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Review #1, by patronus_charm Duet

12th July 2014:

Okay, I am so sorry I am so tired because I can’t formulate words properly right now and nor can I explain why this one-shot was so magical and enchanting and amazing as much as I could do when I was wide awake but I will try nonetheless.

I really loved the theme of mist and cloud and just the general idea of concealing and the other world sort of lurking away there all the time. It had such a powerful effect because it worked so well for two reasons. The first being it highlighted the obscurity of Ariana’s death and how no one really did have a clue what happened and why what happened happened and I really liked the inclusion of that. Then sort of linked into Aberforth and how he just wanted to conceal it from his mind in a way.

I really loved how Ariana appeared in a vision to him as that scene was so powerful and moving and really did make me wordless. The way you started referring to her as the woman later on was another amazing thing because it showed even though she was dead, she had gotten over her death whereas Aberforth still couldn’t do that and that ridiculous was written so well and I really loved it.

This was amazing and just perfect and I’m sorry for a terrible review for an excellent story, Marina!

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #2, by SilentConfession Duet

8th September 2012:
Hi! I'm here from the puff review tag and i'm so glad i've chosen this piece!

It's so hautingly beautiful. Every sentence is packed full of meaning and imagery that sent shivers down my spine. This is an incredibly sad piece that makes me feel so sad for Ariana and Aberforth! I love that you've tackled this subject and executed it so well. I think it hit me half way that she was being kept in her limbo state because of Aberforth.

Your descriptions are lovely, i could feel and see everything that you were writing. I love the ambiguousness of the friend of Abertforth and it makes me wonder about her, did she ever give up on him? Is that why we never saw her with him in the books? It just made me feel worse though thinking that he'd been deserted once again.

The last sentence was great, really well done with that. I do wonder though, how are those memories being held on to once that person dies? Or is it because the person never let go in their life that make the ghost stay well past the death of the ones that are holding on?

Anyway, either way, this was a great read and i'm glad i picked it! You have a lovely way with words!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for this awesome review :D I really tried to make this as vivid as possible, so I'm glad you could see everything :)

I think the woman is of less importance in this piece. She could be anyone, really - a relative, a friend, a stranger; all the same, none of them can really truly console him.

I had to read that last question a few times to get my head around it haha. A very good question and a tricky one too. I think rather than the ghost disappearing with the person when they died, they'd more likely be stuck there. In this, Ariana isn't a ghost in the canon sense of the word. No one else can see her. She's all that's left behind of his memory of her and that is what keeps her bound to the last world. If he dies, she'll never be anything but his last remaining memory, and that was one that never let her go. So she'd be stuck.

WHO KNOWS THOUGH, EH? I'm just talking waffle. I'm glad you enjoyed :D

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Review #3, by Secret Santa Duet

31st December 2011:
Hello :)

This was just so…it was amazing. So disconcerting. Ariana definitely seems really disconnected from reality, so far away from everything. She enjoys the white world because it sets her free, it gives her a break from what was. It’s so…beautiful!

And this being the start of the white world? It’s breath taking. I fell in love with white world while reading Sitting in the Orange Tree, and this just furthers that, even though much of its focus is not the white world.

It’s rather about Aberforth and Ariana’s relationship…what was lost when she died, what was regretted and wished back. It was just…It seems so telling of Aberforth. It really gave a different perspective to a character I have not read much of and I adore this for that. And the characterization for this too, with the guilt, the longing…it’s great.

So I’ll leave this with my favorite line of the story:

“The ghosts are not the ones doing the haunting. It is the memories of those that are left behind that prevent them from leaving.”

How very true this is. How tragically true this is. I love it!

~Secret Santa

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Review #4, by justonemorefic Duet

12th September 2011:
I love love love the imagery you have. It feels very ghostly -- Ariana is not like how she is in her human form entirely, but kind of like a shadow, a moment of her. She is what she's there for, what she's been waiting for.

And Aberforth, oh Aberforth ;_; When Ariana is with him in those scenes, those are the best, I think. When she first enters, the piano playing, and the final words.


Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #5, by HarrietHopkirk Duet

12th September 2011:
Oh hello Marina! Just stopping by for the Ravenclaw review exchange! :D

AAAHHH OMG I LOVE YOUR WRITING! It's so flawless. You've got great imagery and description and your ideas are really beautifully presented. Nothing is wasted, everything is beautiful and lovely and gaaah... I love it! ♥

I almost never see Aberforth fics - you only really noticed him until the last book, and his life was so sad with all his family dying and him possibly killing his sister and being overshadowed by his bro - but here he is portrayed so well, so broken, that it's realistic. I love your descritions of Ariana's ghostly world - with the mist and the silence and the colours. The description of Ariana at the beginning was really haunting, really ghostly. There is nothing to be seen for miles and miles; emptiness has replaced everything she has ever known. She is alone, but she is used to the solitude, years of shelter from the world have left her numb to isolation. Silence is her friend. Hnggg...

