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Reading Reviews for Blackened Rose
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Review #1, by draco_4_lisa This Means WAR!

17th May 2006:
*wolf whistle* like ur description of draco

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Review #2, by wow This Means WAR!

13th January 2006:
i reckon that the story is really interesting and yea draco is hot but a devil as well (going by your story line)

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Review #3, by alone_and_confused This Means WAR!

4th November 2005:
At first I didn't understand what he did with the lipstick but I get it now and ahhhhhhhhhh that was beautiful!

Author's Response: ah yes, glad that cleared up for you *wink* thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Lily Riddle This Means WAR!

27th August 2005:
hey this sounds like a fummy story yet romantic continue to right it is good

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Review #5, by hyuga daisuke This Means WAR!

5th August 2005:
good story keep writing ...please

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Review #6, by DemonessMelody This Means WAR!

10th June 2005:
Make more please! I really want to know what happens. Also note the make them longer suggestion ^+^. W/L DM

Author's Response: tyvm 4 ur support and suggestions Miss Melody..i just hav 2 things 2 say... 1. sry 4 not updating 4 bout a little ovr a year now actually...*hoping 2 hav more writing time during the summer....* and 2. in regards 2 length of chapters im going 4 quality not quantity and i prefer 2 cover one step at a time. once again...i lurve my reviewers! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #7, by DemonessMelody Granger Danger

10th June 2005:
Lol I'm liking it so far, but PLEASE write more to a chapter! I sugest that if you can't think of any thing at the time try putting it on Mircosoft word till your ready to post it. Thanks! W/L DM

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Review #8, by aya This Means WAR!

1st June 2005:
very nice!!

Author's Response: s'ank u v. much from the bottom of my heart ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #9, by Kurtis Krampe a.k.a. the_amazing-voldy_poo Normal or Not

27th December 2004:
Hey~ awesome!

Author's Response: thank you very much...i kno i havnt updated in 4EVR but i'v been vry uncreative, there may be updates or a story in the future tho....*foreshadowing* ^^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #10, by LuViN_ThisStOrY This Means WAR!

3rd October 2004:
I LURVE this story! Your a great writer and I love your writing technique! Keep up the good work and update soon!!!

Author's Response: thank you so very much for the compliments my devoted reader, and i apologize for lack of updates or proof my existence in the last few months...i hope to mayhaps have a totally uber coolie writing streak and update this story....possibilities for a new and different story on the horizon tho....*wink wink nudge nudge* ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #11, by purple_violet This Means WAR!

6th May 2004:
luv this chap! Please write another soon! And if u could read my story! Thx!

Author's Response: thanx so much!! i will try 2 read ur story, unless its draco/ginny becuz i find those stories 2 b sooo wrong and impossible. ne whos, thanx again 4 ur review, i may update by next month. sry, im really bizzy and havnt a brain block. -_- ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #12, by misswhitefangs This Means WAR!

3rd May 2004:
HAY whatz up u said u would update around april 15 it is now may 3rd none of my authors are updating and it has been a mouth or more and im bored.Why will no one UPDATE?!?!? but i kno u SHOULD be study for SOL so i do not blame u for not updating but i hate all of my other authors!!! :-(

Author's Response: dont worry dear, they hate u 2.

Author's Response: jk :-D ne whos, im sry!!! i dont hav time 2 update ne more!! but i luv all my r&r's ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #13, by DragonGoddess This Means WAR!

11th April 2004:
Lmao! That was awesome chapter. yeah he would look *awesome* I mean Draco. Um... And are you still alive? I haven't seen an update or am I just asking for too much too quick? Hmm...

Author's Response: i am alive..sort of...but I can not think of what to say next plus I wasn't able to get internet until friday or saturday or sumthing lik that....i apologize to my readers for lack of creativity -_-' eeps. i should hav written the next chapter by next weekend tho... maybe....dun dun dummm.... ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #14, by Skye (cajungirlkye) Granger Danger

31st March 2004:
Wow! That story is great so far! Thanks for reviewing my story (Flowers in Her Hair). This story is great so far! I can't wait to see how Draco and Hermione get together! Skye

Author's Response: it wuz my pleasure 2 R&R ur story!!! thanx 4 the review!! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #15, by Draco_girl This Means WAR!

