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Review #1, by kayleefrank Chapter VI

18th September 2014:
Can you please update this? You haven't for over 3 years. Please please please! I love bliss and James.

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Review #2, by Shay_Gryff Chapter VI

17th January 2012:
Dun dun duhh!!

I love it! I love it, love it, love it!


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Review #3, by ashleym15 Chapter VI

29th July 2011:
oohh James is getting involved:) love it

Author's Response: It's about to go down too! Getting exciting!

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Review #4, by dkjhdkjas Chapter VI

27th July 2011:
i completely forgot about this story!
thanks for updating :)
wonderful chapter as always :)

Author's Response: Lol it appears I've forgotten about it too. I'm trying very hard to keep updating, but it appears this review is about a year old! Oh my, I must get on this!

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Review #5, by yolahbear Chapter V

6th May 2011:
I love it! Can't wait for chapter six!

Author's Response: I'm sorry I've taken so long updating this story! I have more time now, so I promise more updates!

Thank you bunches for R&R!

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Review #6, by yolahbear Chapter IV

6th May 2011:

Author's Response: Hehe :) Thanks! Can't wait to hear what you think of the next one!

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Review #7, by yolahbear Chapter II

6th May 2011:
Okay, this is now one of my favorites!

Author's Response: Awesome! Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by yolahbear Chapter I

6th May 2011:
Hey, I read the prequel to this! And, so far, I'm loving what I'm reading now!! Keep up the great work!!!

Author's Response: Great! It makes a whole lot more sense if you read the prequel first lol. A lot of people don't and then get confused.

I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so far! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by BecPotter265 Chapter V

13th January 2011:
Another excellent chapter :) Its alright about the chapter delay's, the stories that could I wouldn't mind waitng a couple of months for it :D Bliss seems so perfect in every way but I guess everyone has there own problems, secrets and a different side to them. James is just hilarious. Even when he's sad the things he thinks are funny.
THe part about getting Ginny a puppy? You so should put that in :D A funny moment between Ginny and James :) Just a suggestion though ;)
Another great chapter, thanks!! Look forward to the next one! xx

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much. It makes me feel so much better knowing that you like the story enough to wait for it. I know I've been horrible about updating this one...but now I have the time! I hope to get the next chapter up soon...depending on the queue, of course!

Bliss does seem perfect, but only because she was raised to be that way. There's no doubt that she's got her problems too...and it seems like they're going to be more apparent in the chapters to come.

James is one of the most fun characters I've ever written. He's got a guy's mind, which is usually a lot funnier than a girl's. It's so weird, when I went back and reread this story, I couldn't stop laughing. I had no idea how I came up with some of the stuff he thinks! I always feel better after I've written James...he's just so amusing like that :)

Lol, Ginny and the puppy. It hasn't happened yet, but it's a possibilty. I wrote that because that's exactly what I sister and I are both leaving for college, leaving my mom pretty much by herself. I got her a puppy and now she loves it more than either of us lol. Who knows, it might happen!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #10, by miss_aurora Chapter V

12th January 2011:
A stressed James is an amusing one. Well, sort of. I certainly didn't see Albus being the wise guy here but he was and I think I like that. Besides, he was saying the truth, or so I believe. Maybe the on-going issues will suit James because at least it'll give him more time to be prepared. Thank you for the lovely update :D

Author's Response: Lol, yes he is. But I find that James is just always amusing...he's just one of those people.

I always consider Albus to be the voice of wisdom between the two of them. He's the sibling that always says exactly what you don't want to hear...the truth. He reminds me a lot of Harry in that way.

But something tells me James is far off from getting to the bottom of this thing. Thus, more entertainment :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by TheTenthWeasley Chapter I

10th January 2011:
Anyway, I'm too excited to leave a proper review.
But I loved; the part about Bliss' work and the Gilderoy Lockhart ward and the hair-comber and the tiramasu :D


Author's Response: Lol, no one probably told you because this sequel is like...2 years in the making? I woke up one day and decided to make a sequel after all. Its been a while since I've updated, so it hasn't been on the recent list. But I am really glad that you found it again! Even though its been forever since the original one!
And I do consider this a proper review :) Any review at all is great!
I'm so happy that you like it so far! I hope I get more reviews from you!

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Review #12, by fairegirl22 Chapter I

17th December 2010:
OMG i was just scrollin through new stories n stuff n i see a SEQUEL to one of my fav fanfics that i havnt read in a long time lol xD ima go reread Bliss first even though the plot is still in my head

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you're as excited as I am about this sequel. At first, I didn't think I was going to write one, but then it just kind of popped into my head.

I'm sorry its taken me such a long time to update it and answer your review. I promise, I'll be better about it :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by anonymous Chapter IV

28th November 2010:
Albus, more like shit friend, shit brother and shit person
no offence, I love your story and your writing, but your Albus sucks

Author's Response: I didn't know that Albus had done anything unsavory in this chapter. He only went on a date with Bernadette after attending the Quidditch match, as James wanted him to do.
I think that "shit" is a harsh word to use. I'm rather fond of Albus.
However, I am not about to change my Albus because of your views.
Thank you for your feedback.