Just wondering, are we supposed to know who the friend is? For a second, I thought Minerva, but I don't know... Perhaps Kendra?

It's a beautiful moment, I think, when Aberforth starts to play. The dialogue and action make it all really moving. The whole metaphor of the piano and her emotions is really, really beautiful and it works so well. The fact she is only on 'earth' to witness the moment is truly sad. I love it. She's almost selfish about how she doesn't want Aberforth to forget her.

And gaaah! That last line! Kudos.

Author's Response: thank you Hattie!

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Review #6, by Bobby Dazzler Duet

7th September 2011:
Holy crap Marina, that final sentence is so haunting! I literally just got chills!!!

What another wonderfully superb one shot you've got here! I love that both of the peices I've read of yours - so far! - have been about Ariana, she's such an under appreciated character and you've done such a great job bring her to (sorry for the pun, given the plot of this and Strawberry Hills...) life. She really stands out on the page as an interesting, developed character, despite being dead in both instances.

I also like how you're tackling difficult plots, with the character being dead and reflecting upon a life past. Its such an interesting concept and one which I'm quite enjoying.

The descriptions within this one shot were so beautifully written and the plot flowed seemlessly. I enjoyed it from start to finish, it was just beautifully constructed and the character portrayals were really nicely done. The beautiful descriptions you've used in this are quite simply haunting, but I really cannot get over the last sentence in this one shot, because despite it being a story, it holds true in "the real world" as well. Very wonderful and clever stuff, what a wonderful story! Enjoyed it very, very much hun! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Duet

22nd April 2011:

Absolutely beautiful piece. :) It's seriously such a moving fic, so much emotions.. and your writing is just amazing.

The whole idea of this story is so unique, and really interesting. The last sentences were really.. just wow. The realisation is such a great ending to the piece, and I can tell your story will stay with me for quite some time.

I love all your descriptions, it's seriously great. I have the whole image in my head, and I can imagine everything going on. I have to say this was one of the best fics I've read with Aberforth and Ariana in it. The idea of the 'duet' was brilliant as well.

Seriously, such a wonderfully written piece, and so very unique as well! :)
I really need to read more of your work >< You're a very talented writer! :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! what a lovely review :)

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Review #8, by orderofthephoenix Duet

21st March 2011:
Hey Marina! I've already reviewed Glass so I decided to review this one. :)

Oh my! I really need to read more of your stories! The description is stunning, hard hitting and beautiful. I've never seen anything like it!

I love how this is written as if Ariana is talking to the audience. It's as if she's separated from the real world but she's still connected with it, if that makes sense. I'm not sure it does. :/

Apart from the imagery, of course, the part that interested me was how Ariana saw Aberforth as a wonderful brother, the one who'd always stood by her and even now, ten years after her death, still doesn't want to let her go.

Another beautiful story. :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: Ah thank you Sophia! I am really proud of this fic because it's written in a style I had stopped writing about a year before I wrote this. So it's quite special to me. thank you very much :)

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Review #9, by Aderyn Duet

1st March 2011:
Hello Marina!

This really is a wonderful oneshot. I think the only thing I've read of yours is "Just Rose" which is more of a humor story. This style, however, is lovely. Your descriptions are vivid and stay consistent throughout the story. The line "Some things are beyond human comprehension, even for a Dumbledore" is one very telling sentence. For me, it's both a little bit funny as well as poignant. Ariana seems to have the same knowledge and eventual exceptional of death as her brother, Albus.

I love the dream-like quality that you give to Ariana's narration. She is detached from the living world, but somehow, the reader is still very aware of it.

So, overall, I really enjoyed reading this. I don't know how quite to say it, but the mood (or the tone or something) of the story was spot on. Wonderful job, as always!

Author's Response: I find it really interesting to see your response to this. I have written angsty stories since I joined and I think most people would associate me with that or if they've read something else first it's usually angsty. However, seeing as you read Just Rose first, it's so awesome to see you respond in this way even after reading something of mine that's humourous. I hope that makes sense, because I'm not sure it did... I just mean, thank you :P

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Review #10, by onestop_hpfan18 Duet

13th January 2011:
This was such a beautiful realization piece written in Ariana's perspective of her brother Aberforth. I loved the building up the ending, it was like Ariana was hanging by a thread as she watched and listened to her brother; especially when he started to play the music that sounded familiar from their childhood when he used to play for her. You really do have a knack for writing Ariana and the other Dumbledores, and in such an original way, too. Excellent story! 10/10 (:

Author's Response: Leslie! You didn't have to review this, I was kidding ♥ but I'm so glad you did. You're so lovely :D THANK YOU!

