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Review #1, by green berry Summer With The Grangers

6th May 2014:
please pleaz pleaz continue... it's great and you'd be barmy to give up on such a great story I'm still hoping you finish this pleaz do so, I'd go barmy if you don't..

Author's Response: Haha I haven't forgotten about it. Just stopped writing for a while for the sake of my education but it is almost summer! Fear not!

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Review #2, by Elizabeth Wolf Summer With The Grangers

20th April 2012:
So, I finally read this chapter today and I love it. Mr. Granger is adorable and I love Hermione's pompous cousins. I only have one problem (and it's a very small one): Edward wouldn't have been able to Google Hermione and Draco's school. The summer between fifth and sixth year would have been in 1996 and Google wasn't created until 1999. It really is just a small issue, though. 10/10. :D

Author's Response: Haha great point! I'll edit that. Either way, I doubt he would have really. Wow, google have been around shorter than I thought ...

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Review #3, by Lara Summer With The Grangers

4th April 2012:
this is the most wonderful thing i have ever read. it's so beautiful!!

Author's Response: Lara, you are too kind!!

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Review #4, by Annie Summer With The Grangers

1st March 2012:
Please continue to write more! This is wonderful, I am absolutely addicted!

Author's Response: I like to hook people :D Thanks for being addicted and reviewing my story :)

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Review #5, by darkwonderland706 Summer With The Grangers

1st March 2012:
Finish reading all the chapters, so this like an review for like all chapters, in a way lol. I'm so in love with this story! You have me hook so bad! I like the idea how Draco and Hermione are best friends and are a couple. I love Hermione's dad, think it's cute how protected in his of his little girl. cute! can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: thanks darkwonderland706, i thought i should be realistic and put that in. the next chapter should be really good :)

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Review #6, by luv_me_hate_me Summer With The Grangers

28th February 2012:
OMiGosh! It's ouuuttt! I basically screamed when I noticed it, AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! Lol, another brill chapter, as always.

Author's Response: Why thanks! I'm glad you weren't disappointed with it

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Review #7, by PotatoLord Secrets And Lies

28th February 2012:
I'm sorry, but I just don't like this story.

Author's Response: You read all of that and then decided? I usually decide within the first chapter. Well done for sticking it out and giving me a review anyway. I value your honesty and advise you not to read on :D

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Review #8, by ms simone Secrets And Lies

12th February 2012:
another great & wondeful chapie! thx for updating!!

Author's Response: That's okay, glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #9, by sophie_elle_malfoy Secrets And Lies

22nd January 2012:
This is one of my favorite Dramione. I can't wait for the next chapter ;)

Author's Response: it should be up soon :)

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Review #10, by luv_me_hate_me Secrets And Lies

20th January 2012:
Ooo! Can't wait till the next chappie. 'Summer With The Grangers'. I like!

Author's Response: Oh I thought the ready deserved something to look forward to :) And the chapter is almost done. Thanks for reading

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Review #11, by Hermione0109 Secrets And Lies

18th January 2012:
Really Good Story! Can't Wait for next chapter! How much more time will it take? You are a really good writer, seems like I am reading one of J.K Rowling's novels itself! Please don't make the wait for the next chapter too long! I really cannot wait!

Author's Response: well i've nearly finished the next chapter and around my other story it should be about three weeks

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Review #12, by pippy The Champion

18th January 2012:
Honestly hermione is acting like the b word. Sure draco said some mean things but its nothing compare to her bad way of thinking. Honestly she is a little immature and I don't like her. Poor draco...

Author's Response: she is totally immature. it's a running trend in all of my stories that i somehow manage to make evryone hate her. i suppose that's because i don't really like hermione's character.

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Review #13, by liz Condolences and Cotton Wool

17th January 2012:
it was really really good and i liked it a lot

Author's Response: Thanks again liz. I know it takes a while to read all of it :)

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Review #14, by liz The Champion

17th January 2012:
it was really good and i liked it.

Author's Response: thank you liz

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Review #15, by Brittany Eva Secrets And Lies

16th January 2012:
i've read the whole story and it's really good. i reakon you could write more stories, cause i'd love to hear them

Author's Response: I have nineteen stories Brittany!!! Check them out :)

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Review #16, by Hermione0109 Better Than I Know Myself

15th January 2012:
Amazing Story! Best I have read so far... I can't wait to get to the good part, but on the other hand, it has already been extremely entertaining!

Author's Response: The good part ... I haven't even decided when the good part is but this summer is very interesting for the pair of them

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Review #17, by Dramionedrunadrinny Secrets And Lies

14th January 2012:
That was an awesome chapter. Can't wait for the next so please update soon

Author's Response: Awesome! Thanks

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Review #18, by Anonymous Secrets And Lies

14th January 2012:
Another Fantastic Chapter, it was definitely worth the wait :)

Author's Response: oh thank you very much

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Review #19, by Anonymous I Love You

11th January 2012:
This story is one of my favourites storeis that you have written, I love how you made Hermione and Draco bestfriends with a twist. You are one of my favourite Authors, your stories just stand out by so much to me. :)

Author's Response: That is the nicest reviews I'd ever had anonymous person and it really means loads that you think that. The next chapter is int he queue finally and should be up tomorrow :)

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Review #20, by ms simone I Love You

8th January 2012:
another great chapie!! love seeing hermion & draco...

Author's Response: oh thanks very much for the review.

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Review #21, by Summer I Love You

3rd January 2012:
I hope you update soon. Happy New Year by the way! :D

Author's Response: I do have a chapter to put up actually :)

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Review #22, by lola I Love You

18th December 2011:
Are you stupid or are you just lazy? Cause you.haven't written since 6th month and you keep primising ever since to write claiming zhst you have many chapters written you just have to post. I mean really woman if you're gonna write a story stick to actually WRITING the story!

Author's Response: as i have said in reply to other reviews, i've been having trouble writing this one plus i'm doing challenges etc as well as having a life and studying at university. if you'd have asked nicely i may have told you that i have written another chapter but it wont be up soon because i have other chapters to post first and it needs to be edited because it's just not that good yet.
thanks for the review anyway
and clearly, i can't be stupid to write a story you seem to like :P i don't appreciate the lazy remark either

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Review #23, by sophie_elle_malfoy I Love You

3rd December 2011:
This is definitely one of the best Dramione fanfic from my best five list. I've read about 167 Dramione fics so far :P I'm waiting for the next chapter.


Author's Response: oh that is so nice. i think, because you said that, i will write up the next couple of chapters i have. i only have plans so far so i think i'll actually write them now. that means so much *tears in eyes*
thanks sophie

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Review #24, by Jakumo1 I Love You

2nd December 2011:
What happens next?! I hafta know! :-3

Author's Response: i have thirty chapters planned for this story but with all the others i have going plus my studying it takes a while. it will be updated eventually though :)

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Review #25, by MsBethWalsh I Love You

17th October 2011:
ASDFGHJKL I love, love, love, LOVE THIS! Please update son!

Author's Response: i will try to very soon. i do have many chapters planned out :D
thanks for reading

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