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Review #1, by randomwriter Resuscitate Me

13th March 2014:
Hello :) I'm here for the Gry/Sly Blackout Bingo Battle!

I'm a huge fan of Rose/Scorpius stories. So I'm glad I stumbled across this one. It was different from most stories featuring this pairing, in terms of the characterisation. While the plot itself, forgive me, has been used quite a few times, this characterisation of Rose is new to me.

I loved how she really wanted to let loose and go crazy. While she came across as slightly air-headed and superficial, who isn't after a bit of alcohol and some dance music? ;) Oh, and hot boys, of course :p On a side note, I realise that Rose, being part of the next generation, has no canon template to follow. So it's upto the author to decide how to write her, and for me, this was a very unique characterisation.

Scorpius' story made me feel really really sad for him. I kept hoping he'd perk up and go dance with Rose, and I was glad when he decided to. I did think he jumped to the 'needing' Rose stage very suddenly and that whole bit about the epiphany made it sound like Rose may just be a rebound, but I'm not so sure about that, because the rest of it is quite convincing. Anyway, I am glad they fit together perfectly well :)

Anna seemed really boring and uptight, and I do think that he needed Rose. And Rose, I guess she really wanted to defy her father and taste the forbidden fruit. I hope she likes it enough to go back for the second bite ;)

Good job! I enjoyed reading this, even if it was a lot steamier than I thought it would be :) ;)

Author's Response: Hi there :)

I'm glad you like the story, though I will point out that it was written 4 years ago, so I'm sure there are even more stories now with this plot line than there were when I wrote it. At the time I hadn't read much like it, but it might be more common now :P

I wanted Rose to come across as air headed and superficial, to be honest. I see her written all kinds of different ways, but I very deliberately wanted her to be written like this. To have the eyes of all the guys in the club, to be a silly one night stand for Scorpius. I thought about extending it, but I didn't want to, because to be honest, I don't know if it's a one night stand or more, and I hope the reader kind of is left wondering too. But I am glad that you enjoyed reading it, thank you for the review!! :)

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Resuscitate Me

1st February 2013:
What! What! This was seriously delicious. I LOVED the descriptions in the beginning. You set the mood so perfectly with the image of this wild thing just taking every eye in the room.

I have a one shot of Draco and Astoria where Astoria acts a lot like Rose. Except Rose is sweet, and Astoria was being cold. I couldn't help but smile at the similarities thought because, well, like father like son ;).

Scorpius's desire to forget it all made me feel so sad for him. He was stuck in this place in life he hated, and he just wanted to drink his firewhiskey and forget about it all. But that wasn't really Rose's style, was it?

When she sashayed herself over to him... gah. I was getting so mad at him for not just going to dance with her because she's on fire and excited and that's all he needed.. not stupid boring Anna.

And even when he does dance with her, he gets back to his quiet little corner as soon as possible.

I loved they way his thoughts came around, though. This wasn't Anna, quiet and subdued. This wasn't the stiff woman who had done nothing but hurt poor Scorpius. And I LOVED that he took the next step on his own, he realized how much he wanted to just be next to her and ah!

You made such a good decision when they went back and stayed up talking. I was so happy that it was that first instead of them just kind of sweeping up into passion... my heart just got all warm and fluffy.

And the end!! I'm going to have to be done now or I may get a bit past 12+.

This was really awesome, m'dear Ashley. your descriptions and energy in it was so...vroom. Like that. I was completely hooked to it the entire read ♥

Author's Response: Jami! I actually really enjoyed writing this, it's one of my favorite stories that I have done so far.

I feel like people have this preconceived notion of what ScoRose should be like and I hope that I kind of broke the mold here a bit, trying to do more of a one night stand thing rather than a long standing romance from Hogwarts.

I really enjoyed writing about Anna, like this girl that you love to hate, who just kind of is a patronizing person who has control issues, which contrasted with Rose's free spirit. I had such fun!!

