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Review #1, by Padfoot007 Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

9th January 2016:
Hiya!! I'm really hoping you come back to this story some time, it's a great read to cheer you up! Hope everything is okay and this is just a forgotten hobby, but how someone could forget this cracking story I don't kmnow! More Aphrodite is needed ;) x

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Review #2, by beka_wotter Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

13th October 2015:
what you playing at? We haven't even and a proper moment between Biter and James yet!! You cannot leave it there, it isn't good for my sanity!
Please please please please please update, it would mean the absolute world!
I love this so much and you're a frickin incredible writer with an awesome story that needs an end!
I'm not the only one asking either ;)

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Review #3, by Violet Potter 434 Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

19th May 2015:
Why did this story stop?
I demand an answer
it's like amazing
I want to know what happens
You WILL tell me
I am a stroppy toddler in disguise, you will tell

other than the fact you stopped it, this story is vundaval (no I did not spell that wrong, I have simply turned into a german stroppy toddler, bow to me )

I loved it all and the sarcasm was fantastique (now a French, German stroppy toddler- good to know learning German and French for the past few years is really paid off)

anyways please update this story because its great and I want to know what happens and my opinion obviously means the world to you and you will agree with it and do what ever it says...please

from amazingly modest and stroppy me xxx


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Review #4, by Violet Potter 434 Introductions, Ninja Rolls, and Albert

19th May 2015:
ok, not sure if yu are ever going to read this but if you do, please reply I am always waiting like a psychopath

i'm not that weir honestl

anways am about to carry on with the rest of this story just stopped to say I LOVED it so far

ok bye

from me!xxx

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Review #5, by kayleefrank Munchkin Slaves, Hunger, and Midnight Map Hunts

19th August 2014:
I love Ro. She reminds me of myself, especially that stuff with the teachers. Kinda had a temper in middle and elementary school lol. Great story so far. Not sure how I feel about being called Albert.

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Review #6, by ruthdobble Poking, Family Squabbles, and The Sorting Game

31st March 2014:
I'm loving the AVPM/AVPS references here :) Absolutely love that! This is really good, I've read a few of your other stories as well but I quite like this one because Aphrodite's such an oddball :)

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Review #7, by DoctorUnderwood Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

18th February 2014:
Update, I beg of you!

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Review #8, by properpotterfan Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

7th January 2014:
Love this story so much!!! It has such a great plot and I can't wait to see what happens between Ro and james. read all the chapters in one go as I couldn't stop reading!! Can't wait for the next chapter... hope its soon.

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Review #9, by TheWizardingPorcupine Munchkin Slaves, Hunger, and Midnight Map Hunts

24th November 2013:
'Why werenít the other first years as cool as Elle?

They should take lessons from her. Coolness lessons. Hmm.

Iíll bring it up to her. She could charge money.

Iíd take them but Iím already awesome so whatís the point, I say?

That's right, there isn't one.'

Good idea, Elle should give coolness lessons (I know I'd take them).

And cool beans? Seriously, Ro, seriously?

'What do you care? You wonít even let me meet your girlfriend. Thatís right. I still havenít forgotten about that.'
Ro: I'm a girl, and no, though I have nothing against gay pairings (I'm a big supporter actually ), I another a lesbian. Sorry to disappoint :).

'I love my life.

I hate my life.'

I cr:acked up. Well, mentally, but still.

'I rolled my eyes. Of course she would put class before her best friendís starvation. Typical Rose Weasley.'
Like mother, like daughter. . .wait that isn't the right expression. . .meh who cares. . . .other than those who do. . .
Whatevs. Porcupines are cool, yo.

About Ro and her craving for food at night:
Behold the power of the stomach, and what great lengths people will go through to satisfy it.

ďHoly (BLEEP)! Are we under attack? Is Voldemort back! Iíll kill the (BLEEP)!", Apollo screamed, grabbing his novelty rubber duck lamp and holding it above his head as if it was a murder weapon.
Omigod. This time I cr:acked up for real.

' ďApollo, can I murder your sister? Please?Ē He begged, but the corner of his mouth was unfurling into a smile. '
Yes Shane. Yes you can.

'Where did Mr. Fang, Frenchie, Holey, and Mrs. Holey go wrong? '
You know Ro, I was thinking something along those very same lines when you first introduced me to them way back. . .

'Please note that extreme case of sarcasm, Albert. '
Trust me when I say that I did.

' ďOh please. Weíve known for years about your crush on dear cousin Jamesie. Itís so obvious.Ē Fred laughed.

Couldn't have worded it better myself, dear Ro.

' I laughed through my tears. ďYou know, when you guys arenít being perverted gits, youíre actually sort of funny.Ē I said, and rested my head against Freddyís shoulder as we walked. '
That's true, huh.

Anyways. . . . great chappy as usual.

I hope soon there's some real RoJames action (Though Apollo probably doesn't) .

I hope Fred and Louis one day find a great girl. They are actually pretty cool when they're aren't acting like perverted gits. And it was so sweet of them to offer to help Ro get James.

And last but not least, best part of the chapter:
Shane comments on Ro's pajamas and and Apollo goes all big-brother on him.