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Review #14, by BecPotter265 Chapter IV

26th November 2010:
Gosh I love this story :) Another great chapter to a perfect story. That Quidditch game would have been pretty terrible especially with a proud man like James.
So close to asking her yet so far. The story is great so far and I'm sure when he gets around to proposing to her (if he gets around to it) that it will be amazing :) Thanks for another great chapter!! xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far. I am so incredibly sorry that I've taken so long to answer your review and to update. I promise I'll get better!

I can imagine the utter horror it was for James to lose that match so badly. Oh well, I'm sure it won't be his worse failure (dun, dun dun).

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by miss_aurora Chapter IV

25th November 2010:
Wait, is that the second attempt? Oh let me revise that sentence, is that the second fail attempt? This time, James has nobody to blame but himself, or actually his timing, and the fact that Bliss wants to find her father. Honestly, I wonder what James will do about Bliss request. Thank you for the update :D

Author's Response: Lol, it's not often that James Potter II fails at anything, but it looks as if that's happened.twice. He just can't catch a break. Oh well, it's fodder for some fun writing!

Since Bliss' dad was such a controversy in the last story, I think it's time we learned more about him! Duh duh dun!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by wolverine83 Chapter I

22nd November 2010:
OMG!!! THANK YOU so much from writing a sequel to Bliss! The original story was one of my favorite stories on here and I cannot wait to be able to read more and I'm glad you picked such an interesting topic to revolve the story around with how James is going to propose to Bliss. Once again, thank you.

Author's Response: I've been contemplating a sequel for a while. A ton of ppl reviewed the end of Bliss and asked if I could do another one. Originally, I didn't want to because I didn't know where to go. But, I've got plans for this one and I hope it all goes well. It probably won't be as long as the first one, but we'll see :)

Thank you so much for reviewing and you're quite welcome for the sequel. I'll write as long as people read!

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Review #17, by BecPotter265 Chapter III

18th November 2010:
Sorry it's taking me so long to review; I read this ages ago but never had any time to review but here it is now :)
Another perfect chapter, this story is really captivating! The way you've described Harry was great and just how I imagined; calm, cool collected and able to diffuse any situation.
The first line was the best; it made me lol. It was the best way to open up a chapter.
I feel so sorry for Albus and how he isn't able to get anyone :( I reckon James' Quidditch game will be a good chapter ;)
You have an amazing writing technique (keep it up and don't change it please :) ) and I really enjoy reading your stories so much :) I hope you update this 10/10 story soon!!! x

Author's Response: It's quite alright, I know reviewing can get to be a hassle when one is eagerly trying to finish the story :)

I've always been worried about writing Harry Potter, which is probably why I've never done it up until now. He's very difficult to properly describe and I'm so glad you agreed with my view of him. We all know Ginny is a hot head, someone needs to keep her in line.

I love opening chapters that have funny lines, they keep me reading. So, I always try to do that with my stories. I'm glad it worked!

Don't worry about Al too long, he'll be off the market sooner or later ;) And yes, the Quidditch game will definitely be fascinating (I hope).

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy my story so much. I do hope you continue reading my other ones as well. Thank you so much!!!

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Review #18, by miss_aurora Chapter III

2nd November 2010:
Albus and Bernadette? That's quite a harsh payback, James. Though I would say that they might make an interesting pairing. As much as I like Arielle, I don't know, I want someone for Albus, someone who can understand his position. Arielle wasn't patient enough to wait in the past but hey, they were still young. But still, someone new will be good, I personally think.

The problem with male-female friendship comes when the boyfriend/girlfriend comes in. That's quite general I guess. But James has to deal with it somehow. Oh James, he's just so adorable. Okay that sounds a bit weird. In any case, thank you for the update! :)

Author's Response: I don't think that Albus and Arielle were really a match made in heaven. I guess because I didn't really know Arielle as well as I would have liked to. She wasn't really developed as a character, I think. Kind of boring, in my opinion. And plus, I got a little tired of everyone just marrying whoever they dated in Hogwarts, its time for a change!

And it will be interesting to see how Al and Bernadette go, kind of awkward since their co-workers, right? We'll see. I'm not 100% sure yet either.

And the "girl with the boy best friend" is totally real. My best friend is a guy and I'm trying to step outside my view and see how my boyfriend deals with that. I think there's an internal conflict there. Especially since Albus is James' brother. Sibiling rivalry makes everything harder.

Well, I do hope you continue reading and reviewing! Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by Singerinwhite Chapter III

1st November 2010:
Ahhh, Harry The Wise. :D I always love seeing what people think an adult Harry would be like, and this has got to be one of my favorite interpretations. He's got that effect on James because just like his mother, James Sirius Potter has the temper of a blasted end skrewt, non? :D. Perhaps a slightly milder one, but a blasted end skrewt nonetheless.

I've read Bliss, and I must say, I like this new side of James. He was a bit of a twit in the last story, ESPECIALLY at the beginning, lol. Hope he comes up with something nice for Bliss. I have a feeling she'll be happy with very little fanfare in the proposal.

