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Review #1, by dracolvergirl5000 Damned

5th July 2011:
Wow it was Positively brilliant

Author's Response: Aw thank you!!! :)

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Review #2, by Love Made Visible Damned

17th August 2010:
Hello darling, I feel quite special in the knowing you dedicated this to me :)

I loved it very much! This is the first Sirius/Lily fic I've read and you've made me a convert, it's so forbidden that you just have to love it! Oh honestly, I loved everything about it. The plot, the song, the descriptions (which were fabulous by the way), and my heart gave a little squee when I read the quote. It fit perfectly.

Well done babe, and thank you for doing my challenges, even though I know half the time you feel obliged to because you're my mate! Such a good story, you keep churning out these amazing stories, I think when you make a challenge thread I'm going to have to attempt to challenge your greatness at story writing!

This review is pretty crap really, considering that you've just done this for me!

Love it. 10/10

Author's Response: Aw well you gave me an excuse to use a song I've wanted to use for ages and couldn't think how. So thank you for that (we know Bon Jovi rule haha!)

I haven't read that many Sirilys (I love that haha) but it is deliciously forbidden... especially with the dark, dangerous, self destructive side that we all know is lurking in the Sirius we know and love. And I always think once you have an idea its just a question of moulding it round the lyrics, which are a kind of guideline. And that quote was wicked, couldn't think of a more perfect pairing to use for it.

And your challenges are wicked anyway- both the ones I entered made me write stuff I wouldn't necessarily have written so I owe you one for that hun :) And I'm sure you can do way better than me- I've read some of your stuff!

And that was a lovely review. Made my day.

Thank you darling- love you lots x

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Review #3, by DemetersChild Damned

16th August 2010:
Agh, this was intense. And the song I was listening to while reading it just made it even more sad. Poor James. And poor Sirius! Lily is just an idiot in this case. I mean, Sirius is an idiot as well, but I dunno. I just wanna blame Lily in this story for some reason. O.o

I really loved this story! It wasn't the usual, which made it nice. :D

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: It had to be pretty intense with the song; one of my favourites!
She isnt very likable in this is she? That wasn't intentional, just the way it happened.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :) so glad you liked it xxx

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