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Review #1, by adluvshp The Sorting of Colin Creevey

20th January 2014:
Hey! Here for review tag! =)

This was a nice little one-shot. I liked the insight into Colin's mind. His nervousness and excitement was all apparent and nicely written. It made for a good quick read.

If you don't mind some CC, I certainly think this has loads of room for improvement if you could just polish the grammar and flow a little bit, and add in a bit more description here and there about the settings, environment, etc. A beta could help you with it. Then this one-shot could be even better =)

Besides that though, this was short and sweet and I liked it. Colin was well-characterised. Good job!


Author's Response: I should take a look at this one-shot as you say, but HW and RL are getting crazy, so far I'm trying to concentrate on BDITS, once I get to what I think is the middle, I'll let it go to look over the one shot and short stories I got going on.

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Review #2, by potterfan310 The Sorting of Colin Creevey

18th July 2012:
I've not read many where Colin is the main character so it's really nice to see him.

Aww bless him, he must have been really worried and a little embaressed at being last to line up with all the eyes on you. I know I would be.

I like Ginny. Especially when she stuck up for him even thought she didn't really know him. And the way Fred lead her on, just like he and George did with Ron.

You have deffinatly shown that Colin was new to the wizarding world by making him not know the neaming of 'Mudblood'. Also you captured his inosense by showing he was amazed at Hogwarts and all his worrying when he was being sorted.

You could have made it a bit longer by added the song, and Dumbledore/Mcgonagall speaking.

There were a few mistakes that could be easily changed but apart from that it was really good. Colin is an underloved character and you did a really good job of writing him :D


Author's Response: Hello! Colin is such a adorable character who is under loved.

I like Ginny too just not in the movies :) In the books she's an amazing character but in the films she's weak. I'm happy you enjoyed this one shot it was for my first challenge on the forums :)

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Review #3, by CambAngst The Sorting of Colin Creevey

26th April 2012:
Oh, poor Colin! Every time I read a story like this, I can't help but remember the description of Neville carrying his body back into the castle in Deathly Hallows. It's nice to be able to go back and remember him in happier times.

I guess the only constructive criticism I can offer on this story is that I would have loved to have read more. There were so many other aspects of this scene that you could have explored. Given her family background, I bet Ginny was staring daggers at the blond girl who dropped the M word. It would have been neat to hear her try to explain it "delicately" to Colin without getting in trouble. I also wish you could have given us more of his impressions of the people around him. McGonagall, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape, et. al. Another very interesting topic that I have yet to hear broached in FF is how Colin became aware of Harry in the first place, since he comes from a muggle family.

What you did, however, you did very well. I really loved Ginny's reaction upon finding out how the sorting really worked. And the (presumably soon to be sorted into) Slytherin girl was a nice touch; a fine how-do-you-do on his first day in the magical world. Then his conversation with the Sorting Hat completed things nicely.

Not much else to say. This was very enjoyable. You should think about writing more of his first year!

Author's Response: CambAngst hello and thank you for dropping by!

Thank you for you CC I always apreciate it, as I said before this poor fic was written in a rush with no train of though (if that makes sense?) I'll about coming back to write about Colin since he seems to be lacking in the love dept. :) Thank you again for you review!

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Review #4, by Beeezie The Sorting of Colin Creevey

25th April 2012:
This was a nice one-shot. I'm a big fan of sorting hat fics, but I've never read one about Colin before. He's a great choice, though, both because he hasn't been written about much and because he's coming into the wizarding world with such a limited perspective. On the whole, I think you reflected that nicely - I definitely got his sense of wonder and especially his sense of excitement. This really is a new life for him, and from what we know from the books, it makes sense that he'd be really enthusiastic and curious.

There were two things I do think you could have done a bit better, though. First off, I would have liked a little more description. It didn't need to be much more, but especially given that this is in first person, I'd have expected to see more of Colin's awe at his surroundings. Second, I felt like this mimicked Harry's sorting a little too closely - I would have liked to see something different, rather than Ginny saying the essentially the same thing that Ron did and Colin jumping to fighting monsters to get sorted.

Does that make sense?

Overall, though, this was a fun story, and I enjoyed it. :)

Author's Response: First off thank you for your review :)

I wrote this sort of quickly so I didn't pay much attention to detail and since I wrote its laid forgotten at the corner of my page. So I guess that means I didn't put much thought into which saddens me, but besides all that I'm glad you enjoyed my story.


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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Sorting of Colin Creevey

8th April 2012:
Colin! I've never read a Colin story. He needs more love, I think. I enjoyed his character in the books and I thought you got his excitement down quite well. It sounded very Colin-like.

There were a few things:

The ceiling reflect the starry night sky

^ 'reflect' should be 'reflected'

Would've thought!

^ You're missing: 'Who'

I heard stifled laughter around noticing that everyone had already lined up and I was the only one out of place.

^ Should be: I heard stifled laughter around me, noticing that everyone had already lined up and I was the only one out of place.

