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Review #1, by Brutalvis Change of Heart

29th August 2010:
Hey, thanks for entering my challenge, an sorry for the late review >.<

First of all, I want to praise you on your characterisation, the way you have portrayed both Tracey and Pansy was really true and honest. I could see them as fully rounded characters with a real history and sense of life within them, it really made the poignancy hit home alot more. I really like the femslash themes with Tracey (we so rarely see it on HPFF) and I think it is one of the more believable and even likeable relationships, even if it isn't shared by both parties. You tackled this subject so well with a great execution.

I really like the idea of the plot too. You pulled it off well with a really enjoyable style of writing, and I was actually touched by all the characters. Pansy's willingness to help Draco, Tracey's loyalty and love for Pansy, and even the girl who tried to help Tracey. The story line is really believable, I truly always imagined Pansy would have just rushed straight to Hogsmeade, but you definitely changed my mind on that! It's a shame Tracey had to follow her and end the way she did, your portrayel of her really made me like her as a person.

The ending was perfect. I do like the fact that she died, not because I'm morbid or anything (lol) but because of the circumstances, she wasn't fighting to protect the castle or for Harry's benefit. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time because she truly loved Pansy. I really hope her love would benefit Pansy in some way, Tracey needs to live on somehow!

Thanks again and well done on an excellent one-shot! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lengthy review! I'm glad i was able to portray the characters correctly, i did find it difficult to write about Pansy, but I'm glad you approve! :)

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