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Review #1, by Jemima When I Think of You

9th February 2014:
No you've got to finish this!! :0 :) it's so good! :) xx

Author's Response: omg honestly i couldn't even finish this if i tried! which is very sad because i loved this story :( but thanks!

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Review #2, by SnatchtheSnitch3 When I Think of You

16th December 2013:
I love it!
You seriously need to post another chapter!
Oh, god, now you're making me beg, it's pathetic!

Author's Response: Awh, thanks! I hate to be a butthead, but I'm probably never going to update this story again. But I'm actually in the middle of writing a new story, which I think is waaay better than this one! So keep checking back for it! :)

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Review #3, by eurisy When I Think of You

28th August 2011:
Haha this story got me laughing right off the bat. Keep updating please!

Author's Response: haha thanks:) i'll try to get a new chapter out in a week or two...maybe. thanks for the review:))

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Review #4, by rosie When I Think of You

19th August 2011:
brilliant ! i love it, please keep writing it!

Author's Response: thanks so much! :)

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Review #5, by RavenclawWayToBe When I Think of You

11th August 2011:
LMFAO, I love Albus and James, they make me like piss my pants. This story is totally hilarious because it can be awkward, but like actually hilarious. I must say it is probably one of the better stories I have read. Keep posting!

Author's Response: hahah thanks so much! this totally just made my day:) i love al and james too. they are too funny. wow, that sounded really lame since i wrote the story. whateverr. and yeah, it is pretty awkward. haha, but hey, what can you do?

thanks for the amazing review:) you are too nice!

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Review #6, by Manga_girl Departure

23rd July 2011:
Hiya, I thought that because you left such a nice review on my story I better return the favour! I love this first chapter! It does not stink and is probably one of the best first chapter an Author has ever I have ever read! Well done!

I like the way you have chosen titles from Journey songs, I havent seen it before but that doesnt mean its a bad thing! It gives originality and I think its a very nice touch.

Just a little thing, sometimes you use the same word too much in a sentence (like the word wow) though it was only once or twice. Also you should write more description to balance it out with the dialog. Apart from that I love this story and all the detailing of characters and Jordan's pov.

Awesome chapter, keep up the good work,
Emma x

Author's Response: hahah thank you! :) that's so nice.

I don't like the way I chose Journey songs as my titles...but I was having a brain fart on the day I decided to post this I guess and didn't know what to title my chapters/story. whatever.

and its actually hilarious to re-read this story, especially the early chapters...they make me cringe. hehe, I really don't like them...but I never want to go back and edit them either.

thanks again for the review! :)

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Review #7, by dobbyismyhero22 When I Think of You

19th July 2011:

so i thought that i'd already reviewed this chapter...but i guess not because it's letting me do this now. hmm. anyways, you already know what i think about this chappie...I LOVED IT. woot woot.

did you know that joe moses has his own one man show thing in nyc? i was like WHOA. one man show? that's pretty freaking awesome. i want to gooo. see me some joe moses, ya know?

i think i'm going to watch mulan because i really have a craving for watching mulan. i want me some ping...wait what's the main guys name? the hot one? chang? it's not ping? who's ping? i'm so confused right now.

did you move yet btw? you're moving near eleni right? that's awesome. make sure you get some redbull in your new house. you can never have too much redbull 80

you know what you also can't have enough of? LOGAN LERMAN. popopopopologanlerman. also conbrochill is something that you can't have enough of so he would have sufficed as an answer also.

i'm really just kind of rambling at this point trying to procrastinate from writing enemies with benefits. which brings me to ask: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE MISSY?! i miss jordan! also, are you going to write a new story? i feel like i read somewhere on here that you are...please do! i want some stuff to read!

cheers mate!

Author's Response: haha, you are such a spaz. seriously.

alright, here we go.

yes, I heard about the one man show:) his name is shang? total hottie. yes, I moved already. yes, its near eleni's house. yes, I've already had some redbull in the new joke. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CON BRO! and I'm not going to update for a while, if ever. yes, I started a new story. I'm quite proud of it so far...its a james/oc. james is such a babe. haha just kidding...but no, he really is.

and you better update enemies with benefits soon! I'm lovin' that story:)

p.s. I think I'm gonna try and have another hp bday party which of course you would be invited to...but I'm not sure yet. ill fb the deets.

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Review #8, by SexyDoorFrames When I Think of You

4th June 2011:
I really enjoyed this chapter! You have an effortless humour that just comes across in the narrators thoughts and actions. I was cracking up at certain parts so thanks for that (: McGonagall evil laugh! Haha! You are a good writer and I hope you update soon.

