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Review #1, by NotDobby Death Wish Part 2

28th November 2017:
Good god that was a rollercoaster of emotions reading that but I loved it so much

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Review #2, by alexandra Death Wish Part 2

16th September 2015:
nice! maybe i could be your personal friend nice anyway i so love it

Author's Response: LOL, it is a possibility love, but I'm glad your enjoying the story. Stay tuned!!

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Review #3, by Jessica Big Bad Wolf

6th August 2015:
Why do you update so slowly it's august already 😔 please don't make Draco such a girly girl around Hermione " anything for you mate n bla bla .. He's a very skeptical character don't make him a mush ... I love the story but it's annoying when he acts like a puppy around Hermione ... It'll be nice to see a sex scene between Blaise & Ginny , or Harry and Luna or Pansy and Ron them talking and stuff like that ...bonding alone time not just Draco n Hermione n please don't make Hermiones characters such a hated one ... Where she's the best in everything, she sacrifices, she gets hurt worst ... Ginny is brave too she'd sacrifice any day for her friends ... It be nice to see Ron stand up . I love the story I really do it's so funny my favourite is Draco n Harry... I love it .. Please update fast and it'll be nice if Draco didn't have to be such a goody person, you know goody two shoes type and give in to Hermione all the time haha really please don't ... Sometimes she can be wrong too ... I love her character but you're making me get annoyed with her ... Maybe more love scene between all eight of them ... A special scene of Lucius n Narcissa ... Something nice you know

All in all please update fast I've been reading since 2010 and it's been moving slowly ... Very slowly I've grown up reading your fan fic ... You notice no one reviewed ithis chapter cause you reply too late

Your last post was June it's august now

Author's Response: I apologize for the lateness of my replies and updates love, life happens to become more important the older you get unfortunately, and I haven't had the time I wish I had back then to continue updating as often as I used too. I apologize if your unhappy with my characters, but that's just how I see them, it's what Veela's are. He's not a puppy, he just doesn't want to fight and see her unhappy. Now forgive me, I'm not trying to pick a fight or cause an issue and you to not read my story anymore, but I write them how I see them, and if someone doesn't like it, feel free to voice an opinion but I'm not a fan of someone telling me how to write my fic. I'm sorry again if this isn't turning out how you would like it too, but it is going to take a turn quickly.

I update as fast as I can, I'm still writing this as well, and sometimes I don't like the direction it's going in, so I end up having to rewrite the chapter.

Hopefully this chapter will fix the issue between us, lol.

ps. I don't do alot of sex scenes, not a big fan of them, but I will try and get some more in there before it's through, I promise, perhaps the next chapter?

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Review #4, by An extremely devoted fan A Long Night

29th December 2014:
Omg please update soon I feel as though I will DIE if u don't

Author's Response: I just posted, waiting validation and Im gonna say in about two days you shall have a new chapter to read! Hopefully I can keep it up, and not once every year or two, lol. I shall do my best love, thanks again

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Review #5, by hannah This Is Torture

14th September 2014:

Author's Response: Don't cry love, wouldn't be that great of a story if I left everything to be happily ever after now would it? Hope your liking the story, more to come soon


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Review #6, by harrysgirl357 There's Always A Catch

8th October 2013:
Please update soon!! I love this story.

Author's Response: Your wish is my command, update coming VERY soon, i promise

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Review #7, by Pinkpal1992 Anatomy Troubles

11th July 2013:
most men would after that!

Author's Response: lol, yes they would

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Review #8, by Mariah Webb (mionestwin32) There's Always A Catch

4th May 2013:
I know I have already written about how I would like to see you continue the story, but I'm writing to tell you that every time I read it I will write to ask you to finish. It is a great story and I really want to see how it ends. Please write some more chapter and get the ending up. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks

Author's Response: Your wish is my command dear, update coming VERY VERY VERY soon, I promise

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Review #9, by Mariah Webb (mionestwin32) There's Always A Catch

17th April 2013:
Its been over a year since you have written anything for this story. And I would hate to see this be abandoned or forgotten just when it was getting good and at a cliff hanger. So please write some more. I know I have written you before because this is not my first time reading this but I really want to know what happens and see where everything goes. I just love stories like this one, especially veela stories since there arent to many of them out there. Please continue this story for all of us readers out there dieing to know what happens. Thank you!