31st March 2004:
hey!!!!i luv ur story!!!!!!!!its 1 of d best i hve read so far!!!!!!!!cant w8 4 d nxt chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: THANX ^_^ i am going on vacation and my computer wuz turned in2 the help desk 4 repairs, so i prolly wont b updating until the 13th of April. SRY!!! pleez wait 4 my update, it WILL come. ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #16, by mistofelees15 This Means WAR!

29th March 2004:
nooooo- no spikes. or idiotic earing

Author's Response: YES SPIKES PLUS EARRING!! duh!! hotness, but not R.H.!! hee hee ^_^ thanx 4 reading! ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #17, by misswhitefangs Granger Danger

29th March 2004:
forget to put i love this story Ron so funny oh yes i misspelled now on my second reveiw so u do not have to tell me. U do know i was only kiddy with u early just i was little mad cuz my story sucks!!!!! anyways there i did 3 reviews for each chapter now. Hope u are happpy now :-p

Author's Response: typical Ron-ness, ur story does not suck, except its the evil DRAGONBALL crap. but i do lik Prongs and Padfoot robots! hee hee ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #18, by misswhitefangs This Means WAR!

29th March 2004:
u kno i was olny joking becky but kno i think about it i think Bill is the one with long hair and dragon fang( I KNOW one of them has both)

Author's Response: Charlie had dragon fang i thought; i kno u were joking (i wuz 2) no harm done! talk 2 me l8r! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #19, by misswhitefangs This Means WAR!

29th March 2004:
I will not review ur story :-p ok i review once i love ron in this one but i swear u trying to make Draco look like Charlie.

Author's Response: no i'm not!! and its bill who has the long hair (but draco's isnt as long) and charlie has a dragon's fang, which is different from a shark's tooth! duh! it could hav been a white fang so there! also, if u dont want 2 review, fine then, i dont want ur smelly reviews! i should update soon nee! bleh! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #20, by Spider Web This Means WAR!

27th March 2004:
OOHhhhhhhhhhhh I cant wait for the next chapter oh plz have hermoine get him twice as bad oh plz i wanna Draco get humilated :) i know im cruel ,but oh plz update !

Author's Response: yes, bwahaha, it's fun to see smart girls get the better of pompous idiots!! (but we luv Drakie ne wayz) thanx 4 the review, i will update soon! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #21, by Becky This Means WAR!

27th March 2004:
Hey Becky {Heh my name is becky too :P) Great so far..... you have to keep writing because this is one of the best fan fics I have read so far....not too long

Author's Response: thanx so much from another becky! (beckys unite!) ne wayz, yes its short cuz i'm writing it chapter by chapter although i do hav sum idea of where it is going 2 go. i started writing this story on 2 days i wuz absent from school, so i had tons of time, but not i don't really hav that much time ne more. BUT i will try 2 keep the story up if i still hav loyal fans! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #22, by Ambariel's Friend Claire! Granger Danger

26th March 2004:
your story is SO cool! Keep it going, it's coming along great! Good luck!

Author's Response: thanx, i just sent in the 2nd chapter (already had prologue and 1st chapter) this afternoon! thanx 4 ur review and come bac to read once its updated! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #23, by TBAllens Granger Danger

26th March 2004:
(Moans) i love it, but add more chaapters!)

Author's Response: i will soon! i'm writing the next chappie as we speak, b patient! thanx 4 reviewing!! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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Review #24, by TBAllens Normal or Not

26th March 2004:
I love this so far!

Author's Response: thanx!! i thought it wuz soo much fun 2 right! i'm glad 2 hav ur review!

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Review #25, by MAUREEN Granger Danger

25th March 2004:

Author's Response: I WILL!! i'm workin on chapter 2, see u next chappie and thanx 4 reviewing! ^_^ ~*~Becky~*~

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