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Review #1, by Rajvi Expressing Satisfaction

5th June 2012:
I think I've fallen in love with the chapter...

Author's Response: I'm so glad. I did lose many chapters of that story and I'm getting my flash drive fixed and will hopefully recover the file and update in a month or so

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Review #2, by Rajvi Constellations

5th June 2012:
Merlin's Beard ! I love how you've written this chapter. I absolutely love it. I'm going to cry if I read it once more as it's perfectly amazing !

Author's Response: Oh thanks so much. I am proud of this story. It is an earlier one of mine ... I swear my writing technique has improved since then :D

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Review #3, by Rajvi Mediterranean Mermaids

5th June 2012:
I found this chapter extremely cute. I just love it ! Great story line :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much Rajvi. Glad you enjoyed this

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Review #4, by Jakumo1 Luna's Agreement

2nd December 2011:
Do you think that you'll ever write more for this story? :-3

Author's Response: i have written at least five more chapters but i lost them and am in the process of recovering them x

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Review #5, by iced_T Luna's Agreement

18th July 2011:
Love it! Please update!

Author's Response: have to fix the computer first because the file had disappeared. more should be up by next month

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Review #6, by xSiennaLovegoodx Luna's Agreement

5th June 2011:
I love the new banner, it really suits the story, and as for the story, AMAZING! I love the plot idea, its really well made and worded (: keep going! x

Author's Response: thankyou. i will try to update soon

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Review #7, by iceprincess_12 Luna's Agreement

18th April 2011:
awesome !
this is a fantastic story~!

Author's Response: thank you very very much for the review :D

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Review #8, by Sarah Luna's Agreement

13th April 2011:


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Review #9, by hufflypuff Luna's Agreement

6th April 2011:
great story - iv never seen a draco/luna fic before, but this really works. update soon! :)

Author's Response: i thought i'd do a different girl because i love writing draco so much. i needed a break from hermione :)

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Review #10, by Daisiana Luna's Agreement

1st April 2011:
Ok, I loved it, but I'm confused.
Professor Moriarty? Irene Adler? Jack the Ripper? The little Sherlock emoticon?
Why? Please answer, I need some help here!

Author's Response: its april fools day lol

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Review #11, by zelunatic Luna's Agreement

31st March 2011:
update soon please! i really love it!

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Review #12, by samantha Constellations

26th March 2011:
Ilove this canon couple and you did a great job writing it please write moorreee...

Author's Response: i have. a chapter is in the queue :)

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Review #13, by xLunaMalfoyx Expressing Satisfaction

26th March 2011:
This is very good. Keep writing- it looks really promising!

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Review #14, by Fellytone Becoming the Understood

20th March 2011:
Hahahaha! Draco caught Luna in only her underwear xD Sheesh, he's such a git though. Thank you for not making him come out all nice and whatnot.

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Review #15, by Fellytone Handpicked Flowers And Stained Glass Windows

20th March 2011:
Hey, nicely done!! (: Luna is so... well, Luna here! haha

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Review #16, by magicmuggle01 Becoming the Understood

14th March 2011:
Same old Draco, an arrogant git. But it will be interesting to see what luna has in store for him. Another 10/10.

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Review #17, by magicmuggle01 Handpicked Flowers And Stained Glass Windows

14th March 2011:
OOOHHH this is going to be an interesting set up. A very good opening chapter for which i give you 10/10.

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Review #18, by mMalfoy Expressing Satisfaction

5th March 2011:
Poor Luna. Poor Draco. Poor Narcissa.

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Review #19, by Hannah Expressing Satisfaction

3rd March 2011:
please update!

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Review #20, by Alice Handpicked Flowers And Stained Glass Windows

2nd March 2011:
I love it so far! Such a twist!

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Review #21, by Carol78y Expressing Satisfaction

1st March 2011:
holy canole.(dot dot dot) i'm glad it was only wine for cissy
keep writting! this is really good, but of course only when you have time.

Author's Response: thank you very much. the best is to come. trust me

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Review #22, by ToHeavenWeGo Constellations

11th February 2011:
Hello! I really love your story! You're a very talented writer, and I cant wait for the next chapter. I really loved it(:

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Review #23, by zachary stickle Becoming the Understood

10th February 2011:
okjfcvfdcgm WEIRD CHAPTER!!!

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Review #24, by zachary karam stickle Handpicked Flowers And Stained Glass Windows

10th February 2011:
I liked it.It was kind of suspenseful at the end.

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Review #25, by TheChosen1 Handpicked Flowers And Stained Glass Windows

9th February 2011:
I love it! It's a great idea, and I like the way you write!

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