Thank you so much for reviewing this :)

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Review #3, by CambAngst Resuscitate Me

12th December 2012:
Hello, dear! So I wanted to tag you first for once at some point this month. Without further ado, your holiday review swap review:

I'm a big fan of the Scorpius/Rose pairing for a lot of reasons. It's kind of petty, but one of the biggest ones is the way that I'm sure it would have emotionally traumatized their respective fathers. I also love the idea of each of them inheriting some, but not all, of the emotional characteristics of their parents. It makes for such an interesting interaction. And lest we feel sorry for him, recall that this is all Ron's fault. If he had just kept his mouth shut on the train platform...

Anyway, on to your story! I liked the way you introduced Scorpius's mood and emotional state. Clearly, his life isn't working out the way he expected it to. To me, it really sets up his chance encounter with Rose perfectly to cast him as this aristocratic kid who's fallen so far from the state of grace his family once enjoyed. It makes his frustration and bitterness and alienation seem perfectly justified. He has a dead-end job where nobody respects him and his girlfriend just left him after cheating on him extensively. He sounds like he's near rock bottom.

The one thing I wasn't quite sure about was having him both work for the Ministry and be a lackey for the Chudley Cannons. Have the Cannons fallen so far that the Ministry had to take over running the team? It seemed odd that the Ministry would be handling the day-to-day affairs of the players on the team. Does the Ministry do this for every professional Quidditch squad in Britain? I think this would work better for me if he was employed solely by the Cannons. It's not a big thing in the great scheme of the plot, but it jumped out at me.

And then Rose and her friends dance into his world. I really loved the way that you wrote her. She came across so vividly; full of vim and vigor and clearly having the night of her life. She's the center of attention, even though it's not "her party" in the strictest sense. Every eye in the room turns to her and all the men have designs on her. It's such a nice contrast with the way that I always think of her.

The initial dialog between the two of them is brilliant. Scorpius is trying his best to stay mired in his personal misery, but she's having none of that. She's had a bit too much to drink and she's super-chatty and happy and bubbly and dead set on breaking him out of his doldrums. No matter how hard he tries to push her away, she won't let him succeed. The physical details -- the heat rising from the back of her neck, the knotted muscles of his neck and shoulders -- were a really nice addition to this. It was all so easy to picture and put myself in the middle of.

His epiphany about his ex-girlfriend was clever and believable. In my head, I was picturing Ed Helms's girlfriend from The Hangover: proper and dry and controlling toward him while she's being a complete... er, scarlet woman toward all the other men she fancies. You pulled it off really well.

The story just starts to tumble into awesomeness from there. I think you did an awesome job writing both the physical and emotional side of their encounter and balancing those two aspects. Putting her into a healer training program was a great choice for this. She's applying everything she's learned toward salvaging Scorpius and building him up. And the love scene was fantastic. I think you found the exact limits of what you could do in an M-rated HPFF story and you made great use of that space!

This story was brilliant. Sorry for sounding all gushy, but it was. I would love to see you write more stuff in this vein. Very nicely done!

Author's Response: *waves* hi!

Ok, so when I started writing this story I actually wasn't a huge fan of Rose/Scorpius but I actually think writing this story solidified it for me and I was like...crap. But I do love it now, very much.

So when you brought up the whole "work for the ministry and the Chudley Cannons" thing I was like...wait, he does? I didn't even remember doing that :P I think when I wrote this story a few years ago I just assumed everything went through the ministry but I definitely do not assume that anymore so that's definitely a good thing to change, thanks for bringing that up :)

I'm so glad you like the way I wrote Rose! I would say of all the criticism I get on this story, the number one thing is "you wrote Rose too flighty, too superficial" But I always remind them that A) she's drunk and at a club and B) Flirting a lot. I don't necessarily think that we are all at our best after we've been drinking when it comes to social interaction (or maybe we are, for some lol) but I guess I kind of based this off of what my friends and I do when we go out...and maybe that doesn't say a lot about me. and maybe I should say "did" as I don't really go out as much anymore. And maybe I should also say know what, maybe I should just stop saying things :P

OH Ed Helm's girlfriend in the Hangover is such a...a...well. YOU know. And I kind of see her that way too, though I don't know if I ever made the connection. I'm glad you did though, now I feel even worse for Scorpius :P

