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Review #1, by Hayleekins A Certain Kind of Darkness

2nd November 2011:
Oh WOW! That was so amazing!!! I can't even find wods to discrive this :O just amazing. And a little creepy, but in this case it's a compliment :D Good work, a very nice piece!!
Happy Writing,

Author's Response: Yes it is a compliment, thank you :) I actually really enjoyed trying to get the creepy vibe for this one.

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Review #2, by puiwaihin A Certain Kind of Darkness

9th March 2011:
Excellent. I had never considered this as a potential source of dementors, but it certainly explains why the Ministry's use of them with Black and their unwillingness to consider them a threat. Very well written and well executed.

Author's Response: Thank you very much :) I'm glad you think it's a believable idea.

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Review #3, by MajiKat A Certain Kind of Darkness

14th October 2010:
hey hun

here to review and i apologise for taking so long!

okay you wanted to know how this works as a darker piece. i think its good - it has a nice subtle darkness about it, and i like that. it reminds me of gothic literature. the one thing i would recommend though is working more with your description to create more sense of place and atmosphere. when reading this, i could see everything, don't misunderstand me, the imagery was very clear, but it needs more atmosphere to truly bring out the darkness that this story, Fents and the situation deserves.

have you ever read any Edgar Allen Poe? he is brilliant at creating atmosphere!

my tips: use some juicy adjectives and always remember to write with the senses - especially sound and touch for horror/dark, and make sure you show the emotional responses of your characters to the situation. you did well with Ron. i mean, this sort of thing would probably not work with Fents, because he is a sociopath, but with another character, one being placed in the story/situation, their response to their external stimuli is very important in creating atmosphere as well.

i found fents a fascinating character and would love to know more about him - he was creepy without it being obvious, which is excellent for this sort of piece.

i was very surprised at his choice in student - i had assumed it would be harry, and then WOW the ending. i never expected something like that. it was very well done.

so overall i liked it. work on creating a darker, moodier atmosphere and you'll come to really love writing in this genre ^_^

feel free to request any time!
Maji xx

Author's Response: That's ok :) I think I get what you're saying about the atmosphere. It would make the story more intense. I'll be sure to look into the works of Mr. Poe the next time I go for a dark/horror fic.

I'm glad you found Fents an interesting character, and were surprised by the ending. I was really hoping it would be unexpected, and a bit of a shock :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to review, and for being so helpful.

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Review #4, by electricfeel A Certain Kind of Darkness

29th September 2010:
Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. I'm so glad I stumbled across this. The writing is so dark but perfect and Fents is a brilliant character. I wish I had written this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I quite like Fents, despite the fact that he's technically the bad guy :P He was a lot of fun to write. This story hasn't gotten much attention, so it means a lot that you took the time to review. Thank you again :)

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Review #5, by ericajen A Certain Kind of Darkness

17th September 2010:
Hey there! It's ericajen from the forums with your review.

My first comment: woaah. This is dark, creepy, and fantastically so. I was highly impressed with this one-shot. The very beginning, before the asterik separation, really set the tone for the rest of the story, particularly Fents' characterization. I knew right away he would be one of those characters that you love even though they're pretty evil, and I was not disappointed. I love it when someone can write a character ikes Fents well. The nonchalant darkness and such. It's always amazing to read.

And the premise was so interesting! I don't know where you got the inspiration for something so intriguing, but your muse must be a big fan of yours because this was incredibly unique and different; I've never read anything like it before and it was definitely a nice change from the norm.

You did really well in implementing the fact that Harry and Hermione are together. Instead of just coming right out and stating it blandly (which is always quite boring), you just wove it into the scene seamlessly.

The descriptions were fantastic. Whether it was describing Fents as a person or the surroundings themselves, they were done well. And Ron's feelings were portrayed in such a brilliantly dark manner.

The flow was also noteworthy. I didn't ever find myself catching at a line or having to think about what I was reading; it all flowed together seemingly effortlessly, which made it all the more enjoyable to read.

If I were to give any constructive criticism, I would just say to go back and add in even more feeling and description, but that's really just me grabbing at something constructive to say! The story isn't lacking any.

Basically, well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I think it was an amazing read and I'm quite shocked and disappointed that something this good hasn't received more attention!

Author's Response: Wow. Just wow. This is the nicest review I've ever had :) It made me grin like an idiot for half the day. Thank you so much for all the encouragement, and for the suggestion. I really enjoyed writing this, and it's great to know you enjoyed reading it. Haha, I guess my muse and I were in the 'love' stage of our love-hate relationship while writing this :D

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Review #6, by Cooper Belle A Certain Kind of Darkness

2nd September 2010:
What a lovely story! Well-written, clever ... It's all I could have asked for! Thank you so much -- it's obvious you put a lot of thought into this, and it was well worth it! Brilliant work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I really enjoyed writing this story, and it hasn't had many reads. This is my first review for it. It made my day :)

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