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Review #1, by Indigo Seas I. Down by the Edge

9th January 2011:
Oh, well, this is brilliant.

No, really, I completely mean that. And I know a lot of people go around throwing that word around like it doesn't mean anything, but I certainly, wholly mean it. You've crafted this masterfully, and I can't help but envy your talent. :)

I can't quite put a finger on why I love your writing style so much, but I do. Something about how the words wrap around each other and the lines just sort of... melt into the next. Anyway, I really love it, even if I can't tell you exactly why.

There are so many lines I could pick out of this to squee over, but I'll just pick one to keep this (relatively) short: "He slipped and fell nearly four times before he realized that he had legs and needed to command them." It's such a human thing to write about, but the way you describe it is just... very clever.

Anyway, I loved this. I thought it was a very, very promising start.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, this review is so great. Being the only review so far it's incredibly uplifting and I will definitely try to update this sooner, just for you and this fantastic review. There are so many compliments that I just... thank you so much, truly :)


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