All in all:great chapter, though not as exciting as the others.
But still: SO FUNNY.


~ TheWizardingPorcupine

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Review #10, by TheWizardingPorcupine Frustrating Males, Spying, and NaÔve Brothers

24th November 2013:
"Hehe, Athena doing something fun. Oh I cr;ack (excuse the semicolon, but the darn thing wouldn't let me post the review if I didn't put it there) myself up. "

By the way: My name is SORRY CLASSIFED, I am not a guy, and no, my nickname is not Albert.

Though I do think its cool that you decided to write this story as if describing it to a friend. Well not really (it's cool, but you aren't exactly narrating it- but please keep it this way!) , but it does make it pretty dang funny to hear you call me Albert.

Btw- I feel so bad for Athena! WHY APOLLO WHY?
I don't know why older brothers get that urge to protect their sisters. Bit then again, I don't have one and I already clarified I am not a guy so... Yeah.
Porcupines are cool, yo.

As for Ro (aka Biter): hilarious. I LOVE her clumsiness and her bright attitude. She is so cool.

Elle- HAHAHAHA: BEST FIRST YEAR EVER! Jeez that girl is on fire, man (I'm Californian, I can get away with rapster -talk). '"Youíre a teenage boy. I have no clue where that thing has been.Ē Elle said, raising an eyebrow.' Hilarious.

But best part of the chapter: Ro takes a stand against Alex! Yay! Though I do feel a bit sorry for Alex, she deserved it.

Since I haven't read all the chapters available yet, I probably shouldn't be saying this but, meh- UPDATE SOON!!!


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Review #11, by Me~ Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

27th August 2013:
Update son, you're killing me!

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Review #12, by al0h0m0raa Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

6th August 2013:
you haven't updated this story for so long and I can't handle it anymore AHHH gurl you're making me go crazy!! it begun to get really super interesting - defintely not that it was before - but mainly since James has pretty much shown us all he has feelings for Ro (who cares if he hasn't even realised yet) but I need to know more! and I am completely in love with the story, plot and characters, especially the Price family, Aphrodite is just great since she's so clumsy, slightly clueless but just such a loveable character and aw Apollo is so cute being overprotective if not slightly annoying about it at times, Athena is so cheeky and smart which is a great combo and everyone needs a Donny in their lives so enough said... please start updating this story again? please? pretty please? pretty pretty please? with a pretty cherry on top? OKAY I AM BEGGING OH YES YOU SAID YOU WILL UPDATE SOON OKAY THANK YOU SEE YOU SOON! YAY! but seriously I'm coming across too many stories half written that I'm in love with and I get all depressed for ages once I've finished reading what's posted and there's nothing left and I almost lose hope that the author will ever come back so please please write:(

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Review #13, by ScoRoseLuverrr(; Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

31st July 2013:
Love your stories btw ;) LESS THAN 3

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Review #14, by ... Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

12th July 2013:
Ehh can't wait for the next chapter, when Is it up and also what is the main story line for this chapter. AKA what is the plot is it aphrodite getting james in the end?

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Review #15, by Ilovebiter Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

8th May 2013:
Can you update with a new chapter? Please don't give up on this story; it's my favorite one!!!

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Review #16, by willow1 Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

10th April 2013:
right now i am ANGRY! "Why?" you may ask: because i just got to the last chapter and she was not with James yet! THIS IS AN AWESOME STORY, SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE MORE!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

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Review #17, by Jenelle Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

20th March 2013:
I hate you. No, just kdding. I love you ad your stories.please update.

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Review #18, by EmmaLois Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

17th March 2013:
Omigod please update now! X

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Review #19, by Lauren Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

13th March 2013:
I flat out love this story. Period. I love Ro and she reminds me a lot of myself! Honestly i wish I could write this (or is it that?) good. Well anyway, awesome story! Toodles!

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Review #20, by i love your story :) Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

16th February 2013:
update soon please!! it's been forever since you put up this chapter :(

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Review #21, by -Insert Name Here- Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

15th February 2013:
I love your story! So funny. And I mean REALLY funny. Like, you had me laughing out loud almost the whole way through funny. Please keep writing!!

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Review #22, by Themostamazingpersonyouwillevermeetwhoisalsofullofmegafoxyaw Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

10th January 2013:
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHMERAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahh this is so funny! i was like pissing as the computer and my sister was looking at me like i was a penguin with a horse tail, and im all like nooo im human! see i can walk then i tripped over gravity... see thats why i like the character so much me and her are both klutzes! or sp-EDdy in my friends words...

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Review #23, by Evelynn Rose Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

8th January 2013:
You have such a good story! It has made me laugh so many times, there is no point in trying to count. I love Aphrodite so much! She just makes my day. Please update soon!

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Review #24, by JSP Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

1st January 2013:
Hey I love this story! Pricey is hilarious!! And Noah is such a dooshe!! Please update this!!! :D

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Review #25, by EscapingExpectations Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

18th November 2012:
I think I might be in love with Ro. I've been laughing so much while reading my brother came in to see if I was dying. I don't have an attractive laugh :/ I should probably fix that.

I can't wait to see your next chapter. STAY WEIRD AND EAT CHEESECAKE

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