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Review #1, by Emily smile though your heart is breaking

13th March 2012:
Did Albus try to kill himself and killed the kids aswell by accident or on purpose?

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Review #2, by Shelby Weasley smile though your heart is breaking

9th July 2011:
This was a very clever twist, never expected it.
Very good.

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Review #3, by Indigo Seas smile though your heart is breaking

9th January 2011:
OMG HER NAME IS ARIADNE. You have no idea how that makes my LIFE right now. :P

Anyway, moving away from the trivial and onto the slightly-less-trivial-but-still-pretty-useless, I absolutely loved this. I have no idea where you get all your ideas from, but they are wonderful. This one especially is so refreshing and new and original and unique that it's just... a breath of fresh air. Gorgeous.

I think this line (among the many other gorgeous ones) is my favorite: "But then, knowledge will always corrupt the naÔve." There's something about that that just... wow. It's breathtaking. And there are so many others in there that just send chills down my spine. Like, you know, "It's better than the screaming, ma'am."

This was lovely, Georgia. And so are you.

xx Rin

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Review #4, by Father Christmas smile though your heart is breaking

23rd December 2010:
He knows when you've been sleeping, he knows when you're awake ...

This cute little story is an absolute gem. The description is really stunning - vivid and clear to imagine exactly what the characters are doing and what the setting is like. I loved the line "splashes of blues, pinks, yellows and purples litter the lush green grass of the lawn" as an opening - it helps to create a really pretty and gentle atmosphere. The metaphors and similes are lovely too - I especially liked "Youíre forever in orbit around each other, forever in motion with him" - it sounds eternal and as if nothing can stop the two.

The twist is really heartbreaking - I didn't see it coming in the slightest! Such a stark contrast from the first half, and as usual very well written. The story is perfectly told - I imagine the rehabilitation clinic to be a very quiet, charming place where Ariadne could be at peace.

A very lovely story!

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Review #5, by A TGS Christmas Elf smile though your heart is breaking

22nd December 2010:
Merry Christmas, Georgia!

As I was reading the first part of this story, my heart was all warm and fuzzy. It was fluffy and light and cute and I was so happy for Al and Araidne. I did have my doubts though, as she seemed to change her mind a few times about whether or not Al was there. Then there was the business about the accident.

Then the second part happened. WOW. What a shock. I seriously was not expecting that ending, and that is the brilliance of the fic. This fluffy little fic turned out to be epically dark and I loved it for that reason.

Great job!

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Review #6, by Ronsgirl29 smile though your heart is breaking

22nd August 2010:
Whoa. I was not expecting that ending.

The beginning part was beautiful. Your use of 2nd person was great, and the whole thing was just romantic and sweet. Now, it was the second part that broke my heart. I never would have thought that she was hallucinating. It was a sad, yet amazingly creative twist.



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Review #7, by witch_in_training smile though your heart is breaking

19th August 2010:
Georgia, how dare you have such a deceivingly happy banner (and beginning) for such a tragic story! I was not expecting the ending WHATSOEVER. Then again, I didn't really expect how Shutter Island turned out, so that's fair; although I at least had a brief thought that not all was how it seemed in the movie. Not so much here.

The last line just about killed me. Well, the entire last portion, but especially the last line.

So very heartbroken for Ariadne... (I was wondering if you stole from Inception, glad you added the Disclaimer :P).


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Review #8, by Verity the Clerk smile though your heart is breaking

18th August 2010:
This one hurt. It's beautiful and horrible and haunting and triumphantly tragic. Poor, poor Ariadne. Great job balancing the loveliness of the first part of the story and the decidedly shadowy undertones without revealing too much. And then the second part... Really, dear, you just about broke my heart.

Not to be too obnoxious, I caught a couple little spelling errors, both in the fourth to last paragraph:
> "lead" should be "led" in the second sentence
> "copping" should be "coping" in the fourth sentence

Sorry if that's a little nit-picky, but otherwise your prose is flawless. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Not at all, thank you so much! I'm a horrible editor of my own work so I love it when people point out my mistakes - otherwise they'd sit there forever haha :) I'll fix those ASAP.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I don't write things like this often - I'm much more of a fluff girl myself! - so it's always enjoyable to break from the usual :) And when people enjoy it's a billion times better! Thanks so much, again, you're so lovely :)

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Review #9, by baletgir smile though your heart is breaking

17th August 2010:
Oh wow, I did not see that coming at all! I was so surprised at the end there! This was really wonderful, I loved reading it (even though it was so so short) and it was truly something different. As always, your writing was flawless and made me really feel all the emotions. I had no clue there was something so drastically wrong with Araidne because she didn't think so and thus that's what her emotions portrayed. I really thought we were on the Hogwarts grounds.

I thought Lily's point of view at the end was great. I definitely gave the reader even more information than would have been possible if you stayed with Araidne and maybe had a Healer come and get her. Again great job!

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Review #10, by Friday_Star smile though your heart is breaking

17th August 2010:
Oh gosh! I am so shocked! I thought...ARGH! You are so amazing! The first half was absolutely beautiful - the second person point of view fit stunningly and the descriptions of Al just - my jaw literally dropped.

The second half was such a contrast to the first! So utterly, utterly tragic! I honestly almost cried. You are seriously talented (:


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Review #11, by Harrypotterbookworm smile though your heart is breaking

17th August 2010:
This is such a bitter-sweet piece. At first it's just so happy and nice and lovely and you think it's just one of the pieces that will leave you feeling happy but slightly lonely because you don't have a relationship like them, but no! Then it just carries on into an exciting twist that is quite rare in a one-shot. It leaves you with questions, which is always a good thing. One tiny little thing that is bugging me, that I really shouldn't point out and it really isn't important, is that in your chapter title there isn't any capitals.

Your giving this review a weird look right now aren't you?

I'm a capitals freak. :) Sorry, it's in my genes. Just thought I'd let you know. But I do love the song that the chapter title came from. Overall, very nice fic.
Hugs, HPB ( the capital letter freak) ;)

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Review #12, by SnitchSnatcher smile though your heart is breaking

17th August 2010:
Georgia! ♥

Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out...and think of the pure, glorious wonder that is Leo DiCaprio! *swoons*

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Review #13, by Amanda smile though your heart is breaking

17th August 2010:
a very sad and touching story, good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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