Water The Kiss That Changed Everything

11th June 2011:
I thought that this was a well-written story. I certainly haven't read this before and the anonymous revealing of feelings in the bathroom worked well I thought. One thing I thought could be improved is if there is more anonymous revealings because I felt that the story moved along very quickly (though I understand it is in the middle of a war). I think that Hermione was very IC, trying to help a student no matter who it was, pulled to someone in need. As well, I don't think that fortune cookies would be known in the Wizarding World, rather a strictly muggle thing, so I don't Draco would reference it. I think it would be realistic that Draco wouldn't stay with Hermione and that he would feel betrayed by her helping him because of his pride.
A great story!

Author's Response: oh thanks. glad you liked it.

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Review #7, by DobbysSock The Kiss That Changed Everything

28th April 2011:
Ah!! I love this story and I LOVE the new banner :)

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Review #8, by Andie2636 The Kiss That Changed Everything

27th April 2011:
Aw... I love it! It's so short, yet so tragic and so full of love- you did a good job in fitting all these jumbled emotions in one story. Best Wishes! More Power...

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Review #9, by KatDaniels The Kiss That Changed Everything

27th April 2011:
Have you written anything like this before? Cos I know I've read this before... Maybe I'm psychic?? :D
Anyway, I must say that I do love this. I love how you say that all is not black nor white. It is just so true.
This is by far on my top3 list of One-Shots :)
Really well written! Gosh, well, I do love all of your work, so! :p
I literally squealed out loud when I saw you'd updated with a story. My mum gave me a seriously strange look. She was like, "Kat, have you gone mad?"
Yeah... Anyhow! I was really happy to get to read something from you since I just started school today and was in a really crappy mood... So thank you!! xx

Author's Response: yes just totally updated and lengthened for your reading pleasure :D

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