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Review #1, by insertcreativeusername Sailing Ship

8th March 2018:

The stories on this site never cease to amaze me, gosh! This one-shot is so good, I swear I've already read it near 100 times! June is so hilarious- and relatable! Let's be honest, who wouldn't wish they had the chance to make their OTP happen?

You've characterized Remus and Sirius so lovely, and I just need a companion piece to this where James finds out about all this, ahahaha. One-shots are the coolest things to me, because authors manage to fit so many emotions in so little writing, and this is probably my favorite one-shot EVER!

( Lowkey, this would be a great way to start a sirius/oc story, lmao )

xx Zhenya

Author's Response: Ha, I never imagined people still remembered this silly fic of mine, let alone be someone's fav! You bet James would find out about this within hours (as long as he wasn't out snogging with Lily) and dare I say, he would gladly play his part when June is around, until Lily finds out and smacks him over the head.

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Review #2, by lilac_snapdragon Sailing Ship

4th March 2018:
Awe, this is such a cute one-shot.

You're right, June is definitely a very dedicated fangirl, going out there and actually making her ship happen (go June!).

I love the way you depicted Sirius and Remus, especially Sirius: I like how he just completely ran away with it, with that extra bit about James, brilliant!


Author's Response: Thanks! c: Sirius would roll with it 110% won't look back, never look back.

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Review #3, by randomwriter Sailing Ship

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello again! :)

So this was a really cute little one-shot. You're right about Junebug! What a dedicated fangirl. She went out there and made her OTP happen. I salute her too! I know that this is a humourous story, but it's really funny how you took a dig at those gossip-mongers and tabloid writers who won't stop till they get the goods or the dirt.

I love Junebug. All your OCs are so amazing. There's this element of craziness to each of them, and not two are the same. I LOVE the way you writing them. It's all so funny and this was no different. I was laughing throughout because of one reason or the other!

Sirius! Hahahaha xD I can't believe they told her that they were hiding their relationship to save James' reputation. I laughed out loud at that point... because, WHAT? HAHA :D It was so funny. If I may make a suggestion, I'd love to see a follow-up where Junebug comforts James without being too open about it, because she isn't supposed to know. It would be fun to read.

The banter between Sirius and Remus was really funny. I can see why June thinks like that, in a way :p They were like a couple of some levels and the whole thing became a great deal funnier. The funniest part was how Sirius reacted to the thought of Moony being on top. The dialogue was follows cracked me up!

Finally, I like how you sort of wove in a message (if that was your intention) also on a humourous note --> “Maybe one day, people will understand. That love is love, no matter the gender or... fur content." People must never discriminate against fur content. It's not her fault if she has a moustache damnit!! Oh, and don't discriminate based on gender either ;)

Great job :) That was a good story!

Author's Response: Ha, I always end up taking digs at tabloid writers in every story I write.

I think everyone who cheers for Junebug knows exactly what it's like to be an obsessive fan--and hey that's why most of us are here. She's living our dream for us, meeting Sirius and Remus, having her OTP of OTPs come true AND having her very own secret to keep from the rest of the... er... fandom.

After a while, I swear Sirius would forget the real truth, like actually forget for a second, and get caught up in the soap opera of it all. And HA, I just imagined James finding this out from Junebug at a later date. She'd wink at him and be all, "Your secret's safe with me," and he'd go wide-eyed thinking "crap, she knows I still sleep with a blanket."

♥ thank you again!

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Review #4, by patronus_charm Sailing Ship

2nd January 2014:
Here again for day 7 of the 12 days of reviewing challenge!

Oh my god what did I just read? Bahaha, I was just laughing throughout the entire thing because it was all so crazy and wonderful, and yeah, I’m just feeling jealous of Junebug because she got her OTP whereas mine is dead. :(

Junebug was another amazing character of yours and the craziness that went on in her mind made me laugh. I liked the scientific element in here again with her wanting to test her hypothesis because it worked surprisingly well with humour and the way she was so persistent in proving that Sirius and Remus were together. I did feel a bit bad towards the end for her because she did seem to be really upset about Lily and James being humiliated about the revelation that James loved Sirius but I suppose it was for the best.

The banter between Sirius and Remus was really great too, because there they were yelling that this was untrue and would never happen and then suddenly they got all into it and almost went overboard with the whole thing. Haha, I guess that their bromance is just proof that they are good enough to pretend to be lovers when the time calls for them to do that.