A note about the healer training program: I tend to do that to Rose and Scorpius a lot. Well, Rose specifically but sometimes Scorpius, I think he's a healer in Centrifuge. That's because I'm a physical therapist and I just can't help but write about medical things. I am a huge dork. You write about what you know, and I know medicine, so now everyone in my story is a dork like me :P

The love scene, when I go back and read it now, my inner validator always flairs up. In fact I think that I had to have someone validate it for me to make sure I didn't push the boundaries (we do those things sometimes, those of us that like to be a bit naughty lol) but I do like the way it ended. It was just a night, you know? Just a solitary night :)

Thanks so very much for reading this, it's still one of my favorite pieces and I love it very much!! And you're a fabulous reviewer!

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Review #4, by imacullenpottergirl Resuscitate Me

9th December 2012:

Well, oh. That was definitely steamy alright! But I liked it. I thought that it was a very beautiful piece, steaminess aside, that showed just how tortured Scorpius' soul was.

I thought that the characterisation of Scorpius was perfect, but something about Rose was a little bit off. She seemed a little superficial, if you ask me. With the whole "I do what my daddy says" vibe going on. Maybe if you introduced a little more character to her?

Cause for a tortured soul like Scorpius, he kind of needs someone who understands him, not just a hot mess kind of girl. But Rose aside, I really loved this story.

Favourite line: "She was an angel, sent to save him from the depths of his own hellish soul."

Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for a great story!
- Abhi

Author's Response: Hahaha you're right, it's definitely steamy.

The thing about Rose, though, is that everyone gives her a particular type of characterization but it's really up to the author since there is no established canon. Though I will say that normally when I write her I don't make her this superficial. I think because she was out with her friends, a little drunk, she was a little more superficial. But that's just my thoughts on it :)

I'd say if I were to continue this story, I'd probably show her in a bit of a different light and a little more serious, but this really was only meant to be a one night stand kind of thing.

I'm so glad you liked it though thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Giola Resuscitate Me

19th December 2011:
Pf. Steamy's about right :P

Right, firstly, have you ever written a story without mentioning something PT related? :P I love it, it's hilarious :P Nice way to make every story your own :D

Ok, reviewing. As always, you've got a good grasp on the basics, obviously. I was hooked from the start, Scorpius in particular drew me in. He was so dejected and down, and you explained it all without making it seem dry or overwhelming. Rose, on the other hand, irritated me a little. She seems superficial, but I suppose that's her purpose here after all.

Definitely a different take on Scorpius and Rose. I have to wonder, was this when you first got the idea of Rose being a Healer (and idea that I'm guessing you later developed)? It certainly works nicely, and I could see her channeling Hermione a bit when she sat Scorpius down to analyse his psyche :P

Scorpius, on the other hand...I can't really see a lot of his parents in him. The mark of his parents actions, and the payment for them, however, has left an impression. I felt so terribly sad for him when you described his job and how it was the closest he'd get to quidditch, and how he was doomed to this life. I suppose I have an idealistic view of the next generation, and want to believe that Draco would be accepted, so Scorpius would too. You, on the other hand, seem to have gone the realistic route, and you've done a beautiful job. It was realistic and saddening, and I envy your ability to write emotion, especially angst like that.

Beautiful writing :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ash!

Author's Response: Oh God it's such a long review *is scared to respond*

No I don't believe I HAVE written a story without PT related things...unless you look at my waaay earlier stuff haha.

You're right, Rose is SUPER irritating in this story and I think that's kind of how I wanted her to be portrayed, at least in the beginning.

This actually was not the first time I made Rose a healer. That was in Centrifuge, but I really like her as a healer. Plus i get to talk about more PT stuff. WINNING.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a fan of realism. And I like to write about Scorpius having to deal with his name because I think the meaning of it may change somewhat, at least in the beginning right after the war. That's not to say that the Malfoy name doesn't mean anything anymore but I think that this generation is possibly ruined. Not sure...but I like to explore it, definitely!