- SexyDoorFrames

Author's Response: aw thanks! I haven't even worked on this story for months though! hopefully after finals are done I can get back into it! thanks again for the review:)

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Review #9, by zoeey Departure

2nd May 2011:
i love the whole Jordan/Al relationship, its like totally realistic and could actually happen. i love the Rose and Scorp bits, and James and Freddie! that made me laugh!
i like it so far :)

Author's Response: ah thank you so much for the review! I thought I had already responded to it, but it turns out I didn't. -__- lovely. anyways, I'll try to update soon...but no promises since finals are coming up soon AND I'm starting a new story. CRAZINESS. :P thanks again for the review! :D

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Review #10, by Crescent Moon  When I Think of You

25th April 2011:
Very funny!! Loved it XD

Author's Response: thank you! I'll try to update soon! :)

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Review #11, by RidikulusTheory When I Think of You

27th March 2011:
HELLO! So, I was looking through the reviews I posted and I noticed I only commented on three of your chapters. Well, seeing as this has been updated a few times since then, I decided to check out your story and do some catch up. This is when I realised that I DIDN'T COMMENT ON THIS CHAPTER! Although, I'm sure I read it already. Anyways, no I have not forgotten about you or ditched you or whatever. It's just me, drowning in homework and spending too much time watching Criminal Minds.
Enough of my rambling. So, awesome chapter. I lurves it. Post more though, because the waiting is making me sad.
P.S Nice picture of Gaspard/James. Man, what a babe.

Author's Response: ahh! HI! :) so thank you for leaving a review! it reminded me to review your story! I keep forgetting! sorry:P and I totally understand about the homework and being addicted to tv shows. story of my life. and I'll try:P I'm starting a new story though, so I haven't written this recently at all. :(

and oh my gosh. I know. he is basically the definition of sexy.

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Review #12, by *I<3AL.S.POTTER<3* When I Think of You

16th March 2011:

Author's Response: thanks:) I am pretty funny. ha, just kidding. thanks for the review! :D

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Review #13, by lovealbus<3 When I Think of You

13th March 2011:
I want next chapter now ! :D:D:D:D

Author's Response: ahh! I'm trying to finish it as soon as I can! :) thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by kassybaby Never Walk Away

11th March 2011:
I love the story sooo far and i would definatley agree logan lerma is especially amazing...i fantasize about him an awful's funny that in most fanfics the pictures of Al have been logan lerman hee hee isn't he just gawjuss...but yeah really good story keep writing xXx

Author's Response: hahah everyone uses him as al because he's perfect! I mean, like, he is pretty much exactly who I picture when I imagine al. let's be honest. :P HE IS SO GORGEOUS. hahah:) thanks for the review! I'll try to update soon :D

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Review #15, by Owlpost68 When I Think of You

6th March 2011:
wow, well, I'm glad jordan didn't see him getting harrassed by the creepy girl. she'd have a heart attack. I would have thought al sound cooler though the way jordan thinks of him so i was surprised when he started thinking the same way. might be good to maybe have a slight difference there so it doesn't seem like the same tone of the story. really enjoying the story though :)

Author's Response: hahah I know! I totally think they sound the same! its really frustrating for me to try to write al's pov because:
1.I'm not a guy.
2. I don't want to mess it up
3. I had gotten writers block for chapter 4, so I just tried going into al's pov, but I hadn't really planned anything out.

soo that's a great combination of things that adds up to a few all-nighters, a couple bruises on my forehead from slamming it into my desk so many times, and a worn down delete button on my keyboard. yeah, I'm so cool, right? :P erm, yeah. thanks for the review! :))

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Review #16, by Owlpost68 Message of Love

6th March 2011:
Mwahahaah! Uhhh…no just kidding. That was definitely not evil laughter…. Right. Now that that’s settled…

lololol loved that part!
Oh, I also need to say that I absolutely love breakfast, it's my favorite meal of the day :) I can't go a day without breakfast lol. great chapter, I always get a good laugh. Oh, and if you see my other post back to your review on my story, me and my friend worked stuff out, but I think you helped getting me in a better mood with your review, so thanks! On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: hahah thanks:) I don't even know where some of the funny parts in my story comes from. like, I consider myself a funny person, but I don't think I would ever say something that that. I guess I'm just awesome. kidding.

and I actually don't like breakfast! how weird is that?! I LOVE breakfast food, but I can't eat breakfast on the weekdays before school starts...its upsets my stomach cause its too early or something. its so depressing.

and that's good! :D I'm glad:) hahah, thanks for the review. :)

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Review #17, by Owlpost68 Never Walk Away

5th March 2011:
just so you know, you're gonna have to find me on the forums, I can't use the search feature yet.

