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Review #1, by LadyOrpheus Bootstraps

24th August 2010:
Wow. Is pretty much all I can manage to say right now. That was some intensely deep stuff and I am thoroughly impressed, not only with your writing style and skill, but with the guts that it took to write a piece like this.

It may be only related to the core Harry Potter stories adjointly, but it captured that 5th-7th book mood very well: kind of hopeless, dreary, and internally terrifying.
It borders on poetry because it's rather abstract. And yet, that's something I've always loved.

And better yet: your OC. I read in the Author's note that she was in response to a challenge, but she seems perfectly natural, like she's not conforming to anything. Well rounded and well developed I felt see fit seemlessly in the wizarding world without even any connections to main canon characters. She both hates and then loves her mother again in an instant and she is beautifully flawed.

Well imagined, developed, and executed; I applaud you and your original story.


Author's Response: Hello LadyOrpheus!
Thank you so very much for the lovely review. I was quite happy to receive your feedback. Your comments were very kind. I really do appreciate the time you took to both read and review this fic.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece even though it dealt mostly with OCs. I do love writing OCs myself, although I wasn't certain how this particular story would be received, considering it doesn't directly deal with any familiar canon characters.

And I'm very pleased to hear that you liked Betty. She was one of those OCs that started out as a bit unclear and then went on to grow with the story.

Again, thank you so much for this review! It was just great hearing from you. Take care and be well!


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Review #2, by Galawen Bootstraps

19th August 2010:
I have a really random thing to say first. You know Pirates of the Carribean 2? The one with Will's dad; Bootstraps Bill? Thats what originally came to my mind when I read your title and in a strange way there are similarities in that he also suffered memory problems.
Anyway pointless observation aside I have to say I really liked this! The emotions expressed were very honest especially when you describe how her feelings towards her mother changed briefly upon learning about her father. Alzheimers is a terrible diease, not just for its sufferers but also for their loved ones. I'd imagine when her perception of her mother changed for that split second she felt like she was being trapped or caged in by this revelation. Caring for her father would be time-consuming and hard and it would be perfectly natural for her to feel fear at that possibility. But then again that might just be what I thought she felt.
The moment when he reveals the broom is very poignant and highlights the helplessness that she would feel very often from now on and I thought you expressed that very well in a simple and honest way. So overall I really liked this and congratulations on writing such an excellant piece especially when it isn't your usual style! :)

Author's Response: Hi Galawen!
You know, I couldn't help but think the same thing about Bootstrap Bill while writing this story. Haha, I thought it was quite strange that my mind kept referencing it, but perhaps I'm not so peculiar after all. ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I honestly had no idea how this story would turn out. Even though I love writing OCs, I always worry that readers won't be able to connect them to HP canon. Also, the subject matter was slightly emotional for me. My maternal grandmother happened to suffer from Alzheimer's and although I was a bit too young to understand it exactly, I was still struck but the drastic changes that effected her personality and temperament.

And I'm so glad you liked the broomstick scene. It was actually quite different in the first draft of this story, more subtle, less obvious, but I decided to change it around while revising.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review, Galawen! It was really wonderful hearing from you. Take care and be well!


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Review #3, by lia_2390 Bootstraps

16th August 2010:
Hey celtic!

I really enjoyed this piece, yes it was different from what you usually write but sometimes it's good to be diverse. This fic was rather unique in that you hardly see HP-based stories which a muggle disease and it was interesting to see such characters tackle it. It was kinda sad too, actually. Especially when Betty went outside to talk to her dad and as he remembered her, she thought everything was fine but as it turns out, it really wasn't. This fic had this feel to it that I can't really put into words.

As a deviation from your usual style, I really liked it. I hope you try out this style more in the future!


Author's Response: Hi lia!
Thanks so much for the thoughtful review! I'm so very glad you enjoyed this fic. I honestly had no idea what readers would think of it, especially since I didn't know what to think of it myself, haha. ^_^ And, I must admit, I always get a little nervous when working solely with OCs. I absolutely love them, but it is sometimes hard to have them relate to JKR's universe. And as for giving my characters Muggle diseases, well, I suppose that's a habit of mine, taking both "Consumed" and "Breathless" into account. ;)

Again, thanks so much for the great feedback! It was wonderful hearing from you. Take care and be well!


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