Author's Response: All in good time, update coming VERY soon, lol

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Review #10, by Mariah Webb There's Always A Catch

7th March 2013:
Very good so far. I love the story. I have not laughed like that in so long. Pretty much every chapter had me giggling like a school girl at the stuff they said and did. Its fantastic. I cant wait until you finish it and I get to find out what happens to everyone. Great job and continue the good work. I am also glad that Blaise is a Veela as well. Its just so interesting you made him one too. Thank you and continue the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I figured having only one character being something would be hard to relate to other characters, so I gave him a buddy. I will be updating very soon

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Review #11, by Gemma There's Always A Catch

19th April 2012:
I love your story! Please update more chapters soon I want to know what happens

Author's Response: I apologize for being away for so long, life happened very quickly, but I promise you, I will be updating very soon

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Review #12, by HuffGriffSlyRaven The Trouble With Veela's

8th April 2012:
This is one of the most interesting stories I have read so far. I can't say that I've ever heard much about Veelas. Did you make most of it up or is some of it borrowed? Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: It comes from the lovely recesses of my beautiful mind! It can get scary in there, but sometimes it produces works of art! lol

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Review #13, by Annalisabet Anatomy Troubles

6th April 2012:
i don't think i have ever laugh so much in my life!! ;P
i can't stop laugin!!! and i love that you have made the boy's be a girl for a day! ^.^
that can teach them to be nicer!! ;D
i hope you will update soon!
i have read the story at least 5 times this day xD :iI
some of the thing i have laugh at :

-" I'm so excited I could pee!"

-" Alright, alright, I surrender. Let's go make sure the princess is on time."

-" I wouldn't think so, but then again, I'm a Gryffindor. Kindness and affection aren't lost on me unlike certain cold blooded Slytherins."

-" One male, one female," the class sighed and began making new partners.

-" From different houses!" the class groaned.

-" If I could trade you spots right now, I would in a heartbeat. Just be happy you don't have to work with Malfoy."

-He defiantly has earned himself an extended stay on the funny farm, thats for sure!'

-" I did Granger, or didn't you notice the fire? And you should be excited Granger, you get to spend an entire day in the body of a handsome pureblood male, it's me who should be worried. I'm going to be wearing makeup, skirts, and I'm going to have to pee sitting down! Peeing sitting down and skirts. It's just not natural!" >.< i love this part!

-" It's not so bad Malfoy, you might enjoy it!"

-" Ever the know-it-all,"

-Madame Pomfrey jolted up from her desk where she was sitting reading her steamy romance novel and wishing she could meet a man like the leading man Magnus someday.

-" Well it would appear so Mr. Weasley, I have yet to hear of students ending up in excruiating pain from nothing, so if you and Mr.Potter don't mind, I have to tend to my students!"

-' What is that amazing smell? Where is it coming from?'

-He suddenly needed to be close to her, beside her, inside her!

-With one last smell, he closed his eyes and said a silent goodbye to his sanity and fell asleep next to Hermione Granger!

-' How did I end up in bed with Malfoy, and in the hospital of all places?'

-' But how did Malfoy get in bed with me?' >.< dirty mind :iii

-" So, how do you guys like being female for a day?"

-" Merlin Hermione, how do you girls wear these blasted things?"

-" Skirts?"

-" Yeah skirts, I keep forgetting that when wearing them, I have to keep my legs crossed all the time, and you girls get breezes in places you shouldn't be, and I nearly broke my ankle walking in these heels."

-" And I cried three times, Herms, three times! For no apparent reason, well Lavender did say something that hurt my feelings, but it shouldn't have. She just said my hair was messy, and I just started bawling in the middle of the Great Hall."

-" well guys,er girls, I should be going to bed. I've had a long day and I'm tired. I'll see you later."

-She turned back around and was engulfed in a bone crunching hug. She pulled away and stared at Harry, a weird expression on her face.

-" Sorry Mione, we've just been craving hugs all day. Is that a girl thing?" he asked, his face burning with embarrassment.

-" Umm, do you think I could have a hug Mate? She didn't hug me when she left." asked Ron, sniffling and holding back more tears.

-Harry sighed and wished unnatural death upon Snape.

and btw you got a 10/10 from me :*

Author's Response: I'm glad my story has you laughing so much, I'm really aiming for a good comedy. I hope the other chapters have you lauhing as well.
Another chapter coming up soon!