Once I was sure the blonde girl wasn't listening I turned to the ginger "um..what's mudblood mean?"

^ Should be: Once I was sure the blonde girl wasn't listening, I turned to the ginger, "Um...what does mudblood mean?

You do this a lot. Don't forget the commas! :D

She turned and shook her head “forget's nothing-”

^ again, remember the comma after head

Author's Response: Thank you for your review and your suggested corrections. I wrote this while I was in a rush and I never looked back... I know awful mistake isn't it lol.

Again thank you I really appreciate you took the time to point out my mistakes :)

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Review #6, by Cassius Alcinder The Sorting of Colin Creevey

2nd February 2012:
Review tag!

This was a very original idea, since we hardly ever see any stories written about Colin, he's definetely underloved.

You definetely captured Colin's personality perfectly, especially for the age he was at the time. The way he was very excited and in awe of everything seemed just like how he was in the books. Just wait til he meets Harry!

I also liked how Ginny was there to stick up for him, even though he didnt really realize he was being insulted. Great insights into Colin!

Author's Response: This piece was for a challenge which I'm happy I did.

Thank you I had never written Colin before so I'm happy I did him some justice

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Review #7, by MileyMalfoy The Sorting of Colin Creevey

9th August 2011:
Aw. Colin is so cute when you see him from this angle! The idea that he got called a mudblood. I almost wanted to hit that girl right then and there. I thought it was really interesting to see this snapshot that we missed because of Dobby. It was so cute to see his confusion about hats talking. And that he went red. I really thought that your characterization of Colin was completely accurate. And really really cute. It seemed really in character that he would stop to take a picture of the ceiling. His opinion of himself, that he is just normal, not really smart or brave, was also completely adorable. I'm really glad that I got to read this snapshot of his sorting.

Incredibly adorable and well written.

Author's Response: I'm sad we missed Colin's sorting in the books, and Ginny's too.Thank you for your review of this one-shot :)

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Review #8, by xtinjsc The Sorting of Colin Creevey

8th August 2011:
Happy Gryffindor Monday!

N'awww I always love me some Sorting Hat story. :) I found that bit about Colin not knowing what a Mudblood meant quite nifty, as it has only proven the fact that he was indeed very new in the wizarding world. His fascination about it and how he loved to take photos of almost anything was completely justified there. I'm assuming 'ginger' was Ginny, right? Nice of you to add her in there as well.

I would've loved for the actual Sorting to be a bit longer and a little more insightful, though. But it was an interesting take to have the Hat considering to put him in Ravenclaw. The chapter was also a bit rough. I noticed some punctuation misses here and there that you might want to fix the next time you edit.

Overall, this was a refreshing and interesting read for me, so keep writing and improving!

xtinjsc (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: Thank you xtinjsc for your review :) I'm looking over all my stories especially my one-shots. Hopefully some of them will be longer. :)

I shall keep writing and I will improve :)

Thank for your review!

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Review #9, by LunarLuna The Sorting of Colin Creevey

6th August 2011:
That was quite interesting! I've never read a story about Colin Creevey before! And I really liked the characterisation you made of him. As well the short little Ginny appearance, and I loved the "A hat! I'm going to kill Fred!" It was all just perfect, and the fact that Colin didn't give that any more attention than it deserved made it all work out! The pictures, the curiosity, it just matched Colin perfectly. It was a little short though. And maybe it would've been better if you put the sorting hat's words in italics, so it's clear that the other students can't hear him, but other than that, I really liked it!

~LunarLuna of slytherin

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. :) I enjoyed writing this piece about Colin, I think he soo sweet and cute. Thank for poitning out the hat's words. I thought I had put those in italic.

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Review #10, by greeneyesmesmerize The Sorting of Colin Creevey

12th September 2010:
I like it. I've never actually read anything with Colin. I'm guessing the red haired girl is Ginny? Anyways good job :D

Author's Response: Yeah the red haired girl is Ginny :)

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Review #11, by prettywishes The Sorting of Colin Creevey

31st August 2010:
Thanks for entering my challenge! I thought that Colin was absolutely adorable in this, he seemed so full of wonder and not really sure of everything that was going on. I liked how you managed to get Ginny into this as well, I loved how she stood up for him even though they didn't know eachother.

During the actual sorting I really liked how he just considered himself to be a normal boy, clearly not knowing how brave he would end up being! I'm also really pleased that the camera made a appearance, as it really was a big part of him! Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thanks I was hoping that including the camera wasn't unrealistic :) But man Colin was hard... :s Since personality wise not much was shown in the series.

Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #12, by Akussa The Sorting of Colin Creevey

20th August 2010:
Good little story. I loved the bit with Ginny going on about Fred; it was a good idea to see he did the same thing with his sister and not only with Ron.
The way you describe things in Colin's POV was really great; you could have gone on much longer in my opinion. I thought it was a bit short and wanted to read more when I reached the ending.
Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you I was going to go on but my ideas sort of ran out -.- But thank for the review I'm surprised someone read it so soon.

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