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Review #6, by GinnyCullen Resuscitate Me

22nd April 2011:
I loved this! I thought the artistic value that is ingrained in this were so amazing they made me get goose bumps. You have a lovely way with your words. Even slipping some PTness into it ;). Way to go LR you have baffled me again. I love this oneshot so much.

Happy Writing

Author's Response: Aww well thank you so much for your review i really appreciate it! I adore this story so it's nice to hear

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Review #7, by MajiKat Resuscitate Me

27th September 2010:
here to review ^_^
i actually came across this on fanfiction net, lol. im pretty sure that version was...different, hahaa!

okay, what continuity issues? i can't say i noticed anything, and i read this really closely, knowing you'd mentioned it. seriously, everything seems fine.

at first, i really disliked rose's character but then, as i read more, i got over that. it was nice to see their roles reversed in a way. i have read too many fics where he is the womaniser and rose the innocent, sweet little girl. not that scorpius was innocent or even sweet in this - he was an ordinary guy, and i liked that.

the other thing about rose though...she seemed really...american :/ like i was watching an american teen drama or something. sorry, thats just what i got from her. i don't know if it was intentional (i know she was drunk as well, lol) or not.

i liked that he found some peace in the end, but i have to wonder, would it last? rose was all about experiencing life, so i can't imagine her staying with him. poor scorpius!

anyway, not bad hun. not what i usually read but thats not to say i didn't enjoy it!!

feel free to request again!
Kate xx

Author's Response: I hope the one you came across on FF net was mine! I was using the other site to promote the podcast, hence why my stories started showing up there. But I hope that it was under my account!
As for rose's character, it was not my intention to make her seem American. I was, rather, trying to make her drunk. Definitely not an American teen drama...I don't even watch those :) I did when I was a teenager, of course, haha. But that's ok, I will go back and review the dialogue and see if there isn't some way I can make her seem less flighty and American.
I strive to make my characters as normal as possible, because there are so many characters out there that make them seemingly "extraordinary." But I imagine them all as normal people, trying to get through life.
As to whether or not it would last- maybe. I don't really know, I never thought past the one night stand, haha.
Thanks for your honesty, I'm glad you enjoyed it.Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by ericajen Resuscitate Me

27th September 2010:
Hey, Rita. I'm here with some review action.

Out of all the Scorpius/Rose stories I've read, this might be my favorite. Albeit, I haven't read a lot of ScoRose, but I have read several, and this one really blew the others out of the water.

I think the main reason is that it's nothing like the others I've read. They weren't lost in some fit of passion at the first moment they saw each other. I liked that you explained how they had never even spoken to each other during their years at Hogwarts. Their first real encounter was that night and it worked really well that way.

I liked that both Rose and Scorpius were in a position where they were, in some way, trying to break free from something in their past. For Rose, it was her reputation as a perfect little good girl who never does wrong and for Scorpius it was really just who he was. He didn't want to be known because of his father or grandfather. It made it more interesting, realistic, and perhaps even more romantic because they were both coming from the same sort of perpsective, although very different reasons for having it.

You mentioned concern over continuity and as I was reading, I didn't have any troubles with it at all. I went back through and looked again but I really couldn't come up with any area that I thought needed more work. It might move a bit fast from the bar scene to his flat, but it wasn't incredibly speedy and like I said, as I was reading it, I didn't notice anything off about it. I had to actually look for things that were off.

All in all I think it was really great! Your writing style is fantastic. All the descriptions were interesting and well thought out but at the same time they weren't over the top or ridiculous sounding. I really enjoyed reading this, feel free to drop by my review thread any time(:


Author's Response: Miss Erica,

I am so pleased that you liked this! It's one of my favorites that I have written so far! I actually don't read next generation, and i think that helps me when I write it because then I don't have any problems with cliches or doing things the same old way.

Honestly, i know people like to draw Rose and Scorpius together when they were in school, but I like the thought that they didn't talk in school, that they would live to their parents expectations until graduation, when they were tired of it all!

I think it's more fun to have them meet this way, to be kind of down, needing a pick me up.

I'm glad that you had to look for things that were wrong. I think I intended the story to move quickly from the bar to the flat, but that's only because I didn't want to write the boring transition!

