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Review #1, by dobbyismyhero22 I Ask a Multitude of Questions and Disregard the School Nurse

13th September 2010:
Oh my god. So I am legit on the phone with RUMBLERORE (she says hi btw) and she told me that we were mentioned in your story. I like screamed and now here I am:) Thank you x2,000,003 for mentioning me! It like made my life. Hehe I loved this chapter! It was incredible!! I have a new story by the way and it has a bunch of references to AVPM/AVPS!!

Author's Response: Im now going onto your account to read! Im so excited! Dont worry you'll see my reviews! Im so glad that you guys like it when I mention you :) I like that you get excited, but you guys are my faithful reviewers! Thanks for reading it really means alot!

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Review #2, by RUMBLERORE I Ask a Multitude of Questions and Disregard the School Nurse

13th September 2010:
hahaha. yesss...i love this story. bahaha okay, so for pretty much like every story i've read on hpff, whenever a new chapter is posted, i always have to go back and re-read what happened in the last chapter because i can never remember since i've read so many, but i didnt have to do that for this one!!! :O i actually remembered everything that happened! hahah i was so proud. and it obviously means that it was a good story too, since i remembered it. :) but anyways, i like this chapter! and im like supermega(foxyawesomehot) pumped for the rest of the story! :D oh, and definitely slutty. hahaha. thats totally the way to go. :)) ahhh! and i dont think i've said this before but i LOVE darren on this banner too! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Darren on the banner! Im so glad that your so pumped for the rest of it! I had to have red vine to help me regain from shock! You loved it so much you rememebred? Wow thatsreally awesome! Brave is going to be up in a few days so be wathcing for that :)

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Review #3, by iluv2eatcarbs Prologue: The Beginning

30th August 2010:
Wow this is really interesting, not at all what I thought it was going to be. I'm curious as to if you're going to do her life growing up or jumpng straight until her teen years. Either way you've got me as an extremely keen follower and anticipating the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Next chapter is in the Que, and we skip, sorry, but you will see, I make up for that time... and there are more mysteries for her in store :) You'll be intirqued too see this, because it was oringinally meant for my other story, but didnt like the way it felt in that one, so dun du duh! I made this one Keep reading, really appricate the review :D

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Review #4, by RUMBLERORE Prologue: The Beginning

23rd August 2010:
ahhh! this is so good! hahaha...i really like it. not very good at answering questions though. i really hope her parents were wizards though! i mean, who wouldnt want wizard parents? and whoa...intense mirror action going on here. hehe. thats some pretty crazy stuff. i really liked reading this though, and i cant wait for the next chapters!! :)

Author's Response: Haha Thank You so mUch! OH MY GOD! YOUR NAME ID RUMBLERORE! I LOVE AVPM and AVPS!! Im going to Marry Darren Criss! Thank you so much for the reveiw first one i have had in monthes :) I appricuate it
I would love to go to mars! But it could be because im falling in love with hermione granger, but shes so supermegafoxyawesome hot! but im holding out for a ten! Because Im worth it!

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