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Review #1, by Ginnypotter87 Silent Goodbyes

5th October 2010:
I was practically crying at the end of the review, it is so sweet and touching! Obviously, 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really wanted to make this story touching, something which I don't usually do as I usually try to spread the laughter!

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Review #2, by HannahHeart Silent Goodbyes

28th August 2010:
Awww! Really sad, but very appropriate and touching :'(

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Review #3, by TallestTower Silent Goodbyes

26th August 2010:
Oh god.
I don't really know what to say. This was so painful to read. Poor Arthur, I feel just as if I really know him and it was so hard to see him go through this. It was a really touching and poignant piece, and it felt like it had a lot of emotion to it. It was so sad to see it through Lily's eyes, because she had to watch all the people she relied on and saw as so strong just crumble away. And Arthur, he was so sad. The way you wrote this with stages was really well written. Reading the different events that had happened were really horrible and I could imagine them very vividly. Your right, it would have been funny if it hadn't been so sad. But the worst thing was the moments when Arthur was with his family, seeing their reactions to his dementia and also how he began to forget his loved ones.

I thought it was extremely well written how you started off by establishing the strong relationship that Lily has with her Grandfather, so it was even more heartbreaking as he slowly began to forget her.

It was so hard and heartbreaking to read simply because the reader knows what's going to happen. We know he's only going to get worse. But yet, I couldn't look away.

I think it was very sad that he couldn't remember Lily at all, at that he got angry, that he wasn't the man he used to be any more. It was so helpless. And poor Molly, wasting away. I thought you described all the different characters really well, I like you covered how they felt about it.

It was very distressing to read about how he thought George was Fred. Poor George, that would have really broken his heart.

And then the very last paragraph, I honestly had tears in my eyes. The way you wrote it was brilliant, I just knew what was going to happen and I also knew I could do nothing to stop it. Arthur is such a well loved character, it was horrible to see him go through this but it was really well written and believable.

The ending and the whole layout of the piece, the plot development was perfect. The way you wrote from Lucy's innocent view was really touching, even I felt like I still had some kind of hope, even though I knew he would die.

This was so so touching, I feel very moved by it. One of the things that struck me about this piece was that is felt so personal, I really believed that Lucy had lived through this.

So sad, very moving. Writing can't always be happy, and sometimes the best stories are the ones we don't want to read simply because we don't want them to be true.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this story! I didn't really enjoy writing it because it made me feel really sad the whole way through, and I'm glad I managed to convey all the emotions I wanted to despite them being unpleasant ones.

I hope it was realistic all he went through. I did base it on a personal experience but obviously changed it slightly to suit the different characters and situations.

Writing all the different characters' opinions and feelings towards it were important for me to put it, mainly because the illness of a family member affects so many people but all in different ways, and I felt it was vital to cover this in order to make the story realistic.

Again, thank you lots for this review! And I have to agree with your last sentence! They're also the stories we don't really want to write either. :)

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