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Review #14, by Sydster999 There's Always A Catch

5th April 2012:
Great job so far!!! i cant wait to read more!!! -A devoted fan 11/10 :D

Author's Response: Yay, I love devoted fans, lol!
New chapter coming soon, I promise

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Review #15, by MiSTY_VoLPe There's Always A Catch

4th April 2012:
Hehe thanks for updating!
Its cool how the plot is Soo unique and I can never guess what happens next!
I like how you've written the vampires!
Can't wait to read more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks love,
I didn't want the Vampires to follow Twilight, or any other thing like that, they are dead and do feed off humans, but they still are human, with human emotions still inside with other emotions.
But I'm glad you're liking the story, more to come, I promise

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Review #16, by adluvshp There's Always A Catch

4th April 2012:
Hello again!

I liked this chapter. Your writing of the vampires was good. Over all this was quite nice. Looking forward to the next chapter (and hoping for some nice steamy romance scene as well :P)!


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed my chapter love, it's hard to post sex scenes on this site, as it is a family site, but for further sexy scenes, go to AdultFanFiction. net to see the full story! Plus other amazing stories. Next chapter will be up soon! Promise

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Review #17, by ecgigglebox Not What It Seems

20th February 2012:
I love your book!I'd been reading this for like a year and then I completely forgot(because you never updated!lol no accusation though, life gets busy haha)and I just rediscovered it WITH 4 NEW CHAPTERS!I was sooo excited...please don't leave me hanging for another year XD

Author's Response: Thank you so very much love, and I apologise for the delay in chapters. You were right, life got busy, hectic, but now that it's all calm and peaceful once again, I'm updating as often as this site allow me too! Chapter 19 is awaiting validation, and the other chapters are finished, the story is complete! You will be able to read the ending!


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Review #18, by Anonymous Not What It Seems

27th January 2012:
Keep writing!!! I can't wait until you finish the story. I have read so many stories on this website. Most stories are very similar. They share the same ideas and the idea that Hermione and Draco are heads. However, when I read this, I was so glad that i found such a good story. The story was so original. I never came across a story like this. I can't wait until I know the ending! Thank you for contributing a great story like this to Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

Author's Response: You flatter me with your kind words. I'm glad that I've come up with a story that's both new and different. I find alot of stories tend to be the same plot line, I tried not to follow those steps. Next chapter is waiting validation, and the next is being written as we speak, sorry for the delay!

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Review #19, by lilah anne Not What It Seems

19th November 2011:
yay! a new chapter!! finally. i have been waiting soo long. i just looove your story. please ohh pretty please update more soon!! :)

Author's Response: Hey love,
I apologize for taking so long with my chapters, but I refuse to post a chapter I think is less then adequate for my readers. But the next one should be up pretty soon!

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Review #20, by 123tana123 Not What It Seems

16th November 2011:
I love ur story plz keep going it's so good I really like the story plot

Author's Response: Thanks love, glad your enjoying it! It will keep going, have no fear :)

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Review #21, by Jakumo1 Not What It Seems

13th November 2011:
What happens next? :-3

Author's Response: LOL, You'll just have to wait! ;)

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Review #22, by adluvshp Not What It Seems

6th November 2011:
I liked this. haha nice one. waiting for the next



Author's Response: Thanks love


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Review #23, by Angie Not What It Seems

6th November 2011:
This chapter was just as great as all the others and I especially appreciate your correct grammar. This really is the best Dramione I've read yet (and I've read a bunch) and I'm eagerly awaiting the upcoming chapters :)

Author's Response: If your going to write a story, grammar is a definite MUST! How else are your readers going to able to follow along with your story, let alone stay interested enough to read more then a paragraph or two? I'm glad your liking my story, hope I'm doing Dramione justice. Also, I hope to keep your satisfied!
hugs and cookies!

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Review #24, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Not What It Seems

6th November 2011:
update soon please loved pansy's remark at the end

Author's Response: It was the only thing I could see her saying at a time like that! Updating ASAP love, don't fear!

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Review #25, by harrypotter24 Not What It Seems

6th November 2011:
Haha that was good draco is soo funny when he told everyone about the marking haha good job worth the wait :)

Author's Response: I wrote him in that sense like I really am, straight to the point and brutally honest. However, I can be compassionate when it's needed. Glad your enjoying my story, hope it stays that way!

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