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Review #1, by Crystle Elizabeth Langley

12th November 2010:
i feel sorry for that poor child. she has had no one to really care for her. they took care of her physical needs and educatonal needs. but nothing else. And she won't get much more at Hogwarts either.

good story. I've never really read a story involving peter as a main character before.

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you feel that way towards here, it hopefully means that I've done my job properly. Don't feel too sympathetic though, she has developed into a strong individual because of those things :)

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Review #2, by Timechild Elizabeth Langley

12th November 2010:
Very interesting fic thus far. I like how you are slowly developing Peter's character. Your main character is done well, as I can see the pain in her description.

It is an unusual pairing, but I think you can pull it off.

Nicely done all in all.

Author's Response: Thankyou. I didn't want to do an overdone pairing, so I hope I can pull of an unusual one. That said, however, I have no intention of there being any romance between Elizabeth and any of the Marauders - she is only 11 after all ;)

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Review #3, by moonbaby11 Elizabeth Langley

2nd October 2010:
I like the idea that you have going here with this story. It seems like an original idea, which is hard to find on a site of over 65 000 stories!

Anyways, I really like the way that this story is moving along. The chracter of Elizabeth is really interesting, especially in the way that she was brought up. I also like the way that she escapes from her boredom by writing.

I liked the way you characterized the Marauders, even though there wasn't a lot that they did. Where was Remus, though? That was bugging me for that whole scene! How come Remus wasn't there? Anyways, I think you did a good job nailing Sirius' personality. ;)

The flow was good. It didn't seem chunky, and I liked hwo you introduced the character's back story at the beginning. This chapter seemed to move along at a good pace and I think it was really good.

Well, good luck with the rest of the story! Drop by my review thread again when chapter 2 is up! I'd love to read it! :)

Author's Response: Thankyou for the both the review and the compliments! I had hoped that it wasn't something that was done a lot (I don't read a great deal of stories here and this idea just popped into my head).

The reason that Remus wasn't there was because the Marauders are in their later years when Remus would have been a prefect and therefore in the prefect's carriage or patrolling ;)

Thankyou and I will do

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