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Review #1, by Vermouth Of Introductions And Reunions

26th December 2010:
Sorry I came back to this so late. The story is progressing quite well. I hope Clark Kent will regain his memories in time.

Personally I looking forward to see Superman breaking Voldemort's--or at least Nagini's--neck, because I'm quite sure her fangs will only break if she attempted to bite him. :)

Would you also review my story as well? Start from chapter one, if you please.

Author's Response: Yes, I'm sure Mr. Kent will find out more about himself in due course-but for now, I'm sorry, as i'll have to put the story on hold for a while, I estimate about a month more . Thanks a ton for reviewing..:)

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Review #2, by Vermouth A Battle And Revelations

30th September 2010:

Hope there's more!

Author's Response: Lots more to come!:)

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Review #3, by Vermouth Who Am I?

30th September 2010:
Hey this is great!

To Superman, Voldemort won't be hard to deal with, don't you think? I myself believe he only has to fear (sorry but the name left me) that tyrant ruler of a planet who looks like he's made of rock and can burn him with his eyes, if you know what I mean.

Author's Response: While it's true that Darksied is the only one who can defeat Superman in his world, it is known that he is vulnerable to magic, especially that of a powerful wizard like Voldemort. So, in my opinion, a Crucio or a killing curse cast by Voldemort can do a lot of damage. However, Voldemort cannot use Legilimency on him. Thanks for your opinion.

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Review #4, by Vermouth The Spell Of The Rising

16th September 2010:
I hope Superman wakes up soon, I'm not sure how he'll stand against magical torture.

By now I am officially intregued! :) Please write some more.

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Review #5, by Vermouth The Ritual Of Eternal Damnation

16th September 2010:
Really exciting chapter, do continue!

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Review #6, by Vermouth Musings of A Hero

16th September 2010:
Hey this is really a great beginning!

I'm a rookie on this site, perhaps you can review my story?

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Review #7, by Maybe Someday Musings of A Hero

1st September 2010:
Ooh. Wow. : )
Cool first chapter! Quite detailed, & I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you. There's lot more exciting stuff to come. The fun has just begun!:)

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