Thank you so very much for this review, I whole heartedly appreciate it very much!!!

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Review #9, by EvanAsh Resuscitate Me

16th September 2010:

First of all, I want to say that I really enjoyed this story. The main reason that I decided to offer reviews is because I wanted to get back into reading fanfiction, and was finding it difficult. Well, this story reminds me of everything I always enjoyed about the fanfic world before, so thanks bunches. XD I'm feeling myself being drawn back in already...

Anyway, on to the critique! I saw at the bottom that it was part of the Said is Dead! challenge, and I didn't see that challenge, so I'm not entirely sure what it was about, but I imagine the point was not to use the word 'said'? And if that's the case, then really good work. Not just that you never used it, but that I didn't even notice that you weren't using it until I read that bit about the challenge. In my opinion, using tags that draw attention to themselves is every bit as bad as, if not worse than, overusing said. But you handled it just great.

The characterization was also pretty good. Of course, characterization for next gen characters is a lot more open-ended than with the original set, so it's much more up to personal taste, but Scorpius was definitely a Malfoy and Rose was definitely a Weasley, yet you still brought them together without making it a Romeo and Juliet. (So plot was also very good.) I especially liked this bit: "Oh, come on. You know, I'm in training to be a healer, and there's this class we take that's all about the way people feel and communication, and I really know that, if you tell me what's wrong, you'll feel better." It was just... it was great. It was something I could actually imagine a slightly drunk young woman saying, and I don't know if you meant to do this, but it was almost an ironic twist on the usual compassionate-female-gets-broody-male-to-share-feelings. On the other hand, I do think that Rose was not consistently drunk throughout the entire piece. Of course, that makes sense, if she gets drunker as it goes on, but somehow I got the feeling that she kept being drunk, and then returning briefly to almost-sober, and then going back to further drunk.

One thing that annoyed me though was at the very beginning when it took so long to figure out who anybody was. I do get that you meant it to be that way, and I think that it is a good technique, but in my personal opinion, it could use a little tweaking. I think I'd like it a lot better if you were up front about it being Scorpius (not necessarily in the first few sentences, but as soon as you mention him, in the beginning of the second paragraph), and just gave Rose a label at first - more than girl, but maybe "the redhead"? - until you find out later in Scorpius' thoughts that it's Rose. Speaking of, I have to admit that I was a bit thrown off at the beginning, because I was expecting "girl" to be someone quite a bit younger. XD So maybe make that a bit clearer in the second sentence, instead of this girl, it could be this woman, and then the behavior itself suggests that she's a quite young woman, and more comments/adjectives later if you felt they were needed. (Not trying to write it for you, just giving suggestions. :P )

Annnd that's it! Once again, I really did like it, and I hope you find my comments useful!

- Evan

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! I really appreciate you taking the time to come and review my story!

I really enjoyed taking the said is dead! challenge, and I think that my writing is better because of it!

I did enjoy writing Rose as a bit intoxicated, and I am sorry that she didn't seem consistently drunk. Maybe that's something I could go back and change. I guess she was going through periods of being sober, and then drinking more, maybe? That's the only way I can explain it haha.

As far as it taking a long time to introduce my characters is concerned, that's actually something I do a lot in stories. I like to leave a little mystery behind who I'm actually talking about, but I can see how in this particular story it could be annoying. I'll keep that in mind when I revise it! As for Rose, she is definitely a young woman, and I do refer to her as a girl, and I think the reason I did that was because she was surrounded by all their friends and she was giggling and was acting a bit like girls tend to do. But again, it's great CC, and thank you very much for bringing it to my attention!

This was a great review, thank you again for taking the time to read my story, I very much appreciate it!

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Review #10, by kassandra466 Resuscitate Me

8th September 2010:
omg!! i LOVED it!! that was AMAZING! it made my day! : D

Author's Response: Thank you, i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by magic139 Resuscitate Me

8th September 2010:
oh i really liked this! it was so sexy and sultry, such a great mix. i also wrote a story for the challenge, but yours was way better than mine and i hope you win! if not you better place at the very least. great job!

