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Review #1, by PhoenixTailAndHolly The Big Question

3rd December 2010:
Really liked the story. Perhaps a second chapter describing the proposal?

I read more of your stories. They're good. Thanks for an enjoyable 30 minutes of reading! :)

ps. Cut some of the linebreaks in this story. Three [enters] are enough to separate paragraphs.

Rated this story 8/10 for good dialogue, and an interesting plot. Watch out for adding too much cliche in the dialogue and thoughts though..

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Review #2, by magiccarpet The Big Question

7th September 2010:
I was going through the new R/Hr stories (the only ship worth reading, lol!) and I saw this story. Then I noticed the author, and I was like "It couldn't be... could it?" Then I looked at your past stories and it was true, the same blondebouncingferret that wrote "Daddy," perhaps the best R/Hr story ever. Needless to say, I was quite excited, as I didn't know if you would ever write another story.
This story did not dissppoint. It was very sweet and, quite frankly, hilarious! I loved how Ron sat through a Muggle dental examination just to be able to ask Dr. Granger for his blessing. It really showed Ron's commitment to Hermione, as did Ron's agreement to move into a closeby Muggle neighborhood.

Ron's actions in this story are why I think you're a great author: because he's so in character! As a Ron fan, it's painful to read fanfiction sometimes because his character is the most butchered in fanfic. He's assaulted by H/Hr, D/Hr, etc., as an incompetant, idiotic, ill-tempered, sometimes-abusive clod who has nothing positive to offer anyone. So from the bottome of my heart, thank you for contributing these great stories with an accurate portrayal of Ron! I hope you keep writing R/Hr!

PS-One of my many favorite lines: "What carrots had to do with rings, Ron didn't know. It would most likely be some strange Muggle tradition he wouldn't understand, like how they play sport on the ground." Lol!

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