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Review #1, by TreacleTart Laid in Earth

26th August 2016:

Back for another review for the gift thread!

I seem to be picking all of the emotionally charged stories today for some reason. Not that I'm complaining. I love the way you describe these complex emotions. You make them very vivid and tangible. You definitely have a knack for writing.

After reading Brindisi and seeing that bittersweet moment between young Lily and young Snape, it was interesting to see how you wrote them as adults. There's still so much hanging between them, but I think at this point things are broken beyond repair.

Lily's presence at the funeral seems to me more her sorting out her own feelings than anything else. I think she perhaps felt overwhelmed by James' proposal and found herself craving Severus' calm, calculated personality. I think maybe, just maybe a small part of her still loved him in some way and wanted to make sure she wasn't making a mistake.

Also, kudos on writing Severus so well. I find him to be possibly the single most difficult character to write, so I'm quite impressed with how spot on his tone is. You really capture his hatred for his father, the bitterness he feels in the deepest levels of his being, and the love that he has for Lily.

This was another well written story and although it was again melancholy, I really enjoyed it. Good job!


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Review #2, by academica Laid in Earth

4th May 2011:
Wow - amazing story! And a very original concept as well. I have never been a huge fan of Snape/Lily but stories like this make me want to believe in it. Would love to read more like this from you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the great review, academica! It was just wonderful hearing from you. I really do appreciate your kind comments and I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot. ^_^ Take care and be well!


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Review #3, by Houlestar Laid in Earth

13th January 2011:
I love Snape/Lily. I thought this was good. ^_^ Great one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!

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Review #4, by GinnyWeasley_13 Laid in Earth

16th November 2010:
This was...different. And that's what I admire about it. It was beautifully written and the journey into Snape's mind was definitely a change. I like the fact it was set at Tobias's funeral.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review, GinnyWeasley_13! It was wonderful hearing from you.


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Review #5, by darlingslytherin Laid in Earth

11th September 2010:
Hi this is darklingslytherin from the forums.

I don't know what you mean by over the top at all! I think this story is absolutely perfect just the way that it is because this is exactly how I imagine Snape's inner voice would be like while seeing Lily. It is so full of angst and sadness and unreturned love, exactly how Snape's life was. It is heart-wrenching.

It's wonderful, I would love to see a story from you that is totally Snape/Lily centric. I think you could pull it off really well.

I love how you described everything. It wasn't too over the top which was totally nice. Over describing is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Keep writing, you build a fantastic scene!

Author's Response: Hi darlingslytherin!
*blushes* Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! You are really too kind. I'm certain I don't deserve such praise. :)

This is actually my first Lily/Snape story. I do like the pairing very much, but, to be honest, I thought my take on it was a bit too maudlin. I suppose I've been reading too much of the Romantics lately, lol.

Needless to say, I'm so glad you thought this story wasn't too over-the-top. Another reviewer pointed out that the pairing itself is rather over-the-top, which does seem to be the case. ^_^

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! It was really wonderful hearing from you. Take care and be well!


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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor Laid in Earth

29th August 2010:
Oh wow, Lee Anne, this is a fantastic Snape/Lily story. You say over-the-top, but that's the ship - it's so dripping with angst and unrequited love that it makes every story about it feel overdone. But I don't think that yours is over-the-top. It's heartfelt and filled with mourning, but it never crosses the line with the angst and drama. It's just enough.

I love the whole situation you've created for the two characters. It's unexpected, and that's what makes it so unique and fresh for a Snape/Lily story. To think that he was able to see her that one last time and they were able to have "a moment" together makes this almost a happy story. Snape finds that heaven at the end, and that's what makes this a different kind of story.

There were a couple of lines in which you oddly chopped up the sentence. I'm probably guilty of this too, but all the same... *looks innocent* They are usually sentences (not paragraphs) beginning with "But". You may want to look those over.

Anyway, this is a great addition to the best Snape/Lily stories on the archive, though I shouldn't be surprised, seeing that you wrote it. ;)

Author's Response: Hi Susan!
Haha, yes, I suppose Snape/Lily is a rather over-the-top ship and that's probably why I have a secret love for it. I don't know, I'm a sucker for unrequited love, it's so painful...yet poetic. Like something out of Keats.

Agh! Sorry for rambling. As always, you've left me a little incoherent with your fabulous review. Thank you! I felt really lukewarm about this story. Even though I like the pairing, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. And the ending was clunky. I just couldn't get it to work right.

Thanks so much for letting me know about the awkward sentences! I was trying to go for a choppier style, but maybe I should stick to legato instead of staccato? ;) Either way, I'll wait a few days and then go over this with a clearer mind. I don't know about you, but I can never revise a story right after I post it. My brain seems trained to miss all the typos, hehe.

Again, thanks so much for everything, Susan! I truly cherish your feedback. Take care and be well!

Lee Anne

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