Author's Response: :) thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and i'm sure your piece is just as brilliant as mine!

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Review #12, by schoenemaedchen Resuscitate Me

7th September 2010:
Hi there. Sorry this took me so long! I was on vacation 9.9...

So, in regards to writing this for the challenge: WELL DONE! It is not easy, but I think you did an excellent job.

I confess, I spent a bit more time reading through this story for grammar since you mentioned you don't use Betas (Why is that, by the way?) As a whole, the grammatical/spelling/punctuation in your story was great.

I did find two spots where I might have spotted a few tiny errors, but nothing horrible or significant.

So, tell me if I'm reading this sentence wrong, but doesn't a 'be' belong after would?
"not only was she asking for it, but she would the crowning achievement of the tick marks on their head boards."

And perhaps where you mention the free-for-all as the girls exit the dance floor, you should hyphenate it. That's what I saw in a few dictionaries that I looked in :)

Those extremely picky points aside, (as I said, I was reading intensely for grammar) I came across some wonderful aspects of your story that I would like to comment on.

I really like how you drew the comparisons between Rose and Scorpius' Ex. I thought it played nicely into his thought process!

I also really enjoyed your description during their rather spicy scene...the line where she painted the pillows auburn!! I thought it was great :)

The flow was also wonderful! The story was easy and fluid to read and also enjoyable. Again, excellent job with the challenge and excuse the late response :)


Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review :) Thank you for going through and grammar checking it! It can be difficult to pick up all the little mistakes, so it was nice for you to do that for me! I have corrected them :)

I'm glad you thought the flow was good! I'm very pleased with this story, I think it's one of my best works yet.

In regard to writing this for the challenge, you know, i didn't find it difficult not to write said. I think when I went and edited it I only had it a few times. But I think it really made for a more compelling piece, you know??

Thank you SO much for coming to do this, again, I really appreciate it!

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Review #13, by Marzipan Resuscitate Me

5th September 2010:
Holy cow! I did this challenge myself, so I know that it can be really tough in places, trying to re-word your sentences and what not. No one who had read this would know any of that, though, because this whole thing flowed seamlessly - there isn't one place where the wording seemed awkward or off in any way. That makes me hate you a little bit. Not really, I don't hate you.

Content: My, my! timeturner would indeed be proud of you - your pressing right up against TOS here, aren't you? Not that I'm complaining, since a) it was pretty freaking entertaining and b) despite the intimacy you have here it wasn't done gratuitously. In fact, you made it clear throughout the entire interaction between Rose and Scorp that it was the opposite of gratuitous - that despite the circumstances of their meeting, it was about healing and growing, and not just about lust. That is how I read things, atleast. Also, props for writing a Rose/Scorp that is not hinged on their becoming soulmates in Hogwarts.

As a biology nerd, I love your use of terms like trapezius muscle and travelled superiorly to his lips. Visions of Comparative Anatomy floated in my minds eye at those words.

Great job, loved it!

Author's Response: I agree, this was a little tough in places, particularly not being able to say "go." That one really threw me for a loop! It was a great challenge though, JLHufflepuff did a great job!

Haha I really did try to push the envelope, most of the other sex scenes I've done were more suggestive than blatant and usually use a bunch of floaty descriptions to lead the reader. I'm glad you recognized it wasn't gratuitous, this was actually a weird move for Scorpius or what he would have normally done, but I didn't want people to get the idea that it was this one night stand thing. I wanted it to lead a bit more.

You're a biology nerd?? Yay!! I'm a physical therapy graduate student (I feel like i've repeated that so many times that people know it, but maybe I haven't haha) so descriptions of the body and other biological processes are something that I specialize in. I love descriptions of anatomy, and oftetimes if I'm writing in next gen or something I will make my characters healers, because people write about what they know, and i know about healing :) And Anatomy. I know a CRAP TON about anatomy. And Physiology. And Pathology and musculoskeletal and neurological impairments. And i kinda want to cry :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this review!

