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Review #1, by nott theodore see no evil, speak no evil

24th February 2013:
This was short but I thought it was great. I think the idea is brilliant and you write it very well, too. Those pureblood Slytherin families are really messed up, aren't they? It made me feel sorry for both the characters (and it's unusual for me to feel sorry for Slytherins!) because both of them grow up in fear and without much love. I thought you did really well on this!

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Review #2, by Roots in Water see no evil, speak no evil

13th July 2011:
This is written really weirdly- in a very, very good way (don't get me wrong). It's just unusual. Is the woman Theo talks about Blaise's mother? That's the sense I got. Is this related to your other story, Memento Mori? Telling about how Blaise's mother died? Forgive me if I'm trying to link things too much or read what isn't really there. Just trying to puzzle things out in my mind!

This is such a mysterious, creepy story. There's a lot going on in the background that is only hinted at.

The thestrals were a perfect backdrop for this story- they helped relate between the death Theo's seen and Blaise and Theo's talk about death.

Though unusual, it was a great read. Another fantastic job!

Author's Response: Ahh yes, this is very weird, don't worry. It's one of those things that I read over once I'd finished and just went "Ok... where did that come from??"

Theo and Blaise are both talking about separate women, their mothers - Blaise's murderess of a mother with her seven husbands (so yep, there's definitely a link to Memento Mori - I've always found Mrs Zabini a very interesting character), but Theo is talking about his own mother. According to JKR, Theo was brought up by his father and his grandmother, and as he can see thestrals (as we're shown in OotP) we can only assume that his mother must have died and he witnessed her death.

I know it's not very clear - i.e. not clear in the slightest. I'm very glad you battled on through the bizarreness and still enjoyed it though! Thanks for another brilliant review!

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Review #3, by baletgir see no evil, speak no evil

21st January 2011:
Hm... what do I think? I am a bit confused to be perfectly honest. I love the idea of two Slytherins contemplating death and Thestrals. Blaise has a very good point, and I liked seeing that from him.

As for why Theo can see the Thestrals, that's where my understanding is lacking. So his mother killed her husbands, yes? But the death he saw was when his father killed his mother? I was confused by the memories because his father's and mother's parts kept intertwining and I struggled to grasp who was speaking. Am I completely off?

If I do understand correctly, I think it was a great concept. I really enjoyed it overall.

Author's Response: I don't blame you for being confused :P This is one of my stranger stories, I've got to say. I've no idea where it came from, really.

To understand this I think you've got to have a really good knowledge of the backgrounds of these two characters - Blaise with his murdering mother and her seven husbands (which is mentioned only briefly in canon) and the fact that Theodore Nott's mother died (which I'm not sure is mentioned in the books at all) and he was raised by his Death Eater father, and that he was the 'stringy Slytherin' mentioned in OotP who could see the thestrals, so the assumption is that he witnessed his mother's death.

If you don't know all that, this fic probably makes no sense whatsoever xD Sorry if I completely confused you, but thank you so much for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it all the same :)

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Review #4, by frenchy19 see no evil, speak no evil

19th August 2010:
This is brilliant. I love your writing style and from the word go I knew the mood of the piece - with the simplest of introductions. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! You're too kind :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by lia_2390 see no evil, speak no evil

18th August 2010:
Hey redherring!

I thought this was brilliant, the way you incorporated what both boys have experienced, each hinting at the evils behind it. Perhaps they're events they choose not to think about but happened to be stirred up when Theodore introduced the topic of thestrals. Although both boys may appear to be different, they're not...not really. What struck me most is that you allowed the readers to make their own interpretations of the subtleties you provided.

I really, really liked this! You did a great job!

Author's Response: Hi Lia! Thanks so much for the lovely review! That was kind of the whole idea behind it, that they seem different but actually there's this huge similarity between them that neither of them wants to admit... And subtle? Really? *squees* I really have a problem with show-don't-tell and usually state instead of suggest, so thank you! :)

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Review #6, by LindaSnape see no evil, speak no evil

18th August 2010:
This was (to sound completely juvenile) awesome!

The last line especially was very good. I thought that it tied the story together very nicely. I also adore the idea of Blaise wanting to see and Theodore wishing that he couldn't.

I loved your characterizations of Blaise and Theodore. Blaise was just as cool and calm as one would anticipate despite the fact that as the story progresses one finds that he cannot even trust his own mother. Theodore on the other hand seems timid, but he isn't willing to admit this.

I also appreciate the fact that you used minor canons to explore threstrals. Not Luna, not Harry, but Theodore Nott. I really like that. Not to mention, Blaise rarely gets enough attention - especially not in a way that could be considered canon. (Hermione/Blaise? Please.)

This, however, I could easily see happening in the canon, and I really thought you pulled this off well.

I love the contrast between the pair. I think that's what makes this story so interesting.

Your descriptions were wonderful, as well as your word choices. There was nothing jarring that disrupted the flow, which is always a nice thing.

As far as spelling and grammar go, I didn't catch any errors.

All in all, this was a very short but enjoyable read.

Great job!


Author's Response: Oh, thank you! Your reviews are always so lovely and in-depth :)

I'm glad you liked their characterisations. That was sort of the whole idea behind this - the fact that they're so different but they have this one huge similarity drawing them together.

Blaise really deserves more attention because, when you think about it, he's such an interesting character. I mean, a Slytherin narcissist with a murderess for a mother? What's not to love! (And I agree - where on earth did Hermione/Blaise come from?)

I intended this to be a bit of a missing moment and I'm a bit of a canon freak, so that's great to hear!

With constantly switching POVs I was a bit worried about how well it would flow, so I'm relieved you didn't think there was anything jarring :)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by peppersweet see no evil, speak no evil

18th August 2010:
That last line is awesome! I absolutely love the contrast here between Theodore's disgust at death and the Thestrals and Blaise's morbid curiosity and desire to see them. I found the jumping POV between their two experiences of death a little bit confusing to begin with, but it made sense after a while as it made the two stories knit together, in a way, which served to highlight the differences between them. Double thumbs up for the use of minor Slytherin characters too! A short but lovely little piece (:

Author's Response: Minor Slytherins are the best! I love them. I just think they're all so fascinating and you can do so much with them - Blaise and Theo particularly so, which is why I chose them. I just think both of them had such dodgy upbringings that they must be really messed up...

I'm glad the jumping made sense, because I was worried it might be too confusing and just throw the whole thing off. I tried always to make it clear who was who, and as long as it made sense eventually I'm happy xD

Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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