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Review #1, by Yoshi_Kitten When Arthur Saved Molly

25th April 2017:
Hello Sam!! RoxiMalfoy, here for CTF, and to return that lovely review that you left for me yesterday. I didn't know that we had both done the 1,000 words challenge tho, OMG!! Small world, haha!! You know, now that I think about it, I don't believe I ever did hear the results of how this one went down… did you? Anyways, the review!!

I love Molly/Arthur so much!! Who doesn't though? But your take on them is something new and interesting that I've never seen before. It's like their roles here reversed here. He's the more serious one, and she's the oddball. I like that change though, it's gives them a new and fresh perspective. Plus I love the idea that Molly may have been the one to bring out Arthur's inner craziness, lol!! She reminded me a lot of Luna in this story, and I really liked that about her. Another thing I picked up on was the brief mentioning in the beginning about Arthur's pureblood status. It never crossed my mind before that a younger, post-Molly Arthur Weasley would care about such things, but I guess it does make total sense. I always pictured them falling in love at Hogwarts. So this, again, was something new. You've really piqued my interest into this time period of their lives.

When she went into the water, I was holding my breath to find out what was going to happen next. I was a little scared for her because I thought that maybe she had fallen in. And I wasn't sure exactly how much danger she was in, but I felt Arthur's fear for her and that resonated with me enough to make me worry for her as well. Molly does know how to swim in this though, right? I mean, there's no way she would just jump in and bank on the fact that Arthur would come in after her like that. She had o have known what she was doing all along. Right? I want to say that she does, because she did make the comment ”I like the way that it feels” which would suggest that she has done this before. But that would be kind of a scary bet to make though, of she didn't know how to swim!! That whole scene was really well-written though. I especially loved the imagery you created while she was in the water. So beautiful!!

There were hardly any errors in this that I could spot in this at all. Everything was pretty much perfect!! The only thing that I saw was one word at the very end here: Molly smelled in a self-satisfied way. I think you meant to say “Molly smiled”. I really like your writing style, everything flowed so well here and the descriptions were really well done! I'm so glad I found this little piece, as it has given me such a great new perspective on Molly & Arthur's relationship. Thanks for the great read!!


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Review #2, by 800 words of heaven When Arthur Saved Molly

26th July 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I owed you a review swap from simply AGES ago, but here I finally am, with no valid excuse. I can't remember if you requested a review on a specific story or not, so I just read whatever I felt like. However, if you did request it for a specific story, let me know, and I'll get right on it :)

Ah, I can't resist a Molly/Arthur story. There just aren't enough out there. They're one of my favourite couples in the Potterverse, and I found this to be a really interesting take on their characters.

It's so strange seeing Arthur like this. In canon, he's always a little scatterbrained, but generally cheerful. I don't think I've ever thought of him as being angry and frustrated with his lot in life. But the way you've written him, I can see why he'd feel that way. The first year out of school can be quite disillusioning, and I felt for Arthur. His frustration at the direction his life was taking was quite strong.

And Molly. She almost has this Luna-esque quality about her here. I can hardly imagine her as a free spirit, but I suppose becoming the mother of seven children can change a person. It's not that far a stretch of the imagination to see that she may have been a bit of an oddball. After all, she marries Arthur Weasley, oddball extraordinaire!

Overall, this was a really nice one-shot to read. I especially liked the ending, because even though Molly says that Arthur saved her, I think it's more true the other way around. Thanks for the read :)

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for the review!

I actually don't remember when we agreed to this review swap, but I'm still pleased to get your review! This story is several years old, and I've gotten a strange influx of reviews on it lately (mostly from TAR, since it's one of my shorter stories). I've been thinking about hiding it because it's not a story that I'm very proud of, and I'd prefer people to review other stories.

I like playing with reversing preconceptions of characters, and I kind of played with Arthur here. But to me, Molly has always been a free spirit. She's a Weasley, and she's big a free and passionate. That's just something she can express more clearly before she has seven kids.

I'm always surprised when people say my characters remind them of Luna. I've always avoided writing Luna, because I don't think I can do her justice, so it's kind of funny when people see her in my other characters. Maybe it's time I finally try my hand at a Luna story.


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Review #3, by darkkid When Arthur Saved Molly

20th July 2015:
Slytherin House Cup 2015

Oh Arthur! Honestly I've never really read much of him. Especially not in this time period, directly after Hogwarts.

I like how Molly is a bit strange, in a good way, the way that all of the Weasley kids are. I usually expect Arthur to be that way, and perhaps before the kids and before needing to be the big "mom" figure both of them were a bit quirky. I like that idea, it makes sense!

There were a few typos (I think an 's" was missing on surrounding at one point) but it happens!

Really great read! Very glad I stopped in for this one! Arthur / Molly is always a good classic to go!


