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Review #1, by Siriusly i love you Precious Moments

11th December 2010:
Aww I loved this! It was so sweet and touching. I am a true believer that there is a softer side to the Malfoy clans, and you captured it beautifully
- Dilly

Author's Response: To my lovely Dilly,
I really, really love you my sweet. :)

Thanks for your review of precious moments.

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Review #2, by draconian88 Precious Moments

23rd October 2010:
Hi! this is Saeli from the forums. I saw this story in one of our threads in the common room and I wanted to show some love to a fellow Slytherin :).

It's wonderful how you've decided to depict Lucius as this kind of a loving father. It's quite refreshing since he was always depicted as the cold-hearted man.

The flow went well for me except for the three years lapse, it sort of slighted the momentum but other than that, it went quite well.

I hope you will continue with this refreshing feat and get chapter 2 up soon :)


Author's Response:
Thank you so much for your kind words and being the first person to reply to my request for reviews. I decided to make Lucius nice, as it is different from the way we see him in the books/fanfiction. I caught myself wondering what happened before the books, during the time that Voldemort had vanished when Draco was born. So bada bing, bada boom! We have precious moments. :)

ox Peaky

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