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Review #11, by The Other Dobby Duet

8th January 2011:
Hey, remember me? Haha, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that YOU'RE AMAZING! Thought you'd like to know.

You have such a wonderful way with descriptions. I really could imagine Ariana in that white world of nothing, just sitting and contemplating. And the way you've described the music is just ... fantastic. Of course, Aberforth isn't perfect, but to Ariana he is, and that, I think, is the true beauty to this fic.

As I said, you're amazing.
Love, Emi.

Author's Response: omg, I saw you on the forums today and was like MUST TALK TO HER, but you got here before me! -hugs- thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by Kandy Duet

15th December 2010:
This was so sad, but I loved it. Ariana is one of my favorite almost-characters in the series, and you have done a wonderful job with capturing her and Aberforth's relationship. 10/10 for an amazing one-shot!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #13, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Duet

29th September 2010:
Thanks for requesting this; I saw a mention of it somewhere, and thought it sounded interesting, and then you popped up and I had the perfect excuse to sit down and read it.

You are good at writing the afterlife, aren't you?! It was interesting that you mention Ariana ruling the mysterious world and yet not entirely understanding it. Many rulers do that, don't they? The image of her is striking, and holds place with the girl we saw in Aberforth's portrait; Ariana is strong, accepting, nearly relaxed, caught somewhere in between childhood and adulthood and death.

This was an incredible line: "A desk is strewn with various objects: quills scattered across its surface like pick-up-sticks, stacked parchment, screwed-up parchment, a foe glass, a weeping man, his hat." It demonstrated so simply the path of Ariana's thoughts, and of the mood and organization of the room. How the man was just one more worn thing in the background. I didn't even have to read the next two or so sentences to get that impression. And then you introduced the contrast of the piano, and it was fantastic.

You asked about dialogue, and I will say that you have a talent with description that doesn't entirely extend to dialogue, merely in the way it isn't as obviously amazing. Your description was striking, rich, and had a thousand stories within it. Your dialogue was not as "wowing". However, it did do well in revealing more about your characters. Aberforth's hopelessness rings out, and the woman feeling a tad less deep as she tries to comfort him in vain.

What I liked about this was that it showed the two other siblings. When we think about the Dumbledores' suffering, we think of Albus and all he fought for and all he lost. We know of the infamous fight that tore apart the family, but we don't think about Ariana mourning in death or the true depth of the bond Aberforth shared with her. For some reason, this line brought it out for me: "They were stronger together." It simply summed up how two broken people had pushed on, until it was all shattered with Ariana's death.

There was a lot of blame in this story. Aberforth blames himself for obvious reasons, the friend hints at blaming the death itself for the terrible life Abeforth is living, and Ariana blames herself for her death. The story itself was haunting and sad as the last line, the telling of the worlds spiraling downward and downward terrible. Basically, that all adds up to a job extremely well done. It was a great read.


Author's Response: Ever since I finished Sitting in the Orange Tree I've missed it so much. I started a sequel, but it hasn't been quite the same and then when I was thinking about how to improve the sequel I thought of this and I had to write it. When you've been writing a fic for so long, it sucks having to let it go :P

I enjoy writing description so much that I tend to forget about the dialogue. Yep, guilty as charged. Over the last year I think I've got out of practice and so I'll be working on that as my task for 2011. Always working to improve :P

thank you so much for this fabulous review, it still brings a smile to my face ;)

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Review #14, by SiriuslyPeeved Duet

29th September 2010:
This was captivating; Ariana's point of view is beautifully brought across. I actually really liked your dialogue -- I think it fits well with the tone of the piece. Aberforth is a little awkward anyway, in canon, and his terse words are fitting.

I loved your use of musical terminology, it blends very nicely into the description as a whole. I loved the idea of Aberforth slipping a bit with "accidental rubato". he does not strike me as the most disciplined pianist. (I have quite a soft spot for him!)

Punctuation notes as you requested: :) "No-one" does not need a dash, at least not in American usage. Also, "pick-up sticks" only needs one and "side by side" does not need any.

Here is a small thought on word choice, I'm not entirely sure that this passage has an optimum flow with "brain" used:

Ariana feels as though her own brain could sweep her away(...)

Perhaps another word would go better in place of "brain," though I know your choices are few. Sorry not to offer any concrete suggestions, though.