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Review #14, by darlingslytherin Resuscitate Me

3rd September 2010:
Wow, okay I have to admit when you asked me to review this at first it wasn't excited because I have never been to fond of one-shots. I like stories I can really read for awhile. But this one-shot totally changed my mind.

This story was absolutely amazing, I don't have anything bad to say about it. I have never seen Rose written this way, all bubbly, flirty and sweet. It was totally refreshing.
And seeing someone write a Malfoy as someone who is not a TOTAL prick, I love that! Seeing as I am a Malfoy stan.

Also, you wrote the sexual tension between them so well, most people seem to stumble over their words and thoughts when they try that.

The story just flowed gracefully.

And that last scene, I am going to have to take a cold shower or something because it was so hot, yet it was done is SUCH a tasteful way to where it wasn't smut.

I am not going to lie, I favorited it. Great job. 10/10

Author's Response: Well I'm glad I changed your mind about one shots! Sometimes they can be quite compelling!

I'm glad you loved it so much! I like the way I've written Rose, she seems super fun! It's funny because I don't really read nextgen at all so when I write it and people say my characters are different than normal, I'd like to think that's because I don't actually know what "normal" is :)

Haha, cold showers are no fun! I was hoping to make it super hot without making it yucky, so I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks so very much!

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Review #15, by LillyRoseanne Resuscitate Me

3rd September 2010:
That was brill!!! I love it, well done!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #16, by liza_potter Resuscitate Me

1st September 2010:
Hi, it's lizzacc from the forums with your requested review. :)

I really liked this. The flow was great; nothing seemed out of pace. I was a bit surprised at how quickly Scorpius needed Rose. But I guess having been bitter for so long, you'll grasp onto anything bright and happy.

The characterization was wonderful. I enjoyed mopey Scorpius. I think Rose was described perfectly in this line: "however this girl was currently firmly lodged in her rebellious phase." Very true!

It was well-written, with no grammer mistakes caught. Good job! Quite steamy but you didn't overdo it and it was just the right amount.



Author's Response: Thank you very much for coming to review! I know, one of the things that really gets me about this chapter is how fast Scorpius did change his mind, but the thing about it was, I think he was really denying to himself that he wanted Rose. He was being sulky because he loved Anna so much but really, after the way she treated him, he deserved to go out and have fun! So, I don't know, I think it was something that he just sort of realized...oh, Anna kind of sucks. And then once he finally came to terms with that, he just wanted to throw caution to the wind. Or at least that's the way that I like to look at it :)

Thank you very much once again for reviewing!

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Review #17, by AlexG2490 Resuscitate Me

30th August 2010:

I liked this one quite a bit. I really enjoyed what you did with the characters. Except Scorpius is completely acting on the rebound here; I wonder how he's going to feel about the wild redhead he invited into his home a month from now.

I was really surprised at how quickly Scorpius had an epiphany, but I guess he got over having a bad day and being mean to everyone. His character was portrayed really well though; I liked that you were consistant. "I'm tired. Leave me alone. Go away."

And Rose? Well, I just like Rose. She just wants to have a bit of fun. She hasn't even committed to being a wild child for the rest of time. Just like me; I go to a venue like this occasionally but that doesn't mean I want to go clubbing always.

Nicely done as always.

Author's Response: Well Thanks Alex!! I appreciate your review, even though I kind of pushed you in to it!

I'm glad you liked it. Scorpius did have an epiphany, and I know it seemed quick, but I think really it was the first time he ever had a break through in his depression after she left, and he just wanted to be reckless.

How he's going to feel about Rose a month from now, I hadn't really thought about it. It would be an interesting sequel, this is true. Hmmm. Interesting ideas rolling about in my mind now!

I'm glad you liked Rose, too. I like her :) I feel like a lot of 19 year olds are like that, especially in America. She's kinda based off of one of my friends from undergrad who just kinda went nuts once she went to college.

Thanks so much, once again! I appreciate the time you took to come and read this and review :)


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Review #18, by Drummergirlred Resuscitate Me

28th August 2010:
Utterly fantastic! This was so HOT without being obnoxious, just the right touch. I really enjoyed reading this, I think you have Rose and Scorpius meeting up post Hogwarts, nice change from what I'm used to reading about these two!