Author's Response: ahh, okay! my computer is kinda, semi broken right now, so I will as soon as I that cool? I guess it has to be. hahah.

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Review #18, by Owlpost68 Departure

4th March 2011:
Who want their 'mascott' to be a lion anyways. They probably shed like there's no tomorrow, and hack up furballs bigger than the stick shoved up my mum's arse.

EW. I think my ears just vomited.

Okay, seriously? Did he get even better looking over the summer? What a jerk.

I seriously laughed so hard at all of these, (in my head, cause my mom's sleeping) great job, I love it!

Author's Response: ahh thank you! :D that just made me grin for like ten minutes. I think my face may be stuck in a smile now...I can't stop. THANKS. but no seriously, thanks for the review. I hope you kept reading:) feel free to leave another review...this one made my day:)

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Review #19, by AlbusRox14 When I Think of You

22nd February 2011:
well, if you update soon then I promise that you don't suck!

Operative word being IF, as in IF you update!

Really, please!

Author's Response: hahah, I'll try! I'm still working on finishing chapter 5 right now but I want to finish it this weekend. and I'm also starting a new story, so I'm not sure if that's going to be messing up how much I write this story, or if its going to make me write more. :P sooo, like I said, I'll try:)

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Review #20, by RidikulusTheory Message of Love

8th February 2011:
Hola :) Another brilliant chapter :) I absolutely love this story, WRITE MORE BEFORE i GO INSANE, okay?

Author's Response: eep. don't kill me. :) thanks! and yeah, I think it gets better as it goes right? RIGHT?! ...yeah. good. :P haha thanks for the review! :)

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Review #21, by RidikulusTheory Never Walk Away

8th February 2011:
HEY! another awesome chapter, I definitely love Scorp and everyone. I'm definitely not confused though, so don't worry about it'!
Keep up the awesomeness
P.S: Í picked up on a few AVP references in the past few chapters and I loved it. ;)

Author's Response: hahaha AVPM all the way! :) its my lifeee :) seriously. well, anything hp related is my life. duhh, I mean, like, I was hyperventilating when I went to the newish harry potter park in universal studios in florida. it was so amazinggg. *sigh* I wish I was a wizard. :( ugghh. my life is such a disappointment. ha. no, just kidding. so yeah, thanks for the review! :D

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Review #22, by RidikulusTheory Departure

8th February 2011:
Well hello Rumblerore, remember me? Since you were reading my story, I clicked your name and found a story that you have written. I love it so far, Jordan's insanity makes me giggle.
Your welcome :)

Author's Response: HI! haha oh my gosh, so I was having a really sucky evening and I think I even went as far as saying that I never wanted to smile again...I know, I sound psycho, but hey, that's what happens when you have a butt trumpet cello teacher...ANYWAYS, I was never going to smile again, blah, blah, blah, but then like 10 minutes later I read your review and started grinning like crazy. soo thanks a lot. you ruined my 10 minute non-smiling streak. :P but yeah, thanks for the review :) jordans craziness makes me giggle too. but then at some parts I just want to slam my head on a table because I can't believe that I actually wrote certain parts. they make me cringe. ecckk. so, yeah. haha, that's basically my life story in one mildly longish response. heheh, okay byee.

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Review #23, by Ravenclawgirly07 When I Think of You

2nd February 2011:
"and can you stop trying to eat my hand please!?" lol and your 4 options, personally playing dead may have been the best option ;)

Author's Response: hahaha you know ittt. I love al :) he's my lifee. thanks...!

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Review #24, by Ravenclawgirly07 Message of Love

2nd February 2011:
" faceplant reminds me of eggplant. Yuck!" lol
Omg and when Jordan is telling albus to sit down almost made me pee my pants! "well I'm in love with...SIT DOWN!" skins

Author's Response: oh my! I wrote that part before I even watched skins! that's so funnyy. hahahah. hahahahahah. hahaha. ahhh. ahahahha. hahah. so good. :)

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Review #25, by Ravenclawgirly07 Never Walk Away

2nd February 2011:
So I prolly already left a review, but seeing how I read it again I think A second one is deserved. I think you are going a little mushy in the brain area: favorite line :) loved it again bud

Author's Response: ahh. ¡gracias mi amiga! me gusta tu. :)) hahah I don't even know if that's how you would say that...? but whatever.

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