Author's Response: To me Molly is a free spirit, and nobody can tell me otherwise. To me Arthur is quirky in a "dad jokes" way, but as a younger man he is a bit more typical, just kind of blundering his way though life and trying to figure out where he fits in.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I actually do not think I'm going to edit it in though, as at this point I kind of want this story to fall down on my AP


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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell When Arthur Saved Molly

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

Now this is an interesting oneshot. I've never read one where Arthur wasn't his off-beat, zany self, but of course that could have come after Molly. And I saw a mention of his Pureblood status. By HP of course he doesn't care anything about that, but maybe he once did. Maybe he was raised to. The idea that a free-spirited Molly could have helped him grow into a happier person is an interesting premise, and a good one in my book. Very creative!


and the more that his surrounding tried to cheer him
--I think "surrounding" should perhaps be "surroundings".


Author's Response: Hey Penny,

In retrospect, this is not one of m favorite things that I've written, but I'm glad that you found it interesting.

I definitely think it's worthwhile to re-evaluate our preconceptions of canon characters, and I think it's fully believable that Arthur's disposition has developed over the years, particularly as the result of the kind of powerful bond he forms with his wife and family.

I'm glad you enjoyed this!


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Review #5, by wolfgirl17 When Arthur Saved Molly

20th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff for the win!

Hey Sam,

This was a really great story. I've not read much Arthur/Molly before and I really liked the way you made Molly quirky and wild and a bit of an oddball. I liked that of the two of them Arthur seemed the normal one, even though in canon we see him more as an eccentric for all things muggle and complete blaze (why doesn't this blasted box let me do the e with the stroke for the right word inflection???) about everything going on around him, as in the 2nd movie when he's more concerned about how the car flew than the boys breaking the rules and the law to save Harry from the Dursleys.

I did notice a few typos throughout that could use attending if you have the time, such as:

"Molly smelled in a self-satisfied way."

I think you meant to write 'smiled' here?

Anyway, a really cool story about this marvellous pair. I liked this window into their lives before they're happily married with so many children. Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: Hey, Ellie! Thanks for the review - it's awesome to see more people pitching in for Hufflepuff!

I think Molly and Arthur are very exciting characters, and I am very interested in their youth, which I have also explored to better effect in another story. This story is a bit sentimental and I'm not sure it does them justice, but it was fun to reverse the roles people have preconceived for them.

Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart When Arthur Saved Molly

19th July 2015:
Hey Sam!

I'm here for the House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor!

I adore Molly and Arthur as a pairing. They just fit together so well, so I was really excited to see what you'd do with them.

Your characterization for this was really nice. Usually, we see Arthur as sort of the oddball, spacey, eccentric person in cannon, so it was cool to see a little bit of a darker element to him. We also usually see Molly as the more grounded of the two in cannon, so I liked that you made her a bit more wild and care free.

This also has that nice balance between cannon compliancy and having changed it enough to make it your own. In cannon, Molly and Arthur start dating in school, but I actually like your idea better. I like that Arthur had to evolve and change to realize that Molly was the one for him. Those high school sweetheart relationships are so rare, so I think this seems much more realistic.

The only thing that seemed slightly off to me was the ending. The just sudden lifting of the depression seems overly simple to me. Real depression doesn't ever seem to work that way.

All in all, I really enjoyed this version of Molly and Arthur's beginning. You really added some depth to them that I felt was lacking in cannon. Good work!


Author's Response: Hello again!

I am simply amazed that you reviewed so many of my stories. Thank you so much, you wonderful woman!

I really enjoy writing young Molly. To me she is a very passionate, free spirit. As she ages and gains more responsibilities towards her growing family she has to ground herself more, but that passion is always there in her character.

I 100% review with you about the ending. Looking back at it, it is an overly sentimental cop-out, and doesn't do the characters justice. This is the story that I am least proud to have on my AP, but I am pleased that you still enjoyed it.


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Review #7, by reader When Arthur Saved Molly

13th August 2011:
that was nice. really simple and nice, i really liked how you portrayed arthur.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

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Review #8, by arthurandmollynerd When Arthur Saved Molly

14th June 2011:
I liked it for the most part. I just thought it was weird and out of character for Arthur to think of Molly as an oddball. Because Arthur isn't exactly what someone would call completly normal.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

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Review #9, by elegantphoenix When Arthur Saved Molly

18th September 2010:
Hello, it's boysof_p0tterfan509 here with the review I've promised! So glad that you made it just in time for the deadline!

This was really nicely written. I liked the way that you adapted the picture and tweaked it just enough to fit your setting and your story. I also liked how Arthur was quick to save Molly, even after he had thought she was a bit odd. But then again, maybe he saved her BECAUSE she was odd and had done something dumb. Whatever the reason, I thought it was sweet. Maybe there's a relationship blossoming on the horizon... ;) Overall, I thought that this was a very good one-shot. The emotion, flow, and description were all well done. Thank you again for taking the time to give my challenge a chance :)


Author's Response: Thank you for your review.

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Review #10, by GloGirl3223 When Arthur Saved Molly

30th August 2010:
Can I just say I love you?

This is absolutely amazing. I'm always hesitant with Arthur/Molly because of Ribbons, but this was just crazy. Molly's excuse makes me want to try it (which doesn't seem like a good thing). You did a good job on describing the rescue, because I could picture it.

I love you. There, I said it.

Author's Response: - - - - - -

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