Author's Response: I love that! It was TOTALLY HOT!! haha and that's kinda why it's my crowning achievement. I've alway shied away from sex scenes in the past, but I was trying to push the limits of the TOS while still still staying with in them, of course!

i'm glad this is different from what you are used to reading, this is always the goal and it makes me happy!

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #19, by scooterbug8515 Resuscitate Me

24th August 2010:
I really liked this dear, it captured my attention and held it even if I was talking to you and Alex as I was reading it. I really liked how you depicted the characters they were very vibrant and real. I particularly liked and sympathized with Scorpius. I don't have a boy friend who ditched me but I have a crap job much like him.

Yes this was steamy but it wasn't too much it was just the right amount and I loved it. I just loved it, and it's hard to depict my entire feeling and love for this. You did a beautiful job and I'm glad I took the time to read this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for coming to review my story!! It really means a lot!

I'm glad that you like how I depicted the characters. Since I don't read a lot of next gen, I can never be too sure if I am doing the characters justice, but I'm glad that you agree with them!

I'm also glad you don't think it was too steamy. I'm a little awkward about it now. I was happy when I wrote it but now I feel like a bit of a creeper for some reason. I'm glad you liked it though.

Thank you so much for coming to read this, I really appreciate it :)

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Review #20, by justonemorefic Resuscitate Me

24th August 2010:
Hah, mopey Scorpius! My love of bitter people is showing again. I like that the plot's a very believable spur-of-the-moment thing, nothing terribly romantic, but rather cathartic.

I love all of Rose's dialogue. I can totally hear it. Something that stuck out at me, though, was Scorpius's dialogue at the end. Some of it sounded a bit too stiff, like the "I'm tired of being..." part. But I love all of his dialogue at the bar xD I love his all his DO NOT WANT. GO AWAY. It makes me want to pet him :3

Author's Response: I'm glad you like mopey Scorpius! haha. I'm glad you like the dialogue at the bar, that was some of my favorite parts to write in this story. I'm sorry the part with Scorpius at the end felt a little stiff, but it actually served a purpose in the story and really was the catalyst and final reason that Rose decided to give in to her feelings. But I do respect your opinion :)

Thanks so much for coming to check this out, I'll definitely take a look at yours once I get a chance!

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Review #21, by keroberros Resuscitate Me

24th August 2010:

Well, I'd already read some of this and couldn't wait to read the rest of it today! Love is all I can really say for this. You wrote it brilliantly as you can really feel the angst and emotions the Scorpius has throughout the piece. It was a nice ending too, I was half expecting it to be a sad one but it wasn't. After everything dear Scorpius had been through I think a happy ending was a good choice for him.

What else did I love about it? The fact that it's not the same as all those other Rose/Scorpius stories out there! Don't get me wrong, they're good (mostly) but it was so refreshing to read something different and it held my attention more.

You captured Rose and her lets rebel and be FUN phase wonderfully. She reminded me of a friend actually which when I think of it is slightly scary.

Overall, I really liked it as it was different and very well written (even with my laughter at broody ;)) I'm so glad you had the motivation to write this because it is fantastic. And any time you need a soundboard you know where to find me :) Twas my pleasure to help out! 10/10

Author's Response: Oh my dearest Kero,

I'm so happy you came to review! I'm glad you like all the emotion I put into it, because it really was a focus of mine. I wanted it to be very descriptive, to feel like you were there and I'm happy that I got to achieve that a little bit.

I'm also very happy it's not the same as all the Rose Scorpius stories that are currently out there. That would be counterproductive, wouldn't it? haha. It also helps that I don't read next gen, I'm sure!

I think Rose could totally have a rebel phase, and I had a great time writing her!

I am so very happy that you liked this story, and I am happy you took the time to read it!! You're the best :)

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Review #22, by TravelingHermione Resuscitate Me

24th August 2010:
This was really good, I don't like reading one-shots much (although I have written a few) but this one was really really fantastic. Great writing skills and plot

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! I very much appreciate your review :)

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