The ending was perfect! ♥ She really is the ultimate fangirl making them promise to love each other for ever. I just couldn’t stop laughing given that Remus will hate Sirius in a few years and then fall in love with Tonks. I guess her plan wasn’t such a good one after all.

An amazing one-shot!


Author's Response: The first appearance of science in my fics! Science and stalking and determination!

Junebug luckily gets her OTP for the time being, until they... also die D: She is a very respectful fangirl despite her persistence. She backs off in the face of true love and for the sake of Lily. It's the sign of a true fan, I'd say. Very deserving of the title of ultimate fangirl.

Sirius and Remus would've gotten a lot of practice with fibbing trying to make excuses for their monthly activities. They're very secure with their masculinity, too, I'd imagine.

Thanks for stopping by, Kiana! ^__^

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Review #5, by Your Secret Santa. O_O Sailing Ship

16th December 2013:
AHAHAHA. OMG WAIT. What just happened? This is another belated review from your Secret Santa, who is currently giggling like a complete loser.

Can I start off by saying that June Junebug sounds a lot like Luna Lovegood? But somehow not. Your HP names match the universe perfectly. Like the Nosy ‘Noculars and the Audible Amplifiers. They sound exactly like something straight out of the HP books.

I really enjoyed reading about June. She was eccentric and zany and so enthusiastic, but it made sense for her to be that way somehow. I loved reading about how she theorised about random things like Remus/Sirius and then she went to such great lengths to prove her hypothesis bahaha. The way you wrote her, all the craziness and zaniness made sense somehow. I don’t know how you do it and I am so jealous right now. You need to teach me how to write like you!

…oh wait, you’re not meant to know who I am. Darn.

Anyway, I also lived how you portrayed Sirius and Remus! I love reading about their bromance, and you did such a brilliant job capturing that. Their camaraderie is just so lovely to read. I love reading about them together, just as friends. How they united to get rid of June was so funny and how Sirius was so intent on ‘getting the facts right’ even though they were fake. :P I was just giggling throughout the whole one-shot really, it was just hilarious.

I loved the ending as well. Ahahaha let’s just blame it all on James and his jealousy then, shall we? :P And how June made Sirius and Remus to love each other forever was just the icing on the cake. And of course their bromance really did last forever really and that was just perfect.

I loved reading this lovely little one-shot Gina, it made my night. :)

Author's Response: Ooh I like the comparison to Luna. Maybe it's Luna's name, too. Ah, wizardly alliteration. Naming things are the most fun and frustrating part of HP fic.

What's been most hilarious for me is how many of the tropes I use in humor show up in this fic (which was my first humor one-shot). There's the stalking and zany names and science.

Bromance is my blood. Nothing against the slash pairing, I just prefer a good friendship over the gushy stuff. Sirius and Remus are my automatic straight-man-and-snarky-jerk combo. They would totally shove all the blame onto James in a heartbeat if they were getting into trouble on their own (as long as it's... relatively harmless. Poor Lily, dragged into it as well).

♥ another thank you!

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Review #6, by meghna Sailing Ship

28th May 2013:


1) "denial is the first step" "that's for when you're about to die" A+. ten gold stars. creme de la creme.
2) i love this sirius. i love this moony. just too cute for words sajkdsakdhjsa.
3) THE ENDING THOUGH. I'M A MESS. you think this is going to be one of those fluffy, innocent, harmless slash fics BUT NO you won't let me scroll down to completion without hinting that it's true, sirius and remus will love each other for the rest of their lives even though it's angsty and horrible and that june was right and ugh. pick me up from the floor you fiend. this is all your fault.


One day I just thought 'hay what would happen if there was a slash girl contemporary in Marauders' and then... yep. She's spunky AND progressive! And creepy, but that's unavoidable.

Sirius and Remus are going to be strong through their angst, you can do it too gurl, be strong.

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Review #7, by badgerpride Sailing Ship

21st January 2013:
Junebug Janes; the biggest Wolfstar shipper there ever was. This story is so brilliant and original, and I love it to pieces!

Author's Response: She shipped it before it was cool~ Thank you! c:

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Review #8, by spreaddapoo93 Sailing Ship

22nd November 2012:
Junebug Janes! Probably the best OC I've ever seen in my whole life!
Such a witty piece; I do adore it - and of course, Sirius and Remus; they make a fine duo.

