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Review #1, by Junaid The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

18th December 2011:
The sheer absurdity of the dursleys being so...normal was hilarious. Tally ho indeed. Keep it up mate. Looking forward to the update. Say, is this story on ff?

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Review #2, by patchorjacedm The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

18th November 2010:
i know i've been a favorite for a while, but i read this story constantly
love love love love love the plot and would love to see some harry/hermione goin' on, a little dramione wouldn't be bad either
Thank You!

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Review #3, by Ardeyna The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

6th November 2010:
Please, keep on going. Without the humor of today's society, my brain is soon to be kelp.

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Review #4, by SerenaDiggory The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

5th September 2010:
Lol !! You gotta finish this , can you put Dobby in it ! Can't wait for Hermione/Draco ! My fave ship

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Review #5, by xxRedheadramioneloverxx The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

4th September 2010:
this is certainly worth continuing, I thought it was hilarious! absolutely genius I tell you! Please update soon. :)

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Review #6, by Critique Moderator The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

3rd September 2010:
This is a wonderful start to this book! I absolutely love the subtle humor and the portrayal of the characters. I can almost imagine Dumbledore coming up from behind dustbins, crooked glasses and a tipped hat. This is a wonderful (and humorous) beginning to a fantastic story! Good luck!

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Review #7, by AccioPotter The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

2nd September 2010:
I love this! Write more!

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Review #8, by KRedden The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

2nd September 2010:
LOVE the idea for this story. I mean I love the originals obviously but I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Favorited and followed! Keep up the good work! :)

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Review #9, by rj_sunshine The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

2nd September 2010:
omg this did have me chuckling in some parts. dumbledore is funny. i think every story is worth continuing especially if you enjoy writing. 9/10 i look forward to seeing how the plot changes :)

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Review #10, by Alex11215 The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

2nd September 2010:
Your summary blew me away. It was the weirdest thing i have ever read. (In a good way) This chapter was interesting, funny but not rofl funny. I wonder why Harry had ginger hair? It is definitely worth continuing. It is a story different from any others on the website, which is rare considering there are so many.

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