Update soon and more interaction between the Potter bros pretty please! :D

Author's Response: Essentially, I think Harry's got a pretty laidback attitude. I mean, he deserves to be that way after the Voldemort fiasco. If he can battle Ol' Voldy, he can handle a temperamental 22 year old man, right? I think so. I'm so glad you agree with my view.

There's an obvious transformation between prequel-James and sequel-James. First of all, he was 17 then and an immature adolescent. Once he got together with Bliss he definitely matured and calmed down a little. He IS less of a twit now. The whole point of "Bliss" was that he had to grow up. And now in "This Bliss", he's faced with a new chapter in his life: MARRIAGE! You can't hate a jerk like James freaking out over proposing. Its oddly endearing.

Of course there will be more James-Albus stuff. I do love those brothers. They're so fun!

So glad you like it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by Padfoot7 Chapter III

31st October 2010:
Haha, I loved the last part. And James' talk with Harry was written really well. I can totally see them having that conversation. And I loved Harry`s immitation of Ginny. :) I liked it. Update again soon, please! I'll be waiting! :p

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I like to think that Harry would kind of be the peacekeeper of the family. And since James has Ginny's temper, Harry's pretty good at placating him.
And though Ginny would admit to it or not, I see her being a lot like Mrs. Weasley in her older age.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by FoundriaPenguin Chapter II

21st October 2010:
YAY yet another wonderful chapter!

Wow, just reading the line "Maybe she doesn't want perfection" brought back all the events that happened in Bliss! It was one of those "AHA!" moments, you know?

I love the characterization of all your characters. James isn't a total prick like he is often portrayed in many stories, and Bliss is one of the most unique characters I've seen on this site. You're doing an excellent job, and don't worry, I'm sure all those Bliss readers will come racing to read the sequel soon enough!

Can't wait for the next chapter :D


Author's Response: Why thank you so much!
I really did want to incorporate the whole "perfection" thing because it was such a big issue in the first one. Why not open up old wounds? Lol. No, it was really just a reminder of what had happened. It was totally an "AHA!" moment. I'm glad you picked up on that :)
I know James was a jerk in the last story, but now that its been four or five years, he's grown up. His relationship with Bliss has been good for him and he's happy. Thus, why he no longer acts like he's 12. And Bliss...I just really like her :) She's special.
I'm so glad you liked this one!
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Padfoot7 Chapter II

19th October 2010:
Loved it! Update soon!!

Author's Response: I most definitely will :)
So glad you liked it!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by BecPotter265 Chapter II

15th October 2010:
Another great chapter :) Again, I love Bliss and James. I love your version of James; he may treat everything like he doesn't care or that he doesn't mind but deep down he has his flaws which is what I love about him in your stories :)
Wow, he is worried! Poor James :(
Teddy sounded adorable and so did the children; the happy family life :)
"Flames of Hell" Laughed out loud at that one :D
That part with the notes in the draws; I reckon that's really beautiful; that he keeps those simple notes from Bliss. Very romantic ;)
You've done such a good job with this chapter and I cannot wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: I've always felt like James is a touch like Sirius Black. Calm, cool, collected, even when things are going down the toilet. He would never admit that anything is wrong, but he's freaking out on the inside. Sometimes I think James' confidence is a hindrance for him.
And I absolutely LOVE Teddy, so I had to include him. Especially with his cute, fluffy family :)
"The Flames of Hell" was actually an expression I used to describe my house in the summer when my mom turned off the AC and it was still 90 degrees in the house. And I was totally NOT exaggerating. I thought it was a pretty good description lol.
The whole note thing is pretty true too. My BF and I used to write notes back and forth all the time; we've both kept all of them. I thought it was cute lol.
I'm so glad to hear that you loved this so much! Sorry it took so long to respond, the next one is in waiting!
So glad to hear from you :)

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Review #24, by miss_aurora Chapter II

11th October 2010:
I just want it to be perfect.

Aww, that's just so sweet. But what Teddy said wasn't wrong either. When you love somebeody, I guess imperfection is something beautiful as well. Sometimes, the imperfection is even more special. But I love how James actually tried to give it his best. Will he be able to succeed? I'll wait for that.

Thank you for the update :D

Author's Response: Lol, we all know James is sort of a hopeless the sense that he's pretty much hopeless. I like to think men want to make things perfect for their girls. I admit I'm sort of a romantic myself :)
And Teddy was right. Bliss isn't a normal kind of girl, she doesn't really follow the rules. Maybe James will find a better way to do it.
Thank you so much for R & R! The next chapter is in progress!

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Review #25, by BecPotter265 Chapter I

8th October 2010:
Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it!!! :) I love James and Bliss; they are so cute! You've done an amazing job with all the characters and I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole story. Absolutely perfect :) Please update the next chapter as soon as you can; i really want to know what happens :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm so glad to hear you're liking it so much thus far.
I can't wait to hear what you think of the upcoming chapters!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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