I loved the last paragraph and the idea that ghosts can't move on until their loved ones accept their passing... that was personally moving to me.

I wonder about the identity of Aberforth's friend: you don't need to answer me, but my curiosity is piqued! Thanks for your request, I'm really glad I read this.

Author's Response: Thanks Mary ♥ I find dialogue really hard to get right... I don't really know what makes excellent dialogue and I tend to write much more descriptive pieces now so I feel out of practice almost :P Thanks for the notes on the punctuation, I think I give up trying to understand the English language! Aberforth's friend is just that... a friend. I felt he needed to have someone there to comfort him because I don't feel like Albus would have done and I didnt want him to be all alone! thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #15, by Illuminate Duet

13th September 2010:

I think this is a lovely oneshot. It's beautifully written, really, and all the metaphors and imagery you use makes me feel like I'm really there. I like your characters too, and you make the reader feel sympathy for Ariana and Aberforth. The only thing I should say is that you said that there is a scene of a sexual nature, and I didn't pick up on that in the story :) Was there one?

But very, very beautiful, well done! 10/10

Author's Response: Ahar, I put a wrong warning in! thank you for pointing that out, cannot believe I did that! thank you so much for your lovely review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #16, by MajiKat Duet

9th September 2010:
hey hun
here to review!

i really liked this! its very tender and has this innocence to it. i think, had you have chosen aberforth to narrate this story it would not have worked. with ariana, there is a sense of wonder and detachment, of knowing and learning and of being alone but not being lonely.

character wise, i think both are done wonderfully. as minor characters in canon, all we know is the tragic history, and you used that and took it further to give them some flesh, so to speak. i can easily imagine aberforth grieving for so long, and can imagine beyond this, where grief turns to subtle anger, mistrust and resentment, like we see in DH.

the dialogue was realistic - it was not overly dramatic, but it didn't need to be for this situation. well done!

sorry if this review is...not what you wanted, lol. i can't think of anything else to say other than this was lovely. really original and thought-provoking!

kate xx

Author's Response: oh my gosh, what a lovely review! I'd really hoped to include that innocence, because after all, Ariana was very young when she died so she wouldnt have had time to mature. She would have to learn things in a completely different way to everyone else. I found it so interesting thinking about how to write this. And minor characters are love! I'm so glad you thought Aberforth was okay, I did worry that he wouldn't gel with the Aberforth we know in DH. But a lifetime is a long time, I suppose.

thank you so much for the wonderful review!!

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Review #17, by butterbeergal Duet

8th September 2010:
Marina, darling, this was... gosh, I don't even know where to start. I think I shall have to resort to enumerating them to resemble some form of coherence :P

-The descriptions were utterly gorgeous, deliberate, and well-thought of. They fit perfectly, painting a very vivid picture in my mind (even the whiteness!).

-I thought this was VERY original, and you wrote it in such a way that I believed such a place exists. Not that I don't, but the execution was simply superb, I couldn't help but believe it, like it was the most natural, normal thing in the world to read and write about.

-Your take on death was something unique. Often it is written with such sadness and anger, which are but natural reactions, but we also do not know much about it, and I don't think we can EVER understand it (at least right away), so I truly appreciate how you wrote it here. These lines, specifically, were what really struck me:

Her and death share space, face each other as though old friends and sit side-by-side in comfortable silence. They don't understand each other, but she has never understood anyone before and so this doesn't bother her. She is no longer scared.

The last line also gave me chills. How true it is. As much as we want to hold on to our loved ones, or their memories at the very least, we also have to learn how to let go, to accept the fact that they are in a much better place than where we are, and that we should finally allow them to be free, to enjoy the afterlife without constantly worrying about those they've left behind. I don't think that's the point of the/an afterlife, right?

Gah. I truly, honestly didn't know what to expect when I started reading this and to be quite frank, I don't read much Ariana or Aberforth stories, but this was a TREASURE. So beautiful in style, so profound and moving in content. I'm very proud of you for having written such a piece. ♥

Author's Response: Ahh Gill! Thank you so much for such lovely feedback! I honestly don't know what to say... thank you thank you!

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Review #18, by Indigo Seas Duet

7th September 2010:
Oh my, Marina, that was lovely. Very.

You found your stylistic groove the first paragraph in, whereas it usually takes me a few more than that to do such a thing! Really, it just... flowed. You had no inhibitions, no awful tenses or awkward wording. It just worked. Beautifully.

"The words are melting ice drops down her back, ghostly fingers tracing her spine." That struck me as gorgeous. Really. Gorgeous.

Lovely writer, my dear. I can't help but admire your talent. :)
- Rin


Author's Response: Rin! ♥ thank you so much my dear!

