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Review #1, by anna She

7th January 2012:
you should write a story about them! the flashback was really good :) 10/10 .

Author's Response: Maybe I should.. :) I just have so many other stories I'm working on right now - as soon as I get a "plot" to go with them, I will start, though :D

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Review #2, by ElisabethBlack She

17th November 2010:
So good, so sad... Adds a whole new dimension to the scene where Sirius gives Harry the Picture of the original Order of the Phoenix... Great job!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think of it like that :) I've always liked the minor characters we never really got to know all that well, it's always fun to write about them ^_^

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Review #3, by Jazzeh Turnip She

22nd August 2010:
The summary of this really caught my eye. And I'm glad about that.

As ridiculous as this is, I've never read a fic in which Sirius gets married/engaged. Weird, huh? I'm glad I started with yours though.

You've balanced the dialogue and narrative well, which I adore, and the characterisation of both Sirius and Mrs McKinnon is fantastic.

I don't think you need to indicate that the flashback is a flashback. People will understand that it's a flashback, because you've put it in italics. ^.^

This is hilarious: "Are you alive!?" Peter wnated to know.
But there's a typo there you might want to correct :)

That ending brought a tear to my eye. I love how he referenced back to Marlene's gravestone. Cheesy, yes, but it still has an impact.


Author's Response: YAY! :D Although, I've read tons of Sirius/OC stories where he gets married etc, how come you haven't? xD Ah well, I am honoured :D And thanks for the typo-remark - I shall fix that ^_^ As for the 'flashback' part; well, it's just something I always do. It's a bad habit, I know :D And yes, the reference to the gravestone was way too cheesy, but way to difficult to ignore :D I JUST HAD TO! xD

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Review #4, by :| She

21st August 2010:
you never update anymore you suck update more it hurts my feelings. Please update i love all your stories so update : ) i also love marlene and sirius fan fics they seem more realistic

Author's Response: That's because all my stories haven't been restored to my new compy, so I can't really do anything before that. But as soon as I get them back, I'll update! That's a promise, since I know I have several chapters done, ready to be posted - screw editing! :D

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