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Review #1, by BatSEnecal Avada Kedavra

14th June 2007:
This was really cool. Bad in the sense of Harry being evil, but it was well written and thougtht out. That would be a terrible thing to happen.

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Review #2, by jtruge Avada Kedavra

1st June 2006:
great...i loved it...i wish that you would have written more chapters and described everything that happened later on though!!

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Review #3, by electric_aurora Avada Kedavra

13th September 2005:
Will you continue this story? Very interesting plot line, but a very challenging one... you'll have to watch out and write really well, or else this plot line would become way too unreal. Great job!! Hope to see you continuing this!

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Review #4, by lovelupin066 Avada Kedavra

3rd September 2005:
omg sorry i posted the wrong review here befor but i did read your story and it is really really good

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Review #5, by lovelupin066 Avada Kedavra

3rd September 2005:
does anyone get the first part in hint 4??

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Review #6, by Denise Saunders Avada Kedavra

1st September 2005:
That was really good. Are you going to write a sequal or a whole story about this? As it think it would be a great thing to read! If you do can you let me know and e-mail me on! Once again i though it was the best fan fic i've read in a long time

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Review #7, by Sissalie Avada Kedavra

2nd October 2004:
I think your story deserves a ten. It portrays what Harry is feeling very well. I hate it that you made Harry Voldemort. I mean, your story was awesome, but why!!!!!!!! I dont think Harry would appreciate that! cool story! =Siss

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Review #8, by oop_master Avada Kedavra

2nd May 2004:
I forsee Harry becoming a Bhudist (sp?) Monk and surrendering to peace and tranquility! But I also give this story a ten.

Author's Response: ^_^; Big thank yous from me and from Megabyte!

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Review #9, by JessieGranger Avada Kedavra

19th March 2004:
Harry as Voldemort? Nope, not gonna happen! Great though, a perfect ten!

Author's Response: Mwgabyte thanks you very much :)

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