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Review #19, by LindaSnape Duet

7th September 2010:
I apologize in advance, this isn't going to have much of criticism toward you or your writing.

I know that no piece is ever perfect, but, dear, I think you've outdone yourself. This is pure magnificence in it's truest and purest form.

There weren't any grammatical or spelling errors that I caught which can only make this piece all the more beautiful. Aside from realisation (which I only noticed when I was trying to show you my favorite lines) which should be realization. Unless, that's a British spelling that I don't know about. Then don't mind me, and my Americanism.

I loved first of all the description and the flow of the piece. It flowed so easily together. There was nothing jarring or out of place. It was all woven so craftily and spun so sinuously that nothing could be taken out of here without making the piece sound terribly out of place in some shape or form.

Though, this whole piece was beautiful, I think that these were my favorite lines:
The air is thinner here, she finds. She sees and thinks with more clarity than she ever did during her lifetime; things are simpler when everything she touches is dead, unharmed by her. She is free of stigma, free of rules and free from the confines of her home.

The aching hole in her wasted heart feels as though it is mending, piecing itself back together stitch by stitch. Yet, impossibly, the wound hurts even more. It bleeds and spasms, the dull ache stronger. How can this hurt so much? The pain is renewed, the scab reopened. It has always been there, this mark of grief, this hole left by a terrible loss; time heals all wounds, eventually.

“Wasn’t there?” he mutters evenly, frowning. His voice is heavy, so heavy that it seems to crush him.

White mist curls around her limbs, the scene before her fades. She returns to her lonely world with a realisation: the ghosts are not the ones doing the haunting. It is the memories of those that are left behind that prevent them from leaving.

The narration was gorgeous. Generally, second person can be irritating, but you did this very well. I applaud you for that.

The characterizations were spot on, I felt, and so tragically beautiful. I especially liked that Aberforth was having a hard time coping. It just seemed him seem more human from the grumpy old man that we see in the Harry Potter books.

Besides, I don't think that anyone could fully heal from an experience like this.

Also, I think that this is a fresh perspective. Everyone wants to write this scene (myself included) from Albus Dumbledore's perspective. Yet you wrote this from Aberforth's and Ariana's.

It was absolutely enchanting.

Please excuse me while I die from how wonderful your writing is. You smother me with your skill.


Author's Response: oh my gosh -grins stupidly- thank you SO SO much Linders! I can't think of a coherent response, maybe I should leave responding until later, but I want to reply now! Reading back on the bits you quoted, I have to feel surprised that I wrote them - I remember deliberating over them and rewording them and at the end of it all i wondered if it made any sense at all :P but to hear you liked it makes me so so happy! you're a star, thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #20, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Duet

7th September 2010:
This will be short and sweet but it needs the review.

This is so beyond gorgeous. It fits in so neatly with SH and SITOT and it's absolutely beautiful. I couldn't fault it this evening and I can't fault it now. Your description is to die for, the entire concept is so unique and so you and if anyone ever said they didn't like your writing, I'd be lost for words. Then I'd punch them :P

Ariana's story is so tragic and you've written it wonderfully. Aberforth was so endearing, so unlike yet so similar to canon too. It's a fantastic mixture of both canon and your own style of writing and characterisation. I'd never have seen him as a pianist before but you may have just convinced me.

You amaze me.


Author's Response: grin = MASSIVE! thank you so much, your reviews always make me happy, but this one seems to make me want to dance about. it even distracted me from my Filch hunt, so you know, it's special. But seriously, thank you for your support. it means EVERYTHING to me ♥

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Review #21, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Duet

7th September 2010:
Dear Marina -

Once upon a time I told myself that I would sit down and read all of your stories. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way of such things, and I've never read any of them. For this I am most apologetic and, if school ever stops devouring me alive, I will certainly remedy this issue, especially after reading this piece.

It was magnificent. To tell you the truth, I never gave much thought to either of Dumbledore's siblings. But after reading this I don't think I'll ever read about them in the 7th book the same way again.

It was simple and to the point and conveyed such profound meaning in such small space and action.

The crowning jewel, though, was the description. The whole thing, from start to finish, was like a painting. I could see Ariana sitting with her brother, I could see all of it like a wispy, white, foggy picture in front of me. Your writing is absolutely stunning.

I'm not sure this review is doing justice to the glory of this piece. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed it, and I applaud you in creating such a work of art out of two simple and undefined characters! I will certainly read more of your stories in the future :)


Author's Response: oh my god! can I just say that over and over again? thank you SO much Alex, that means so much to me coming from you, I'm such a (albeit invisible) fan! -squees- thank you so much :D

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