Author's Response: Bahaha I remember that this story spawned from me wondering, 'wait what if there was an OC who didn't want to be with Sirius, but wanted him to be with Remus' AND THUS was born Junebug Janes. Our inner fangirl come to life.

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Review #9, by NerdyTeddy Sailing Ship

13th October 2012:
This... I just... It's sensational.
Please, write a novel about her!

Author's Response: Junebug's the fangirl who's living her dream xD I've had a few requests for an expansion, but I never planned on one. It would be utter crack, natch.

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Review #10, by shadowcat2 Sailing Ship

25th August 2012:
Awww. That was the cutest one-shot ever. I just couldn't stop smiling. I absolutely adore June. The ending was perfect too. Remus and Sirius definitely kept that last promise.

Author's Response: I love writing plucky 'Puffs 8D And a bit of Sirius/Remus bromancing doesn't hurt~

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Review #11, by academica Sailing Ship

14th August 2012:
Oh MY. Gina, could you please consider founding a school on how to write humor in fanfic? You could call it "Gina's School for How to Write Humor in Fanfic." I promise I'd be a good student and do my homework and all that jazz. Pretty please?

I love June. Her characterization is so perfectly wrapped up that all of her zaniness makes sense. I think you did Sirius and Remus perfectly, too. I could watch it playing out before my eyes. I thought for a second this was going to become a real/fake slash for just a moment there, but good thing Sirius and Remus are so clever! Just blame James! Haha. I love Sirius's line about Moony's "time of the month," and I like how June tried to fit the stages of grief to their reactions to her claims.



Author's Response: AH YOU FLATTER ME TOO MUCH :3 omgah I just reread this oneshot it is SO. OLD. I had a lot of crack to write back then. Now I feel like writing something new and absurd. Well, to be fair, I still write absurd, just with a little more plot 8D

I remember this plunny spawned from wondering what would happen if there were a Sirius/OC (being all the rage back then), in which the girl was deadset on getting Sirius and Remus together. It didn't go that way, but I had fun with the idea anyway 8D I lovee Sirius and Remus' bromance; I could probably read them bantering all day.


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Review #12, by ilovehp Sailing Ship

10th April 2012:
this was fricken hilarious! i loved it loads!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #13, by Crescent Moon  Sailing Ship

8th April 2012:
This was so funny!! I loved it!! XD

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #14, by rachelle Sailing Ship

31st March 2012:
I love this! So cute! Glad I came across this! Hilarious!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^

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Review #15, by WildFlower Sailing Ship

23rd March 2012:
Oh Merlin's toes this was funny! Junebug's actions and words remind me so much of me and my friends when we get fangirly over couples, news and just stuff in general. Hilarious! I loved this a lot, it's exactly what I imagine Sirius and Remus doing in a situation like this!

Sirius threw his hands up. "If I'm going to be fantasized about, I'd rather get the facts straight."


XOXO WildFlower!

P.S. Totally requesting a banner off you for my new story! Just looked over a couple your wonderful ones and WOW you are quirky and talented, exactly what I'm looking for! So keep an eye out at the Dark Arts for me :P

Author's Response: Hee, I'm totally a fangirl-type personality myself so it was so fun to just go meta on this whole fic. Basically I was thinking, what if a slash fangirl existed in the Marauder's era? And thus, Junebug.

Thanks so much! Sadly, I'm not making banners at the mo :( but I really appreciate that you like them!

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Review #16, by PolyJuice_ Sailing Ship

9th March 2012:
Confused now..Are they actually together? Or..did they just want her to shut up? Either way, I love your writing. :)

Author's Response: They aren't actually together. They just wanted her to shut up. Which was what all that furtive whispering was about :)

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Review #17, by Lillylover22 Sailing Ship

8th February 2012:
That was fantastic. Loved it 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked!

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Review #18, by Rumbleroar goes roar Sailing Ship

30th December 2011:
Absolutely hilarious!!! Loved it :D

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #19, by The Dirigible Sugarplum Sailing Ship

24th December 2011:
Oho, I'm back again for another review! *insert evil grinning face here*

This one-shot was uber hilarious. (Yes, uber. I went there.) So fluffy and cute and wonderful! ♥ I love the alliterative-sounding Nosy 'Noculars and the Audible Amplifier... they sound like something Fred and George would invent, sitting up there on the shelf right next to the Extendable Ears. xD

Junebug is so quirky and well... cute and fangirl-y, for lack of a better modifier. (Now that I think about it, she sort of reminds me of Russell from Up, if you ever watched it.) I love her thought process, and how she randomly inserts her squeals into the conversation. xD

Speaking of which, the dialogue in this flows really smoothly; I could just imagine the scene there. Oh, Remus and and Sirius and your witty banter. *sighs wistfully* I've never shipped them before, but this has gotten me into that why not? type of mode. Teehee, Byronical Remus and delusional Sirius... and jealous James!

Wow, this review must me so helpful. Just chock-full of CC and stuff, you know? ;) Ah, well. Hope you have a nice holiday!


Author's Response: Omg, June as Russell xD PERFECT. She really is a fangirl inserted in the Marauder's era. Basically, me inserted into the Marauder's era.

Really, only Sirius could pull it off. "...JAMES. JAMES IS IN LOVE WITH ME." While I can't say I ship them, I'm not against it either ;D Them and Tonks are bromancing up the afterlife is my dream.

I definitely am! Thank you for another lovely review! :3

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Review #20, by snuffles101 Sailing Ship

19th December 2011:
I have read this a hundred times over, it's already one of my favourite stories, i'm pretty sure i've reviewed already, BUT I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH! 10/10!

Author's Response: Baw thanks! :D I'm so glad you like it!

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Review #21, by cometolive21 Sailing Ship

3rd December 2011:
Loved it. Absolutely hilarious.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #22, by NadiaX Sailing Ship

20th November 2011:
Oh, that was so sweet xD. Love that girl, seriously. And Sirius and Remus' reaction. Oh, I'd love to see their expressions.
Hmm, when you think of it... this girl could be a source of plenty of funny stories, don't you think? ^^ I mean - you could write more about her theories and how she checked them on people :D. It'd be perfect! I'd love to read about it, ah.
Yeah, that would be funny. It's 8 a.m. now and I laughed quite loud (I thought I woke my father - that was scary!).


Author's Response: Junebug ♥ I'd imagine she'd go on so many wacky adventures, but I don't think I'd be inspired enough to write more. I do adore her to bits though. Glad you enjoyed it! ^__^ This oneshot is super old, but I've always liked it.

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Review #23, by charlottetrips Sailing Ship

14th October 2011:
Dear god. This whole story is over the top ridiculous silliness and I love it! Junebug Janes is one dedicated fan and I admire her persistence in getting to the truth of the matter ;)

Sirius and Remus however...naughty boys! "guide him in the throes of passion"? Woot! Too much!

I haven't been one for slash but maybe this little fanatic is close to getting a convert! Hee hee! The two boys awkwardness is evident but then their playfulness totally shows through. At least we know that they are relatively good people on the inside. :)


Author's Response: Oh, indeed ;D If only they knew the true extent of Junebug's imagination. -whistles-

I don't actively ship Sirius and Remus romantically, but I'm a big fan of crack-bromance 8D Sirius and Remus are a too-perfect duo.

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Review #24, by forsakenphoenix Sailing Ship

18th September 2011:
I read this before but I'm not sure why I didn't review. I LOVED this story. Definitely needed something light-hearted to get me through the angst that is my life currently, ha. You know, Remus/Sirius is my OTP and even though this isn't a legit slash story, it still made me ridiculously happy.

I love June. She reminds me a lot of Luna, in that peculiar way of hers. But she's very well-characterized, especially in such a short story. Her enthusiasm is catchy. "You know, I always imagined you as a secret Byronic hero, Remus... guiding Sirius in the throes of passion—" Bahahaha, I loved this.

Sirius and Remus are fantastic here, too. Their camaraderie is so wonderfully written and their banter!

Author's Response: I'm always here to swoop in and sweep the angst under the rug! :D

June is sadly inspired by my rabid shipping habits, the fangirl that lives and flails within my soul. I'm no diehard S/R, but their crack bromance ;D how can I resist?

Thank you so much for your review! ^__^

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Review #25, by Snuffles101 Sailing Ship

18th September 2011:
N'aw! This is the absolute CUTEST thing i have EVER read in my LIFE! 10/10!

Author's Response: Bahaha yay! 8D

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